LIS Literary Magazine | Roaring Voices

Over the past three ASA trimesters, a small but dedicated group of Year 9 and 10 students came together every Wednesday afternoon to write, edit, and produce our LIS literary magazine, The Wild and Blue.  Our first volume, “Roaring Voices,” includes not only the work of our creative writers, but also submissions for the 2018 LIS Writes Competition and a piece of literary non-fiction from a Personal Project student.  We hope you enjoy reading the wonderful writing of our LIS Secondary students, and we look forward to publishing our second volume of The Wild and Blue next year!

LIS Invitational Volleyball Tournament | Well done Lions!

We enjoyed the volleyball tournament, and felt it was a fun and competitive environment. We were both able to demonstrate and develop our volleyball skills, and increase our bond with our teammates. We thought that it was very interesting to be able to meet volleyball players from other teams, and to be able to practice and warm up with them. It was also interesting to see the different ways of the teams. If we could do it again, we would definitely want to try to talk to players from the other teams more, to get to know them better. In general, it was a great experience for us as people and volleyball players, and a fun day!  (Elise, Junior Varsity Girls and Tori, Varsity Girls)

Through out our practices our main goal was to build our volleyball skills, and secondly to have fun while doing it. Our competition was fierce, but we struck through it all, improved our skills, and never forgot our second goal. In the end we remembered to have fun, as well as help each other out. We worked as a unit, and because of this we developed and improved our relations with each other. We cannot wait until next year.   (Connor, Varsity Boys)

Congratulations to all of our players and a special shout out to our Varsity Girls team who came in first place!

Co-curricular Trimester 2 Update


It has been an excellent trimester for the co-curricular program to date. Highlights include:

  • T2 ASAs: 80% of our Yr 2 – 13 students involved in 75 offered ASAs (20 of which are student-led)
  • Sport:
    • Varsity girls Basketball Team travelled to South Africa AISJ Tournament
    • 47 students & 10 student coaches involved with our Jr. Sea Lions Swim Team
    • 23 girls & 36 boys as members of our Jr. Varsity & Varsity Lions Soccer Teams
    • 7 Adult Soccer coaches and 5 Adult Sea Lions Swim Team mentors
  • Arts:
    • Visiting artist weekend workshop
    • Student-led Secondary Lunch Lounge
  • Outdoor Education:
    • 80% Yr 9 – 11’s registered for our South Africa Outdoor Ed / International Award trips
    • Year 9 day hike and Yr 11 overnight outdoor education training trips with 100% participation


Upcoming co-curricular dates leading up to the March holiday:

  • Feb 14, 15, 21, 22, March 2: Exhibition soccer games @ LIS 4:30 pm start
  • Feb 20 – 24: Parents invited to visit ASA sessions
  • Feb 24: Secondary Lunch Lounge
  • Feb 24: End of ASA Session 2
  • March 3: Jr. Sea Lions vs Staff / Parents Meet @ LIS
  • March 4: LIS Invitational Soccer Tournament (JV & V Boys and Girls)
  • March 6: ASA T3 information to students & parents
  • March 6 – 14: T3 Sports Selections (Volleyball & Swimming)
  • March 9: Performing Arts ASA Showcase Evening
  • March 9 – 12: Lions Boys & Girls Varsity Soccer teams to South Africa for AISJ Tournament
  • March 11: Lions Boys & Girls JV Soccer teams tournament at CFSA (Luanda)
  • March 11: Parent-led Community Sports Saturday: Baseball
  • March 13 – 14: Yr 10 International Award Training Trip
  • March 14: Primary ASA sign up
  • March 15: Secondary ASA sign up
  • March 15 & 16: Basketball Coaching clinic for T3 ASAs
  • April 5 – May 26: ASA Trimester 3 block


  1. Celebration: We hope that you will have time to join your child at their ASA block from February 20 – 24, to observe the kinds of engagements that they have been involved with during the previous 6 weeks.
  2. Secondary ASAs will be cancelled on Thursday, February 16th & Friday, February 17th due to 3 Way conferences. Primary ASAs will continue as scheduled.
  3. Commitment: It is important that students complete their ASA commitments, we have had several youngsters absent over the past week or so from their ASAs which is difficult to plan for and can influence the experience of others who have signed up. Please notify the Primary or Secondary office if your child must miss their ASA commitment.


Well done Sea Lions!

On Saturday, January 28th our Year 4 – 8 Sea Lions swimmers raced in their second event of the season. Under the guidance of their Student Coaches, they represented LIS proudly. Throughout the day, LIS swimmers often placed in the top three, demonstrated great sportsmanship through congratulating the other competitors, and cheered each other on with enthusiasm.

There were a number of accomplishments throughout the meet from swimmers recording personal best times to swimming in their first ever competition. Congratulations Sea Lions! Stay tuned for our next student, staff, and parent competition. 

Swimming@LIS – Mini Liga

On Saturday 21 January LIS hosted the Mini Liga swimming competition welcoming swim teams from ESCOLA, Clube Nautico, Primere Augusto, and Onda. Many members of the community came out to support this great event.  We had over 30 swimmers participate from LIS and for the first time, our own LIS student coaches guided and encouraged our swimmers.

 Thank you to the many volunteers and to our coaches Mr. Joao and Mr. Brodie for making this happen.

Photos by Michael C

After School Activities | Please Read

Today (Monday, September 12) is the start of our ASA program with 445 students from Years 2 – 13 registered for a wide variety of opportunities within the Arts, Sport, Service, Social and Academic areas. Our ASA program runs from 3:05 pm until 4:00 pm.

Parents, drivers and nannies are invited to collect their children by the front of school Jangos where they will be brought by the various ASA leaders.

This first trimester of ASAs will run through until November 10th (8 weeks).

A reminder that should there be a situation where your child needs to miss an ASA it is important that the Primary or Secondary Office are informed.

Kimbo Student Leadership Retreat

Over the weekend, Kimbo had our first ever student leadership retreat. During those two days, we learned a lot about one another and what it is like to be part of a dynamic team. We participated in many activities, like “Blind Square”, “The Island” and “Follow the Leader” to understand what it means to work together and be responsible as a leader. Many of the activities also required us to exercise decision-making, creative thinking and communication skills. The most memorable and transformational activity for our team was probably “Trust Fall”; watch the video below and you will know why!

During the retreat, we also learned different leadership styles through an activity called “Compass Point”. We developed awareness of who we are as leaders and understand the importance of complementing one another in a team.

In all, the retreat has brought us super close together as a team.​ The experience was fun and certainly one I will always remember. I look forward to working with this team throughout the rest of the year.

Nadin, Kimbo Student Leader

Kimbo Student Leadership Retreat.mp4

Co-Curricular Programme

We are excited about kicking off our co-curricular program for this year. At LIS this programme extends to engagements which occur outside of our classrooms. This includes: After School Activities (ASAs), Performing Arts, Sport, and Outdoor Education. Key dates have been recorded on the Veracross calendar and our philosophy and guiding principles are found below. We are excited about our offerings this year and look forward to an enriching and balanced experience for our students.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.17.12 AM

LIS Co-Curricular Philosophy

This program is progressive and designed to enhance the sense of community through building positive relationships which support and extend curriculum and student interest in a sustainable manner.  Student and adult leaders aim to provide LIS students with balanced and age-appropriate opportunities within a safe and supportive environment.

Guiding Principles

The co-curricular program will:

  • support lifelong learning through providing a sustainable balance of activity choices within the creative, active and service domains, which supports and/or enhances the LIS Mission and Values.
  • ensure leaders have a planned sequence of engagements that are age-appropriate and builds on previous learning and experiences.
  • through committed participation provide students & teachers opportunities to build positive relationships, and feel connected and valued as a member of our LIS community.
  • provide students with challenging and sustainable opportunities to extend their curricular knowledge, attitudes (values) and skills; within LIS, Angola, African and global contexts.
  • foster student leadership by providing opportunities to gain skills and confidence through authentic roles in designing and implementing activities.
  • include activities based on yearly reviews that are safe and provide equal opportunities for all.

LIS Swimmers Participate in National Championships

From February 12th to the 14th, four LIS swimmers participated in the National Short-Course Swim Championships which took place at Primero D’Agosto pool in Luanda.  Participating for their local clubs were Paulina, Komay, Komie and Gioconda.

The girls swam with national ranked swimmers as well as 2 Olympic hopefuls who came to the meet from their training base in Portugal. It was an enriching experience for the girls who competed, with several personal best times achieved. Paulina and Komay finished 3rd place in the 4X 200m freestyle relay, Komay also finished third in the 50m-breast stroke. Komie broke the national record in the 50m butterfly. These are incredible achievements. Congratulations to all 4 swimmers! They are pictured here with one of Angola’s Olympic hopefuls, Ana Nobriega.

Swimming 2016

Casa das Crianças at LIS

In March, LIS hosted 35 children from Casa das Crianças who came for a field day at our school. The members of the Casa das Crianças ASA and the School in a Bag group put a lot of time and sweat into making it an amazing day for everyone. Thanks to all of the students, teachers and parents who helped to make this such a successful event.