Professional Learning – Teachers as Learners

On Friday 22 February secondary teachers used this extremely valuable learning time to continue to develop the skills necessary to grow as professionals.  These experiences will in turn affect the learning of the students in their classrooms.

The highlights of the day included:

  • Short interactive workshops led by Mr. Dave Chilton, Ms. Chloe Edwards and Mr. Oscar Scafidi on the skills of collaboration, communication, thinking and reflection.
  • Short workshops led by Ms. Katy Vance (Secondary Librarian) on the databases we can use to help guide our students with their research.  She also shared some simple digital tools we can use to support our teaching and learning.
  • Finalizing LIS´ contributions for the Pilot Project for Language A and B in the MYP, which will be shared with the whole IB community.  Other IBMYP schools will be looking at our curriculum!
  • Drafting the documentation for our new well being curriculum to be launched in August 2013 to ensure that we are addressing the needs of the whole child.
  • Reviewing curriculum to ensure that it is engaging, relevant and challenging.
  • Standardizing student work to ensure that our teaching teams are consistent and have the same understanding of how we award levels to our students.