Staff Appreciation Brunch 2015

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By Maya Abdel Hamid

One Thursday 10 December, something very meaningful happened in the cafeteria. Kimbo hosted the second annual Staff Appreciation Brunch. Dedicated to all our non-teaching staff, we wanted to show them just how much we appreciated their hard work. Without their important and tireless contributions, school life would not have been this comfortable for all of us.

KIMBO started organizing this event four weeks ago; posters were printed and posted around the school, invitations were delivered to all non-teaching staff, and emails were sent to encourage participation from both primary and secondary sections of the school.

This morning, all the food came in before homeroom. We hung up decorations and set up the tables. When the staff came in, they appeared confused but pleasantly surprised that everything was prepared for them. It was a success. Everyone had a smile on his or her face. They loved the food, the videos, and they certainly loved the music, which they danced to.

Being part of this event was an amazing experience. We can’t say we did it all by ourselves. We would like to thank all parents who supported the event but helping their children with food preparation, PTA for their generous donations of drinks, all the students who participated in one way or another, and all the teachers who guided us in the preparation of the event.

KIMBO would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

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Movember Fun at L.I.S.

MovemberThroughout the month of November many teachers have been growing moustaches to join in the worldwide Movember celebrations. Movember was started in 2004 to raise awareness of male related illnesses. However, it is now used to raise awareness and help for a whole series of projects – locally, nationally and internationally.

This year the staff have been raising money to support the building of a school in Kalungo, Angola. This is a wonderful cause being led by Year 2 class teacher Ms. Mary and her husband. So far, Movember has collected more than 25,000AKZ for this very important project. If you would like to learn more about the Kalungo project, please go to

See some of our Movember crew below!


Student Led Action: Join us for School in a Bag Arts Evening – 13 November

Arts Final Evening Poster

Dear LIS Parents,

School in a Bag is an organization that aims to provide school materials to children in need, and our student-led branch in Angola has decided to offer school supplies and other necessities to the kids of Casa Das Crianças and the Kambamba School. 

On Friday November 13, we are hosting an Arts and Crafts Evening along with a Silent Art Auction from 4:00-7:30 pm. It will also feature a bake sale. We would like to invite you to this whole school event in the hopes that you can have a family fun outing and help the children of Casa Das Crianças and the Kambamba School. 

You can look forward to arts and craft stations like face painting, origami, glass jar decorating, etc., lots and lots of foods at different prices, and the culminating event of the evening: the Silent Art Auction. It will feature a wide variety of art pieces by LIS students and local artists.

Tickets are 200 kwanzas if bought or reserved before the evening, and 300 kwanzas if bought at the door. Tickets can be reserved through the form (link).

If you have any questions or concerns please email 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards, School in a Bag

Catherine, Ein, Ivar, Jeronimo, Nay (Year 13 students)

Annual Charity Jogathon

The annual charity Jogathon was again a huge success and the video below says it all. Some interesting statistics came out of the event such as:

This was the fifth charity jogathon event the school has held.
The event has gone from 60 runners to 280.
The distance run overall this year was 1400KM which is like going from Luanda to the Estosha National Park in Namibia.
This year included a shoe drive – which collected 300 pairs of shoes
Over the past 5 years $50,000 has been raised and this year, the amount was 1 million Kwanza.
This annual charity event is held to support Casa Das Criancas

An enormous thank you to everyone who made this event fun, challenging and successful.

Casa das Crianças at LIS

In March, LIS hosted 35 children from Casa das Crianças who came for a field day at our school. The members of the Casa das Crianças ASA and the School in a Bag group put a lot of time and sweat into making it an amazing day for everyone. Thanks to all of the students, teachers and parents who helped to make this such a successful event.

LIS Lobito Flood Response KNOW. CARE. ACT.

Lobito 1
On the 12th of March 2015, an immense storm hit Lobito, devastating the lives of many residents. Every spring, landslides and floods hit Angola, demining its neighbourhoods and the lives of the people who live within them.

Most were left homeless, and vast amounts of precious belongings and necessities were lost in the flood. An estimated 65 people were killed, more than half of these being young children.

We, the LIS community, became aware of this natural disaster and immediately sprung into action. Within half an hour of hearing the news from Ms. Moss, our Secondary Deputy Principal, we took action and raised awareness about the natural disaster throughout the whole school community.

This was a big step for the whole LIS community. Never before had any of the councils had to organise an event within such short notice; many of us were skeptical in the beginning or questioned if it could actually be done. With the continuous help of many student volunteers and the PTA, we were able to get the word around by Tuesday. Emails were sent, posters were made, and social media posts were written.

Students, parents and teachers were encouraged to bring donations of food, clothes and water, as these were deemed the most beneficial. On Wednesday, we were astonished and heartened by the extensive amount of donations that flowed in. Considering that we had such little notice, we most definitely were not expecting such an immense outcome. On Thursday, we loaded and delivered 95 boxes of food, 97 boxes of water and 55 boxes of clothes to the Talatona collection point for Vamos Ajudar o Lobito, organized by Emirates in conjunction with one of the ministry departments. We were informed that they will make the delivery to Lobito on Friday.

Hopefully the lives of many of the victims will be changed for the better. This mission was very successful and if any more events like this occur, we would gladly help those in need. Lastly, we want to give a huge thank you to all members of the PTA, student councils, parents, and student volunteers. None of this could have been achieved without every individual’s contribution.

By Safira, Priyasha & Trinity


Crazy Hair Day for HALO Trust

Crazy Hair Day_Y6Crazy hair styles and funky wigs were the order of the day for LIS students as many of them contributed to the first ever Crazy Hair for HALO day. The event was organised by a group of Y10 students in response to learning about the work of HALO in de-mining parts of Angola and followed on from a successful HALO movie night organised by Y10 and GIN (Global Issues Network) students with the support of the PTA.

A huge thanks to all the students who came with crazy hair and contributed 500 kwanzas on the day. In total the LIS community raised over 151,000 kwanzas which will help HALO Angola to continue their work. For more information about HALO please visit their site Crazy 2

Crazy 3A huge thanks to Cayla, Sophia, Bernardo and Jackson for making Crazy Hair Day happen.