Year Level Half Day

Yesterday was our third of four Year Level Half Days.  Year Level Half Days are important components of our Secondary School Wellbeing Program and are opportunities for students to make connections and building community in a non-academic setting. During the morning, all LIS Secondary students participated in different Year-Level specific community building events.

Year 7 students began the morning by finishing their conversations about changes experienced during puberty.  Teachers also addressed related student questions. Afterwards, students had a chance to play “Tell Me Your Story” – a community building initiative designed, organised and run by Year 7 students.

Year 8 students talked to each other about the values that make up their identity and how they prioritise these values in their lives. Afterwards, students started creating a digital vision board based on their values and a personal vision statement they wrote in previous wellbeing lessons. The morning ended with a Year Level Birthday Party hosted by 8.1 students.

Year 9 students were supposed to go on their all-day hiking trip, but it was cancelled due to rain, thunder, and lightening.  Instead, students played a giant game of Capture the Flag and then spent time learning more about and preparing for their South Africa trip in May.

Year 10 students spent the first part of the morning preparing for their outdoor education experience next week. They learned how to set up camp and how to operate a camp stove.  Afterwards, students explored issues surrounding gender identity, expression, and spectrum. They looked at media representations of sex and gender and examined gender stereotypes and the impacts they have on us.

Year 11 students culminated their inquiry into a global issue by creating a video explainer to share with the Secondary School community.  Examples will be shared out in the future.  Stay tuned!

Year 12 students participated in activities related to exploring one’s passion.  Students then watched the Year 13 theatre students perform their collaborative project, which is a final examination.  In the final session, Mr. Oscar and Mr. Duffy will guide them through a series of tasks on ‘how to clean up their digital footprint’.

Year 13 students enjoyed a morning of reflection, mindfulness, and pursuing their passions.  The day began with students reflecting on their recent mock examinations and creating study goals for the next two months to prepare for the final IBDP exams in May.  After completing this reflection, students participated in a mindful breathing session, followed by an exploration of their personal and career passions in preparation for university study.  The students then had the privilege of watching a Y13 DP Theatre performance, and ended their half day by preparing for graduation with Ms. Bradford.

Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition | March 12th at 18:30

Dear LIS community,
We would like to invite you to the opening reception of the DP Visual Arts Exhibition on Monday 12th March, 18:30, upstairs in building 7.
This will be a time to celebrate our achievements in the Exhibition Component of the course.
We hope to see you there.
Nicole, Sergio, Marcelo, Mariasole, Roy, Miane and Rui  (Year 13 DP VA students)

Year 8 Arts Sharing Evening | Tuesday February 27

The year 8 students would like to share their learning in MYP visual arts and music with the LIS community.  They are looking forward to teaching you skills in Pop Art sculptures, printmaking, ukulele playing and iPad music.
Hope to see you there.
Year 8 arts sharing evening
Tuesday 27th February
Building 6 
The Secondary Arts Team

Awards Assemblies | Congratulations

Congratulations to our recipients of the Principal’s and Director’s Honor Roll Awards.   At LIS, we recognize that excellence comes in many forms and wish to celebrate the commitment and effort of our learners for their academic achievement this semester.

  • The Principal’s Honor Roll Award. Awarded to students who achieve grades of 5, 6, or 7 in all their subjects for the semester.
  • The Director’s Honor Roll Award. Awarded to students who achieve grades of 6 and/or 7 in all subjects for the semester (with one grade of 5 allowed).

Year 9 RecipientsYear 8 Recipients
Year 7 Recipients
Year 11 Recipients

Year 10 Recipients

Diploma Recipients

Happy Holidays

Dear Secondary Parents,

A huge thank you to all the support you have provided LIS this term.  We have witnessed your children learn, grow, lead, take risks and be kind.  We look forward to coming back in January and wish our departing students all the best in their new schools.

Have a safe and happy holiday.  See you on the 8th of January.

Ms Nicole, Mr Jonah, Ms Bradford and Mr Chilton


Holiday Reading Suggestions

Image from: New York Public Library website

It’s not long now until the December vacation begins. Whether you’re travelling or staying put, holidays are the perfect opportunity to unwind with a book.

Reading not only boosts vocabulary and intelligence, it also makes people more empathetic, according to psychologists David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castano in a report published in Science in 2013. Now, who doesn’t want to be smart and kind?

To help inspire your tween and teen readers here are a few lists of some of the best books published in 2017, as well as not-to-be-missed classics. Books also make great holiday gifts, so load up the Kindle, visit a bookstore or go to the library, and get reading!

Ages 11 – 13

8 Book Recommendations for Kids Who Loved “Wonder” (Read Brightly website)

Book Lists & Recommendations for Ages 11-13 (Parents Scholastic)

Best Books for Kids 2017: 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing (New York Public Library)

Ages 13+

The 100 Best Young-Adult Books of All Time (

Introducing the Best Books for Teens 2017 (New York Public Library)

The 17 Best YA Novels of 2017 Prove That Representation Matters (

17 of the Most Exciting YA Novels to Read in 2017 (Read Brightly website)

Adult books that teens enjoy

Adult Books for Teens (School Library Journal)

Not sure if a book is appropriate for your child? Visit the Common Sense Media website to see their reviews of books, movies and more.  

Happy reading!  (Thanks to Mrs Boreham for putting this together!)

Music Evening | 12 December at 18:30

The year 10, 11 and 12 music students would like to invite you to attend their performance on Tuesday 12th December at 6.30pm in the theatre.

During this concert will see how the MYP and DP students have applied knowledge, developed skills, thought creatively and responded to a variety of music throughout the programmes.

Theory of Knowledge Presentations | Year 13

All members of the LIS community are invited to attend Theory of knowledge presentations for our class of 2018.  The presentation is a component of final assessment required by the IB.  Presentations will be held on December 13 and 14 n the Theatre.  If you plan to attend please stay for the entire session.  The roster can be found here.