Welcome to our new teachers

Andy Smith:  Kia ora, my name is Andy. I am excited to join the LIS community and continue to develop the strong co-curricular programme at the school. Over the past 4 years I have been a PHE teacher and co-curricular coordinator in Hanoi, Vietnam, where I also met my wife Ms Yana.  

I am a keen sportsperson who gets involved in a variety of activities and appreciates arts, culture and music. I value balance in life and am passionate about providing opportunities for everyone to embrace this for personal and community wellbeing.

James Colley:  I have been teaching Drama for the last 13 years and have worked exclusively as a Drama teacher.  I was a professional stage actor in Canada for many years and was also the owner of a coop Theater in Montreal. I ran a theater program in Quebec Canada for 5 years at John Rennie High School. This program was an awesome opportunity for students to work in a professional styled theater environment and was one of the highlights of my career. I have been in Cairo Egypt for the last three years teaching Drama. I am very excited to be teaching at LIS this year and look forward to putting on some great shows.

Jonah Rosenfield is joining us as the new Secondary Deputy Principal this year.  He and his family (wife, Kristen and 2 sons, Asa and Liam) are joining us from The Lincoln School in Buenos Aires, Argentina and, prior to that, from the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.  Jonah is from the New England region of the United States and enjoys running, exploring, cooking, reading, playing Lego with his sons, and anything having to do with the ocean.  Jonah and his family are excited to be at LIS and are looking forward to learning about and traveling around both Angola and the entire southern region of the African continent.

Patrick Hargreaves:  Greetings from Mr Patrick from New Zealand. I am married with two children who are both grown up and still in NZ. My wife is Lisa Hargreaves who is teaching Year 2. I follow Rugby (the All Blacks of course) and Ice Hockey (the Canucks). I also enjoy fishing, hunting and writing as hobbies. Out of interest, I have also been an Electrician, a Firefighter, a fishing writer (biggest fish is a 177kg Marlin), house builder, played field Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and owned a commercial dive boat. Variety and giving things a go is what I encourage in everyone, including myself.

Richard Benade:  Hey everyone. My name is Richard and I’m a proud South African Canadian. I spent the last two years teaching in China and day dreaming of being back in Africa. I love challenges both mental and physical. I’ll be teaching English language acquisition.  I’m passionate about languages, music, technology, wildlife conservation, and so much more! I look forward to talking, learning, and growing, with my new LIS community.

Susana Pinheiro:  Hi! My name is Susana, I’m from Portugal and I’m a Portuguese and Spanish teacher. It’s my first professional experience in Angola and I’m really happy to be here.  I have been working in Portugal as a teacher and also have contributed for the development of curriculum materials.  At LIS, I’ll be teaching Portuguese Language Acquisition in MYP and Portuguese Language and Literature in MYP and DP.  I love reading, listening to music, playing sports and smiling!!!  I’m very excited about this new challenge.

Welcome to our new teachers


Antonella Giovannetti is happy to be joining LIS as the whole school Teacher Librarian. Antonella is an Australian Italian who has been in education since 1988, most of which she has spent working in international schools. This is Antonella’s first time teaching in Africa and she is looking forward to exploring Angola, getting to know the LIS community and also learning some Portuguese.

BFD Sec PicBrian Duffy  – Howdy LIS community! I’m Mr Duffy (or just ‘Duffy’, if you prefer). I’m entering my 11th year of teaching internationally and all of it has been in Southeast Asia, so I’m very excited to have an entirely new continent to explore. I’ve taught Music, Literature, IT, TOK, ITGS, and I’m now currently loving my role as a whole-school Technology Learning Coach. I’m passionate about all learning and love conversations about chess, literature, music, Minecraft.  I am really excited to learn with my new community!

LilianaLiliana Meira  Hello!  My name is Liliana and I’m from Portugal.  This is my first year in Luanda and also at LIS.  I’ll be teaching Portuguese Language Acquisition in MYP and DP and Language and Literature in year 10.  I love challenges and this is for sure one of the biggest ones in my life, so I’m particularly excited with that.  Try hard, believe in ourselves and grow every day with the contributions of the others are some of my mottos.  Welcome back to school to all of you and don’t forget to smile every single day.

Joana 2Joana Valeiro:  I’m Portuguese and I moved to Angola in January 2014 to join my husband.  This is my first teaching experience overseas and this year I’ll be teaching English and Portuguese.  I’m also a Spanish and German teacher and I just got certified as a translator. I’ve been around LIS for a few months now, working as a Learning Partner and it has been a really rewarding experience.  I love reading, cooking (and eating), traveling, dancing and listening to music. I’m really excited about joining the LIS family!

Rebecca's SelfieRebecca Kim  My name is Rebecca. LIS is my fifth international school and I am looking forward to teaching secondary music again after teaching MYP and DP drama and PYP music for the past three years. I am very happy to join the LIS community and am excited about getting to know all the teachers and students and traveling in Africa.

Sheila Ascencio hails from Mexico City and has been teaching overseas since 2005.  Besides being a passionate educator, she loves travelling and experiencing different cultures, enjoys cooking Mexican cuisine, is a keen photographer, and loves swimming.

SheiAfter graduating from college she worked at  the American School Foundation of Chiapas, Mexico and then moved to Eritrea where she was the PYP Coordinator at the Asmara International Community School. Then she was lucky to experience living and working in Dubai, UAE.   In 2008, she moved to Uzbekistan to be part of Tashkent International School and spent the last five years working at Beijing City International School. She is extensively trained in the IB.  Sheila considers herself to be incredibly fortunate to be part of the LIS community and is excited to be living in such a vibrant and unique country.

Introducing the secondary school leadership team and our new teachers

We have two new members of the secondary school leadership team this year.  Bora Rancic (Diploma Coordinator) and Nicole Schmidt (Secondary Principal) are pleased to welcome Dave Chilton as MYP Coordinator and Fiona Moss as Deputy Principal to the team.

Nicole Schmidt – Secondary Principal and MYP humanities teacher

Nicole is in her third year at LIS as the secondary school principal.  While originally from Canada, she has taught in international schools since 1998 in Namibia, Thailand and China as an MYP Humanities teachers and Diploma History teacher.  She is thoroughly enjoying exploring Angola with her husband and two young boys.


Fiona Moss – Deputy Principal and MYP physical education teacher

Fiona Moss is the deputy principal and teaches a physical education class. Previously she has worked at Tashkent International School, Western Academy of Beijing, Overseas School of Colombo, Kuwait Girls school and many years back in her home country of Canada. Outside of school she loves to travel, be in the outdoors and learn more about photography. She is looking forward to joining the vibrant LIS community and getting out to explore Angola.

Dave Chilton – MYP Coordinator and MYP humanities teacher

This is Dave’s second year at LIS and he is excited about taking on the role of MYP coordinator. He has worked in IB World schools in Mongolia, Hong Kong and Malaysia and is passionate about international education. He loves the outdoors and is looking forward to exploring more of Angola and getting to know the world outside of Talatona.

Bora Rancic – Diploma Coordinator and Diploma English teacher

Bora Rancic is the IB Diploma Coordinator and has been at LIS  for 5 years. Originally trained as an English teacher he has taught a variety of subjects at a number of both national and international schools in the UK, Barbados, Solomon Islands, Bahrain, Brunei, Thailand and Malawi. He has also held positions in middle and senior management and has a strong interest in sport, particularly football.  In his spare time he likes to jog, swim and read.  Bora has developed an interest in positive psychology – the science of well-being and flourishing – and is currently sharing ideas with teachers and students towards making LIS an even more thriving school.

Welcome to our new teachers.  We are pleased that all of our new teachers were here from day one of the school year with the students.  They are an energetic and experienced group.  Please make them feel welcome at LIS.  Ms. Sonia Montgomery, our MYP and DP Portuguese A teacher will be here from 9 September and her classes are currently being taught by Ms Regina Siza.

Bernarda Magalhaes, MYP and DP English B teacher, Year 8.3 homeroom teacher

Bernarda by training is an English and German teacher, with a Masters in English.  She has  primary and secondary school teaching experience and has taught for the past four years in Universidade do Minho, Portugal.  Her academic interests are EFL and also Film studies. In her free time she jogs, reads books and also travels when possible. She loves seeing new places and meeting new cultures.
Cathy McCann – Leader of learning (Arts), MYP & DP visual arts teacher, Year 10.1 homeroom teacher
Cathy McCann is delighted to join LIS as the leader of learning of the Arts. She is originally from Scotland but has taught Visual Arts in Botswana, Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong. She has experience in all three of the IB programmes and is an MYP moderator and workshop leader. Cathy comes to Luanda with her husband, Shane, who will be teaching Maths and TOK. They have three children who are in years 9, 2 and prep 4. Cathy enjoys yoga, swimming and camping with her family. She is looking forward to exploring Angola and being part of LIS community.
Colleen Cruise, MYP Science and DP chemistry teacher, Year 9.2 homeroom teacher
Colleen Cruise is an MYP Science and DP Chemistry teacher. She has had many years of experience teaching all levels and disciplines of science both internationally and in the United States. She is in Luanda with her son, Aiden, who has started year 8 at LIS. Colleen loves running and is often training for an ultramarathon. She also enjoys hiking, reading and traveling. Both she and Aiden are excited to get to know and join the community here at LIS.
Jonathan Heaney, MYP Science, DP physics and DP Maths teacher, Year 13.2 homeroom teacher
Jonathan Heaney is a physics and mathematics teacher in the secondary school. He has previously taught at Dulwich College Beijing and John XXIII College in Australia. His interests in teaching include technology integration and 21st Century learning. In his personal time he is a photography enthusiast and enjoys swimming and basketball.
Nicola Warwick, Middle School counsellor
Nicola Warwick is the new Middle School counsellor. She previously worked teaching biology in the UK, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Egypt and, most recently, Vietnam.  She is very happy to be in Angola and the people at LIS have already made her feel very welcome. Outside of school she enjoys visiting wild places, diving, swimming, reading non-fiction books, and cooking vegetarian food.
Rene Bradford, MYP humanities and DP economics teacher, Year 8.2 homeroom teacher

Rene Bradford is a teacher with 15 years experience in the teaching of Economics and Business Studies. She has taught in South Africa and at an international school in London. There she taught a wide range of levels and also held the position of Economics Subject Coordinator and Module Leader. Outside of the classroom she is also a qualified ballet, modern and contemporary dance teacher as well as a choreographer. She was the co-founder of the RAU Contemporary Dance Company in Johannesburg and more recently the ballet teacher at University College London (UCL).

Robyn Wood, MYP maths & science teacher, Year 7.3 homeroom teacher

Robyn Wood is a Middle School mathematics and science teacher, as well as one of the Year 7.3 Homeroom teachers. After obtaining her education degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa she moved to Taiwan.  Robyn has been part of the LIS family for the past two years as an ELC teacher. She strives to help students become lifelong learners by guiding them to enjoy the process of learning.

Shane McCann, MYP maths and Diploma TOK teacher, Year 11.1 homeroom teacher

Shane McCann is a mathematics and TOK teacher. He is coming here having worked in the Czech Republic, Botswana, Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong. He has experience in both the MYP and DP and has been involved in various MYP assignments with the IB for a number of years. He is coming to Angola with his wife, who will be leading the Arts team and three children who are 4, 6 and 13 years old. He loves the outdoors and seeing it in any way he can, be it mountain biking, hiking, running or camping. He likes to spend time with his family and listening to noisy rock music when he can. Shane is very much looking forward to being part of school community.
Sou Cheng Leong, MYP & DP English teacher, Year 8.3 homeroom teacher
Sou Cheng will be teaching MYP and DP English. She has a Masters in Teaching English and has taught in Singapore, Mongolia, and Peru. Her favourite teachers are her students, and she feels blessed to have worked with students from different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. Wherever she works, she volunteers her time to service. A yoga enthusiast, she also finds scuba diving and playing the violin therapeutic. This year, she hopes to complete her book project, speak a little Portuguese, improve her Spanish, and get to know as many of you as possible in the community.
Teresa Araújo MYP Portuguese B teacher and Year 8.1 homeroom teacher
Teresa Araújo is teaching MYP Portuguese B.  Her experience is in teaching Portuguese Language and History.  She originally comes from Portugal where she taught for the Ministry of Education.  Dealing with the different personalities of the students is her main motivation.  Her current research interests are pedagogical practice and methodology in teaching. Her leisure time is occupied by making handicrafts and playing with her young daughter. She likes to get to know new places and new people.
Tetsuo Iishi, MYP & DP Spanish teacher and Year 7.2 homeroom teacher
Tetsuo Ishii is the MYP and DP Spanish teacher. For the last five years, he has worked at Tokyo International School, Japan where he taught Spanish and Japanese at the primary and secondary school. He has Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and his research interest is Bilingual Literacy. He is passionate about foreign language learning and he speaks four additional languages besides Japanese. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, playing musical instruments, and practicing Japanese calligraphy.
Todd Richer, MYP humanities teacher and DP geography and TOK teacher
Todd Richer joins LIS, with his wife Alison and children Sam and Kira, after working in the Asia Pacific region for 17 years. In the past decade, he has led regional and global International Baccalaureate initiatives.  He will teach IB Diploma geography and Theory of Knowledge as well as MYP humanities.