Year Level Half Day

Yesterday was our third of four Year Level Half Days.  Year Level Half Days are important components of our Secondary School Wellbeing Program and are opportunities for students to make connections and building community in a non-academic setting. During the morning, all LIS Secondary students participated in different Year-Level specific community building events.

Year 7 students began the morning by finishing their conversations about changes experienced during puberty.  Teachers also addressed related student questions. Afterwards, students had a chance to play “Tell Me Your Story” – a community building initiative designed, organised and run by Year 7 students.

Year 8 students talked to each other about the values that make up their identity and how they prioritise these values in their lives. Afterwards, students started creating a digital vision board based on their values and a personal vision statement they wrote in previous wellbeing lessons. The morning ended with a Year Level Birthday Party hosted by 8.1 students.

Year 9 students were supposed to go on their all-day hiking trip, but it was cancelled due to rain, thunder, and lightening.  Instead, students played a giant game of Capture the Flag and then spent time learning more about and preparing for their South Africa trip in May.

Year 10 students spent the first part of the morning preparing for their outdoor education experience next week. They learned how to set up camp and how to operate a camp stove.  Afterwards, students explored issues surrounding gender identity, expression, and spectrum. They looked at media representations of sex and gender and examined gender stereotypes and the impacts they have on us.

Year 11 students culminated their inquiry into a global issue by creating a video explainer to share with the Secondary School community.  Examples will be shared out in the future.  Stay tuned!

Year 12 students participated in activities related to exploring one’s passion.  Students then watched the Year 13 theatre students perform their collaborative project, which is a final examination.  In the final session, Mr. Oscar and Mr. Duffy will guide them through a series of tasks on ‘how to clean up their digital footprint’.

Year 13 students enjoyed a morning of reflection, mindfulness, and pursuing their passions.  The day began with students reflecting on their recent mock examinations and creating study goals for the next two months to prepare for the final IBDP exams in May.  After completing this reflection, students participated in a mindful breathing session, followed by an exploration of their personal and career passions in preparation for university study.  The students then had the privilege of watching a Y13 DP Theatre performance, and ended their half day by preparing for graduation with Ms. Bradford.

Peace Day 2017!

On Friday, 22 September 2017, the LIS Secondary School community celebrated International Peace Day.  Special thanks to Mr. Chilton, our Year Level Coordinators, Homeroom Teachers, workshop leaders, and Kimbo student leaders for coordinating a day full of reflection, fun, and action.

The day began with all secondary students and teachers gathering in the gym to hear a special presentation by Dr. Pier Paulo Balladelli, the UN Representative for Angola. Following this, everyone moved to the field to take the annual Peace Day photo. Afterwards, Year 7 students left campus to visit FÁBRICA DE SABÃO, a local organisation for creative social change, while the rest of the students participated in a variety of activities ranging slam poetry to silent skits and everything else in between!

Year 12 and 13 student participated in a special all-day workshop that focused on conflict resolution through the use of forum acting.  Led by drama teacher, Mr. Colley, our DP students shared their experience with Year 4 to 6 students from the primary school, before demonstrating their talents in front of secondary school students.

As you can see from the photo and video below, a fun and thoughtful day was had by all.