Year Level Half Day | 23 May

Year 7:  Transition and leadership were the focal points for year 7 during the year level half day. Year 7s led the year 6s through transition activities in anticipation of their move to the Secondary next year. There was a lot of learning about schedules, systems, and locations as well as some tips for success.The rest of the morning was used as an opportunity to look back on the year, provide feedback on the well-being program, and think about how we can end well. Overall, it was a great morning together.

The final Year 8 Level Half Day started with a Cup Stacking Challenge to conclude Unit 3 of the Well-being Curriculum: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Students then engaged in a Chalk Talk activity to reflect on lessons learned in Well-being classes this school year. During break, 8.2 generously hosted our Year Level Birthday Celebration for students born in April, May and June. During the second half of the Year Level Half Day, students participated in Gift-giving, a fun improv activity where they learned to show appreciation and express positive comments towards one another. Thereafter, they composed a Year Level Poem entitled “If I had this school year to live over…” as a pre-writing activity to their final task of the Year Level Half Day, which is to pen a “Letter to Self, August 2018”.

The Year 9 focused on healthy communication, resolving conflict and transitioning to Year 10 for the half day. The first activities were led by Ms. Nicola and students discussed and practiced effective strategies for communicating needs and having empathy. After break, they got together in small groups with Year 10 students and discussed topics specific to Year 10 and got advice and tips from those who have just experienced it, on how to best prepare for it.

Year 10 students spent the first part of their half-day reflecting on their Outdoor Education trip to South Africa and their week off-timetable. Students wrote feedback and reminisced on their time away. Students also received the letters they wrote to their future selves while on their trip. They had the opportunity to look back on how they felt about their Outdoor Education experience and how they’ve grown from it. 

Finally, the Year 10 students wrapped up their half-day with their Year 9 colleagues by running a series of team-building activities and engaging in transition activities.  The Year 9s were given the opportunity to chat with the year 10 students about their experience in the Upper Secondary and to ask questions about what to expect next year.  Students in both Year Levels facilitated quality conversation and meaningful dialogue as an end-of-year exercise.

Year 11 have just completed their work experience rounding off a year rich in learning for them. This year, there was another great range of options on offer and our students were able to sample the world of work from a diverse group of organisations. From construction to health care (both animal and human!), mass communication to aid work and all aspects of the retail industry from packaging to sales. On their return to LIS, Mr Ali ran a reflection session where students shared their experiences. As part of this session students write a message of thanks to their “employers” and send a reflection of their experience home to their parents. It is clear from these – and the replies – that our Year 11s are fantastic ambassadors for LIS and that their parents are rightly proud of them.

A huge thank you to the folllowing organisations who supported this years work experience: US Embassy, Unitel, ELC of LIS, Nampak, Casa dos Animais, Luanda Medical Centre, PSI, Casais, Fabrica de Sabão, Colegio Mulitsaber and FBL Advogados.  Also a big thanks to Ali Shebani for coordinating and facilitating this experience.


Year 12:  For the first part of the day the year 12 students helped prepare for the year 13 graduation ceremony. This has been a tradition over the past years. We are proud to say that this will be a very special event thanks to them.

In the second half of the day the students engaged in a rigorous Extended Essay (EE) session during the second session of the year-level half day.  Students sat in subject-specific groups and annotated model EEs for structure and Criterion A, B, and C.  Then, students began work on their own outlines for EE, which are due on Monday, May 28 by 4:00pm.  Finally, students reviewed requirements for their first 1000-1500 word EE draft, which is due in August.