Year Level Half Day

Yesterday was our third of four Year Level Half Days.  Year Level Half Days are important components of our Secondary School Wellbeing Program and are opportunities for students to make connections and building community in a non-academic setting. During the morning, all LIS Secondary students participated in different Year-Level specific community building events.

Year 7 students began the morning by finishing their conversations about changes experienced during puberty.  Teachers also addressed related student questions. Afterwards, students had a chance to play “Tell Me Your Story” – a community building initiative designed, organised and run by Year 7 students.

Year 8 students talked to each other about the values that make up their identity and how they prioritise these values in their lives. Afterwards, students started creating a digital vision board based on their values and a personal vision statement they wrote in previous wellbeing lessons. The morning ended with a Year Level Birthday Party hosted by 8.1 students.

Year 9 students were supposed to go on their all-day hiking trip, but it was cancelled due to rain, thunder, and lightening.  Instead, students played a giant game of Capture the Flag and then spent time learning more about and preparing for their South Africa trip in May.

Year 10 students spent the first part of the morning preparing for their outdoor education experience next week. They learned how to set up camp and how to operate a camp stove.  Afterwards, students explored issues surrounding gender identity, expression, and spectrum. They looked at media representations of sex and gender and examined gender stereotypes and the impacts they have on us.

Year 11 students culminated their inquiry into a global issue by creating a video explainer to share with the Secondary School community.  Examples will be shared out in the future.  Stay tuned!

Year 12 students participated in activities related to exploring one’s passion.  Students then watched the Year 13 theatre students perform their collaborative project, which is a final examination.  In the final session, Mr. Oscar and Mr. Duffy will guide them through a series of tasks on ‘how to clean up their digital footprint’.

Year 13 students enjoyed a morning of reflection, mindfulness, and pursuing their passions.  The day began with students reflecting on their recent mock examinations and creating study goals for the next two months to prepare for the final IBDP exams in May.  After completing this reflection, students participated in a mindful breathing session, followed by an exploration of their personal and career passions in preparation for university study.  The students then had the privilege of watching a Y13 DP Theatre performance, and ended their half day by preparing for graduation with Ms. Bradford.

Peace Day 2017!

On Friday, 22 September 2017, the LIS Secondary School community celebrated International Peace Day.  Special thanks to Mr. Chilton, our Year Level Coordinators, Homeroom Teachers, workshop leaders, and Kimbo student leaders for coordinating a day full of reflection, fun, and action.

The day began with all secondary students and teachers gathering in the gym to hear a special presentation by Dr. Pier Paulo Balladelli, the UN Representative for Angola. Following this, everyone moved to the field to take the annual Peace Day photo. Afterwards, Year 7 students left campus to visit FÁBRICA DE SABÃO, a local organisation for creative social change, while the rest of the students participated in a variety of activities ranging slam poetry to silent skits and everything else in between!

Year 12 and 13 student participated in a special all-day workshop that focused on conflict resolution through the use of forum acting.  Led by drama teacher, Mr. Colley, our DP students shared their experience with Year 4 to 6 students from the primary school, before demonstrating their talents in front of secondary school students.

As you can see from the photo and video below, a fun and thoughtful day was had by all.


Co-curricular Dates Update

With the move of our co-curricular program 2nd Trimester to January, we have made the following changes to our co-curricular calendar:

  • Varsity & Junior Varsity Soccer Try-outs (Yrs  7 – 13)
    Girls:  Monday, Nov 28 & Wed, Nov 30  3:00 – 4:00 pm on the field
    Boys: Tuesday, Nov 29 & Thurs, Dec 1   3:00 – 4:00 pm on the field
  • Year 4 – 8 Swimming Identification days for students who would like to train more than once a week to prepare for competitions. Student and Teacher coaches will be involved.
    Year 4 & 5: Monday, December 5
    Year 6 – 8: Tuesday, December 6
  • ASA Selections: Options sent to students and parents: Wednesday, December 7th
    Primary (Yr 2 – 6) Parent Sign up: Open – Monday, December 12th @ 6 pm
    Secondary (Yr 7 – 13) Student Sign Up: Tuesday, December 13th in Homeroom
    Confirmation sent by Thursday, December 15th
  • ASA & Sports Trimester 2 (7 Weeks)
    Begins: Monday, January 9th
    Ends: Friday, February 24th

Although these try-outs & selections are happening early, this is to ensure that students can make appropriate selections for their ASAs and regular practices will not begin until January.

Com a mudança do 2º Período do nosso programa co-curricular em Janeiro, fizemos as seguintes alterações ao calendário:

  • Provas para Futebol nível Varsity e Varsity Júnior (Anos  7 – 13)
    Feminino:  Segunda, 28 de Nov. e Quarta-feira, 30 de Nov. Das 15:00 às 16:00 no campo.
    Masculino: Terça, 29 de Nov. e Quinta-feira, 1 de Dez. Das 15:00 às 16:00 no campo.
  • Anos 4 – 8 Dias da Natação, destinados aos alunos que pretendem treinar mais do que uma vez por semana para preparação de provas de competição. Com a participação de alunos e professores monitores.
    Anos 4 e 5: Segunda-feira, 5 de Dezembro
    Anos 6 – 8: Terça-feira, 6 de Dezembro
  • Selecção das ASAs – Actividades de Tempos Livres
    Informação com as opções enviada aos pais e alunos: Quarta-feira, 7 de Dezembro.

    • Inscrições feitas pelos pais dos Alunos da Primária (Anos 2 – 6): Disponíveis a partir de Segunda-feira, 12 de Dezembro às 18:00. Fecho – Terça-feira, 13 de Dezembro, às 18:00.
    • Inscrições para os Alunos  do Secundário (Anos 7 – 13): Terça-feira, 13 de Dezembro durante o período de Homeroom.
    •  As confirmações serão enviadas até Quinta-feira, 15 de Dezembro.
  • 2º Período de ASA e Desporto (7 Semanas)
    • Início: Segunda-feira, 9 de Janeiro
    • Fim: Sexta-feira, 24 de Fevereiro

As provas e selecções indicadas em cima vão decorrer cedo para que todos os alunos possam estar seguros das opções de ASA na data de inscrição. Os treinos e actividades regulares só começam no mês de Janeiro.

Secondary Back to School Night and other parent presentations

See you TONIGHT at 6:30pm if your child is in year 7 in the secondary library.

See you TONIGHT at 7:00pm if your child is in years 8 to 13 in the theatre upstairs B6.

  • Back to School Night 25 August for Year 7 parents in the library at 18:30 and Year 8-13 parents in the Theatre at 19:00.
  • Whole school special coffee morning with repeat evening session for our Portuguese speaking families to understand the philosophy of LIS and our educational programmes on Tuesday 6 September at 8:15am and again at 6:30pm in B6 meeting room
  • Year 11 parent evening 31 August@18:30 in the secondary library
  • What is the MYP?  14 September@8:15am in the secondary library
  • MYP to DP Evening for year 11 parents 23 November@18:30 upstairs building 7
  • iPad showcase in the MYP 1 December@ 8:15am (location TBA)
  • Assessment in the MYP 17 January@8:15am in the secondary library

Coffee morning



Kayak the Kwanza | Join us for a coffee morning


LIS ex-teacher Oscar Scafidi will kayak the Kwanza  from source to sea, setting a world record and helping HALO Trust. Oscar will tell you all about his planned 1100 km adventure and how he is hoping to raise $10,000 for HALO. This amount is enough to support a 9 person de-mining team for a month. 

Oscar Scafidi will speak at a LIS Coffee morning on Wednesday 1st of June at 8:15 in the secondary library. We would appreciate you to attend and be able to donate to this expedition.

If you can’t attend the coffee morning you can donate here. 

You can also follow the adventure on Twitter.

LIS Tech Tips Parent Portal

We invite you to our Tech Tips Parent Portal to find tips, news and information related to being a parent, child and student in our ever-changing information society!  

Each week we hope to provide some new information, including:

  • a featured TechWellness article or video related to healthy internet/technology use, recommended by our secondary LIS counselling team of Ms. Michelle and Ms. Nicola.
  • a Parent TechTips article or video providing tips and information on some internet/social media/technology tool that you’ve heard of, but might want to learn a little more about.
  • a look at our present, or sometimes future, technology society and what it means to our daily life, via the informative and inspiring tech TEDTalk video of the week,

as well as snippets of info you might find useful in our ParentTech Twitter feed and Social Media infographic sections.  So feel free to take a peek, enjoy the information and feel free to provide feedback, requests or suggestions through the “Request/Suggestion Form” link in the top menu bar.


Peace One Day Celebrations

On Monday 21 September our LIS community celebrated PEACE ONE DAY with a range of engaging activities throughout the day. Thanks to our year level coordinators, homeroom teachers and student leaders – each class participated in diverse experiences.

These ranged from exploring the meaning of peace day, doing yoga, writing messages of peace, making peace bracelets, doing a zen tangle, researching peacemakers and linking their characters to our IB learner profile attributes, investigating current conflicts and role playing possible solutions, practicing mindfulness and having a Peace Day Model United Nations activity.

In the afternoon, our year 7 to 9 students participated in our annual peace day soccer and our year 10 to 13 students chose painting for peace, dancing for peace, screening of the movie Selma or playing football. They ended the day with our first ever colour run thanks to our student leaders.

Watch this space for our student created video on Peace Day to be posted shortly! See our annual peace day photo.

Peace Day

Three Way Conferences for Years 7 to 13 on October 1st and 2nd

Please note that we have our three way conferences scheduled on Thursday 1 October from 3pm to 7pm and on Friday 2 October from 8am to 12pm. Please come to the school with your child so that you have an opportunity to hear about their learning from each of their teachers.

On Thursday, secondary students will be off campus after lunch (12:20pm) and there are no classes on Friday due to the conferences.

Additional information will be sent in Portuguese and English via email. Please mark the dates on your calendars.

Welcome back to School

Dear Secondary families,

You will already have received an email regarding the start of school and some of the events that have been planned from our Interim Director, Mr Dylan Hughes. However we would like to let you know of some further details.

Secondary Section:  We look forward to welcoming your children on Monday morning.  Today, we welcomed new families and 16 new secondary students to our orientation.

On Monday, please ensure that your children are on campus by 7:45am to so they can find their way to their homeroom by 7:55am.  Lists for years 7 to 9 will be posted outside building 5 and lists for years 10 to 13 will be in building 7.

If you have children in the primary section, come along and meet the Primary Leadership Team, the School Director and your child’s class teacher.

Primary Years Programme (Years 1 to 3) Tuesday 18 August 19.00pm starting in the Theatre

Primary Years Programme (Years 4 to 6) Wednesday 19 August 19.00pm starting in the Theatre

Our Secondary Back to School Night for years 7 to 13 will be held on the evening of Thursday 27 August.  Further details to follow.

We look forward to seeing your children on Monday.