Jogathon is back – 9 September

“It´s that time of the year… the annual LIS Jogathon is right around the corner! (Saturday, 9th of September)

For new students and families joining us who may not know what the Jogathon is, it is a fundraising event that LIS hosts annually, whereby all donations are proceeded towards the orphanage Casa das Crianças; which is an orphanage that the school has been working with for the past few years. As a community, we would like your participation in donating shoes suitable for running, which will be used by the kids joining us from the orphanage. This way, they are able to join in the event with everyone else.

The boxes where students can place the shoes, will be delivered to each homeroom by Tuesday (29th of August) and shoes will be collected by year 13 students every 3 days up until the day of the Jogathon (9th of September).

More information about how you can join in the fun or help out at the LIS Jogathon on September 9 will be coming soon.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact either Nicole, Connor, Gaby from Tear 13 or LIS teacher Ms. Sheila Ascencio (

Variety Show | Friday 20 May 19:00-21:00

The secondary school is hosting its first ever Variety Show! This will include dances, songs and instrumentals. It’s a night full of entertainment, and we are encouraging everyone to attend! The tickets are 1000KWZ, which can be bought at the secondary secretary’s office or from secondary student council members (Nabeeha, Matias & Eunice).

All proceeds will go to help plaster walls and cement floors in the Kalungo school. Please join the fun on the 20th of May from 7-9 pm!

It’s going to be a great night so we hope to see you all there!

Variety Show

30 Days of Change – Service Project

Do you enjoy reading? Would you like to bring the joy of reading to hundreds of children studying in Angolan schools? Jihan S. and Grace F. in year 12 are organising an LIS 30 days of change in order to raise money for Lev’ Arte, an Angolan educational organisation, to buy books for local schools. What do you need to do?

  1. Go to the website
  2. Decide on a challenge that you are prepared to do for 30 days (choose one from the site or think of your own)
  3. Get someone to sponsor you for every day that you meet your challenge.  Students can collect sponsor forms form Jihan and Grace upstairs in building 7 or email

Join the change that you want to see in the world!

Perseverance Pays Off: The Mount Moco Fuel-Efficient Stoves Project

Great news: after 4 frustrating years a major LIS fund-raising initiative has finally borne fruit with the delivery of 80 fuel-efficient stoves to the village of Kanjonde at Mt Moco.

Moco1Morro do Moco in Huambo province is the highest point in Angola, it is also home to some of the last surviving patches of Afro-montane forest in the country. This threatened habitat supports some of Angola’s rarest birds.

The major factor in the loss of this habitat is the use of wood for fuel by the local human population. The need to collect large quantities of fire wood for cooking also impacts the quality of life for the local people – women from Kanjonde regularly have to collect 13kg-bundles of wood and carry them to their homes up to three kilometres away.Moco2

In an effort to reduce these negative effects on the local population and the environment, in 2010 two fuel-efficient, wood-burning stoves were taken to Kanjonde by Michael Mills and trialed by the villagers. Michael also set up a reforestation tree nursery run by people from the village. A few months later a group of LIS students and teachers visited the area on a three-day biology field trip and discussed the use of the stoves with the villagers.

Moco3As a result of this, a fund-raising initiative was held at the school in late 2010, organized by Mr Ali Shebani and Ms Juliet Mills. The LIS community raised over $5000 dollars, sufficient to purchase 80 fuel-efficient stoves, made from recycled paint tins, from the manufacturer in Swaziland. These would be enough to supply every household in Kanjonde with a stove, greatly reducing the amount of wood required for heating and cooking.

Unfortunately problems with the manufacture of the stoves led to major delays and it is with great relief for all concerned that the 80 stoves have finally been delivered to the families in Kanjonde. Michael says that the stoves were received with great appreciation and excitement as representatives from each Moco4household, mostly women, came forward to accept a stove.

Moco5The successful completion of this drawn-out but very worthwhile aspect of the Mount Moco project owes everything to the persistence of Michael Mills and many others behind the scenes (including vital logistical assistance from Susan Fernandes in Cape Town who many will remember from her days as Accounts Manager at LIS) and to the generosity of the LIS community. LIS is proud to be a partner in the ongoing work of the Mount Moco Project:

MiddleCAS Coffee Morning

A huge thank you to Mr. Shane Rumbold (mCAS coordinator) and Mr. Dave Chilton (MYP Coordinator) for their presentation on MiddleCAS for Year 7 to 11 parents. Please have a look at the presentation below.

Feel free to contact them at or

LIS 3rd Annual Jogathon

On Saturday, our  community participated in the 3rd annual Jogathon here on campus.  This was our second whole school event in two weeks!  Congratulations to the 33 secondary students and teachers who ran over 370km.  A special congratulations to Josh (21km), Sebastian (18km), Pedro (17km), Ayo (16.5km) and Seyi (16km) for their participation.  Everyone ran to raise money for the Irma Domingos orphanage here in Luanda.  Well done!