Silent Auction | A Real Success

The celebrated Silent Auction raised funds of 814,000KWZ which will be divided between the Kambamba School Project and the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project.
We would like to thank the community for their support and the wonderful student artists who created the fabulous pieces of artwork.

Trek For Meds – Thank you to the LIS community

Hello everybody!

During the summer of 2017 we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. We reached to the top of the mountain at around 8:00 am on the 13th of June, after a very difficult but rewarding journey. It is a wonderful experience we would recommend everyone to do! Below each of us gave a little information of our trip and what we thought about it.

Trekking to Kili’s highest peak, Uhuru, demands determination, high morale and mental strength, endurance, and a tremendous longing to step foot on the roof of Africa. Boasting a variety of terrain and landscapes, the mountain is an undeniable temptation that attracts in thousands every year, myself included. Sweepingly low temperatures and thinning levels of oxygen were the biggest obstacles between us and the top of Africa. The summit night, in particular, was challenging, as it brought high levels of exhaustion, headaches and nausea that plagued us for the entire length of the hike. But our efforts were irrefutably worth it. From the tall, but hidden, glaciers, to the ice scaling the large, intricate rocks, to the deep, sandy volcanic ash pit- the roof of Africa is, in simplest terms, extraordinarily stunning. For me, reaching the top brought about a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude for the surrounding beauty, the incredible team- particularly the patient guides and the hard-working porters- that helped me there, and, most especially, for my parents and this opportunity they had gifted me. – Nabeeha

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a life-changing experience for me. I was faced with obstacles I never thought I would be able to overcome and I was surrounded with constant positivity. Throughout the first few days of the trip something that stood out to me was how serene it was. During the climb I had the opportunity to let my mind wander and get to know about myself more. I was able to figure out what the best strategy was for me in order to constantly motivate myself and that is something that I took from the trip and I could use in my daily life. We were also on top of the clouds which was incredibly surreal experience. The hardest obstacle to overcome was the summit night. This was because I was mentally and physically exhausted and it was extremely cold which I was not used to. I got to know and experience the Kenyan culture and learn a few words along the way. Overall it was an experience that I will cherish for many years to come and I highly recommend everyone to take that leap of faith and try something out of their comfort zone. Lastly I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey and helped us along the way. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed. – Denise


This was an experience was really amazing and hard work. I think that I had underestimated how hard it would be to climb the mountain. The hardest part was the last couple of days, this was mainly because of high altitudes and lack of sleep. Since we started climbing at around 12:00 am everyone was very tired and mainly wanted to reach the bottom.  Even though it was very difficult, doing it with a group of people was amazing as we were able to motivate each other. The best part of the trip was when we reached the top, this was because it was very rewarding to see what we had accomplished. Something that I have learned from this trip is that it is okay to take things slow, in order to reach your goal. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, as long as you reach it and you feel proud of what you have done. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and donating it really means a lot to us. -Molly

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through our project, it really means a lot!  If you would like to know more about our project, visit our website at

Annual Jogathon – this Saturday 9 September

From the Jogathon Team:

Gaby, Nicole, Connor, Panashe, Luca 

Jogathon The Jogathon is a charity event tradition at LIS. For the first time, a small group of Secondary students have organized the event entirely. Our goal is to make a difference for the Orphanage Casa das Crianças. All proceeds directly fund the facilities at the orphanage and improve the welfare of the children there. 

The Jogathon has been a very successful community event in the past. We hope to see lots of families supporting this cause. Join us this Saturday September 9, from 9:00 – 11:00 AM by the basketball court. The Jogathon Team will welcome you and direct you.

Find below the sponsorship form. 


Da equipa do Jogathon:
Gaby, Nicole, Connor, Panashe, Luca

Jogathon O Jogathon é um evento organizado pela LISA para angariar fundos. Pela primeira vez este evento foi organizado por um pequeno grupo de alunos da segundaria. A meta é ajudar o orfanato Casa das Crianças. Todo o dinheiro angariado será doado diretamente ao orfanato para melhorar a vida das crianças.

No passado o Jogathon foi muito bem sucedido. Esperamos que muitas famílias venham apoiar este evento. Por favor, venham este sábado dia 09 de setembro das 9:00 até 11:00 no compo de basket. A equipa do Jogathon estará lá para vos receber.

Por favor, encontre acima o formulário para o angariamento de fundos. 

Trek For Meds are off to Tanzania today

Today the 3 Year 12 students left for their adventure climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. To date, they have raised Kwanza 1.300,000 in order to buy malaria preventative medicine and tests at a public hospital in Luanda. Everyone here within the LIS community is very proud of their efforts and wish them well with the climb. An amazing example of student action.

One of our year 5 classes wished them well!

Trek for Meds

We are three 17-year-old called Molly, Denise and Nabeeha and currently studying that the Luanda International School. Recently, we have been planning an expedition trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the tallest mountain in Africa in order to raise money to buy malaria preventative medicine and tests to give to a public hospital in Luanda. 

Malaria is a reoccurring cause of child mortality in Angola. According to the World Health Organization, it reported almost 3,000 deaths due to malaria in just the first quarter of 2016. In recent years, the number of deaths has been increasing, from 5,550 in 2014 to 8,000 in 2015. For a poor family, there are faced with high costs for treatment when a loved one contracts it. Luckily, malaria has a relatively cheap method for sustainable prevention.  We are also working with a company called PSI (Population Services International) which are based in Angola. This company will help us distribute the medicine and tests to the public hospital in Luanda.  

 Our goal is to raise around 500,000 kwanza in order purchase malaria medicine and tests. If you would like to help support this cause and donate, below is a link available to anyone who wishes to donate.

Donate Page:

 Other Social Media contacts







Annual Jogathon a huge success

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and participation in the Jogathon! It was wonderful to see so many parents and siblings joining in and supporting a wonderful cause.

We had an amazing team of students in the secondary school helping to organize logistics and enlist volunteers to make this event happen. In the elementary school, we had many classes involved in spreading awareness by making posters and passing out sponsor forms, as well as making bagged lunches for the children from the orphanage.

In past years, funds raised for Casas de Crianças has gone to buy additional land and to purchase washing machines. We know they are extremely grateful for your generous donations. We are still receiving donations in the section offices. Our current total is 1,332,630 Kz

Enjoy this video with some photos from the day!

Obrigado a todos pelo vosso apoio e participação na Jogatona deste ano! Foi fantástico ver tantos pais e irmãos juntarem-se a nós para apoiar uma boa causa.

Tivemos uma excelente equipa de alunos do Secundário a ajudar-nos a organizar a logística e a mobilizar voluntários para fazer deste evento um sucesso. Na secção Primária, tivemos muitas turmas empenhadas em divulgar o evento, fazendo cartazes e distribuindo os formulários de patrocínio, para além de preparar os saquinhos de almoço para dar às crianças do orfanato.

Em anos anteriores, os fundos arrecadados para a Casa das Crianças foram utilizados para comprar mais terreno e arranjar máquinas de lavar. Temos a certeza de que eles estão muito gratos pelos vossos generosos contributos. Ainda estamos a receber donativos nas nossas secretarias. Até agora, temos um total de 1,332,630 Kz

Aproveitem agora para ver o vídeo com imagens deste dia!

Kayak the Kwanza Gala Evening

You are cordially invited to the LIS Kayak the Kwanza Gala Evening, where the premiere of the highly anticipated and exclusive Kayak the Kwanza documentary will take place. This is about the world-record journey that has incredibly been done by a former teacher, Mr. Scafidi, and his friend, Alfy, from the source to the mouth of the Kwanza river. All of this was done to raise money for the HALO Trust, an organization dedicated to clearing landmines in Angola. It is full of adventure, determination, perseverance and bravery! At one point they even get stopped by the police! What happened next?


This amazing evening will be held on Thursday, the 29th of September at 7:30pm (19:30h) in the auditorium in Building 6. Tickets will be sold for 2000 KWZ each at the PTA office and at the door on the evening of the event. Complimentary cheese and wine will be served as well. We need your help to make it successful!

We hope you see you all.​

The KtK student team

LIS Annual Jogathon 2016

This week your children will be arriving home with forms announcing the LIS Annual Jogathon. We will be running to raise money for the Casa das Crianças Orphanage. Please help us support this wonderful cause!

You can help in the following ways:

  1. Help your child fill out the Jogathon Pledge form and collect donations that can be paid directly to an online fund for Casa das Crianças. Cash donations are also accepted and should be delivered directly to Teresa in the PYP office. Regardless of donation method, please bring your pledge forms to the PYP office for your students efforts to be counted.
  2. Help your child clean out their closet and bring any gently used shoes and socks to school to donate to the students of Casa das Crianças. Collection boxes will be located in front of the PYP Office in Building 2 (the red building) and in Secondary homerooms.
  3. Come to LIS on Saturday September 10th to run with or cheer on your runners!
    Funds go to support a variety of projects at Casa das Crianças as well as support the daily support of the nearly 80 children that Casa das Crianças currently helps feed, house and/or educate.

PicMonkey Collage

Staff Appreciation Brunch 2015

PicMonkey Collage

By Maya Abdel Hamid

One Thursday 10 December, something very meaningful happened in the cafeteria. Kimbo hosted the second annual Staff Appreciation Brunch. Dedicated to all our non-teaching staff, we wanted to show them just how much we appreciated their hard work. Without their important and tireless contributions, school life would not have been this comfortable for all of us.

KIMBO started organizing this event four weeks ago; posters were printed and posted around the school, invitations were delivered to all non-teaching staff, and emails were sent to encourage participation from both primary and secondary sections of the school.

This morning, all the food came in before homeroom. We hung up decorations and set up the tables. When the staff came in, they appeared confused but pleasantly surprised that everything was prepared for them. It was a success. Everyone had a smile on his or her face. They loved the food, the videos, and they certainly loved the music, which they danced to.

Being part of this event was an amazing experience. We can’t say we did it all by ourselves. We would like to thank all parents who supported the event but helping their children with food preparation, PTA for their generous donations of drinks, all the students who participated in one way or another, and all the teachers who guided us in the preparation of the event.

KIMBO would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

PicMonkey Collage2

Movember Fun at L.I.S.

MovemberThroughout the month of November many teachers have been growing moustaches to join in the worldwide Movember celebrations. Movember was started in 2004 to raise awareness of male related illnesses. However, it is now used to raise awareness and help for a whole series of projects – locally, nationally and internationally.

This year the staff have been raising money to support the building of a school in Kalungo, Angola. This is a wonderful cause being led by Year 2 class teacher Ms. Mary and her husband. So far, Movember has collected more than 25,000AKZ for this very important project. If you would like to learn more about the Kalungo project, please go to

See some of our Movember crew below!