Welcome new LIS students

As our Director Mr. Hughes, often says, schools are strange places without students, so we were very happy to finally have our new students come visit our campus on Friday for their orientation and a chance to meet with some of our returning students.

We look forward to welcoming our new and returning students and families this Monday 14 August for the first day of what looks to be a great school year ahead!

Welcome Secondary Families

Dear Families,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new and returning families to the 2017-2018 school year.  We have been on campus for over two weeks now preparing for your arrival and look forwarded to greeting all of you on the first day of school.

Year 7, 8 and 9 students should proceed to outside of Building 5 where they will be greeted by the year level coordinators (Mr. Brodie (7), Ms Leong (8) and Ms Dissa (9) who will help them locate their homerooms.

Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students should proceed to Building 7 where they will also be greeted by the year level coordinators (Mr. Anjarwalla (10), Mr McCann (11) and Ms Bradford (12&13).

Please ensure that your children are on campus by 7:45am.  Homeroom will start at 7:55am each morning.  As we know, being on time is the best way to start the day.

If for any reason, your child will not be at school on 14 August, please notify the secondary office immediately.  (officesec@lisluanda.com) with details of your arrival date and copy the year level coordinator please.

Year 7:  cbrodie@lisluanda.com; Year 8:  sleong@lisluanda.com; Year 9:  hdissa@lisluanda.com; Year 10:  tanjarwalla@lisluanda.com; Year 11:  smccann@lisluanda.com; Year 12&13:  rbradford@lisluanda.com

We can’t wait to see the students on Monday!

Nicole Schmidt, Secondary Principal

LIS students win AISA Art Challenge

Congratulations to our LIS students, Naomi in year 11 and Valdenia who has just graduted – LIS submitted their art work to the AISA Art Challenge and won.  AISA will utilize the winning art pieces in their digital communications, such as our website, Facebook page and other printed material such as our annual Prospectus. 

Full details of the 2016/17 Art Challenge can be found here: http://www.aisa.or.ke/student-awards/aisa-art-challenge 

Artist: Naomi Grade: Year 11 Age 15  Title: Cultural Composition Media: Gouache paint

 My intention with this artwork is to communicate my identity to the audience. Through this artwork I would like to show some of the things that I like doing such as playing the ukulele, painting and sport but I would also like to give some hints about my cultural background as I am from Madagascar but living in Angola. I was inspired by the style of the artist Michael Craig Martin.

Artist: Valdénia Grade: Year 13 Age 18 Title: Flourish Medium: Ink on paper, gouache, acrylic and sharpie marker

 Flourish is based on my identity. The symbols are related to my values and beliefs. The images on the Angolan flag to represent freedom and the line drawing of Table Mountain to represent being born in South Africa. They are like tattoos on my skin. The patterns are from traditional Angolan pano cloth. The hair resembles my dreams, it flows and expands as it gets longer. I was inspired by artist Gabriel Moreno who focusses on the female body and uses lines to draw hair, fabric and patterns.



Happy Holidays

Thank you for all of our secondary families for their support and encouragement throughout the year.   We have celebrated many of our achievements as a community in the last few weeks and are proud of all that we have achieved.  This is thanks to our amazing teachers, students and families.

We look forward to seeing our returning families on 14 August for the first day of school.

Secondary School Leadership Team (Ms Nicole, Mr. Chilton and Ms Moss)


Trek For Meds are off to Tanzania today

Today the 3 Year 12 students left for their adventure climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. To date, they have raised Kwanza 1.300,000 in order to buy malaria preventative medicine and tests at a public hospital in Luanda. Everyone here within the LIS community is very proud of their efforts and wish them well with the climb. An amazing example of student action.

One of our year 5 classes wished them well!

LIS Writes 2017

Now in its third year, “LIS Writes” is the Language & Literature department’s writing competition for the secondary section of the school. This year’s theme was “Home” and students were invited to submit entries of up to 1000 words that explored the concept of home in some way.

We received entries from students in all year levels, in English and in Portuguese. Some students used their personal experiences as a starting point for their writing, while others chose to highlight social issues such as homelessness or migration, and still others opted for a completely fictional response.

The judges – Ms Bronny Robertson, Ms Joana Valeiro, Mr Enderson Bispo, Ms Angela Boreham – eventually selected one English and one Portuguese story that they felt provided the most engaging responses to the prompt. Congratulations to Tori H. (Year 9) for her semi-autobiographical story “The Wanderer” and to Chelsea Z. (Year 10) for her piece entitled “Um Lar Harmonioso”. Both of these young authors received an Amazon gift voucher and a certificate to recognize their achievement. You can read their entries below.

Tori H. – “The Wanderer”

Chelsea Z. – “Um Lar Harmonioso”

Year 11 Work Experience

Year 11 have just completed their work experience rounding off a year rich in learning for them. This year, there were a greater range of options on offer and our students were able to sample the world of work from a diverse group of organisations. From construction to health care (both animal and human!), mass communication to aid work and all aspects of the retail industry from packaging to sales. On their return to LIS, Mr Ali ran a reflection session where students shared their experiences. As part of this session students write a message of thanks to their “employers” and send a reflection of their experience home to their parents. It is clear from these – and the replies – that our Year 11s are fantastic ambassadors for LIS and that their parents are rightly proud of them.

A huge thank you to the folllowing organisations who supported this years work experience: US Embassy, Foodlovers, Unitel, ELC of LIS, Saudabel, Nampak, Radio Nacional, Nestle, Casa dos Animais, ConSaude, Odebrecht and Casais. Also a big thanks to Ali Shebani for coordinating and facilitating this experience.

Year Level Half Day 24 May

Year 7 began by continuing their Wellbeing unit. The focus of activities and discussions was looking at the effect of our use of technology on our social choices and our mental health.  Discussions included the importance of maintaining personal values when using social media; personal and emotional safety especially when the values of other users are not the same as ours;  the addictive nature of some apps and how those games and apps try to maximise the screen time of the viewer; and looked at the responsibility we have to regulate ourselves when using technology and social media.We moved on to celebrate the recent Year 7 camp . The students did a fantastic job organising the camp and a lot of fun was had. It was great to relive some of those moments through a video of photos put together by Gabriel and Panache. In the final session the Year 10 students shared some of the team building activities they experienced on their Sth Africa trip. The year 10 students led the year 7’s through a variety of fun and challenging tasks much to the delight of all who participated.

Year 8 started their two night camp with our year level half day.  There is a separate blog post with a video.

Year 9 started their half level day with a discussion about tech manipulation and who was actually in control. They discussed five related topics and for each topic shared their questions, feelings and opinions in small groups. After the break it was onto a birthday celebration volleyball tournament organized by Chiara and Debora. Five friendly games were played and then the tournament ended with two grand finale games of 9.1 and 9.2 playing boys vs boys and girls vs girls. The students finished their celebration with treats and sweets in honor of those with birthdays from January to June.  All in all, good discussion and friendly fun made for a great year level half day.

Year 10 students spent the first part of their half-day reflecting on their Outdoor Education trip to South Africa and their week off-timetable. Students wrote feedback and reminisced on their time away. Students also received the letters they wrote to their future selves while on their Bronze Award trip. They had the opportunity to look back on how they felt about their Outdoor Education experience and how they’ve grown from it. Finally, the Year 10 students wrapped up their half-day with their Year 7 colleagues by running a series of team-building activities. The Year 7’s were put to the test as they developed trust, solved puzzles, and engaged in various games. Students in both year levels collaborated and worked as a team to complete their challenge activities and find success in a variety of areas.

Year 11 spent their last homeroom morning of the year preparing for their upcoming work experience. Mr Ali shared the organisations involved this year and students then selected their preferred place of work. After further researching their chosen destination and introducing themselves via email, Mr Ali then led a session on creating a personal statement. This allowed students to reflect a little on their personal interests both academic and otherwise and how this guides their career pathways. They rounded off the morning by starting a personal statement which is the start of a process they will continue on their return from work experience and ultimately on into the Diploma. 

As part of our diploma tradition the year 12’s started the day preparing for the year 13 graduation. They collaborated in teams working on the venue setup for the graduation ceremony. In the second half of the day each year 12 student worked with their individual mentors on their CAS requirements for the Diploma Programme. They focused particularly on their CAS projects, learning outcomes and reflections.

Year 8 Camp | Learning Together Outside

Year 8 was away for our three-day two-night Wellbeing Camp during the YL Half Day. The camp was the capstone experience to our year-long wellbeing curriculum that focuses on developing the ATL skills of communication, collaboration, self-management (affection and reflection) and thinking (creative thinking and transfer) through outdoor experiential education. Throughout the camp, students worked well as a team and took great care of one another. There were many highlights: for some it was roasting marshmallows on the little fires that they built; for others, it was that quick refreshing splash from the outdoor showers they engineered; still others, it was the satisfaction of cooking their very first meal.