Teacher Blogging Guidelines

Blogging at LIS is intended to develop the 21st century skills of both teachers and students.  Through blogging, teachers will participate in a global conversation about teaching and learning.  This will enable teachers to support students in becoming global citizens and extend their opportunities to connect, collaborate, reflect on and share their learning beyond the physical classroom.

In accordance with the School’s Privacy Policy, teachers will:

  • include first names only in PYP and MYP (Student choice in DP) and educate parent participants about class specific blogging expectations and guidelines.

  • use student photos and work appropriately.

  • consider the aims and objectives of the blog when deciding whether or not to post.

  • monitor comments actively. The review of internal comments is up to teacher discretion, and external comments will always be reviewed by the teacher before being made public.

  • share the commenting guidelines on every LIS affiliated blog.

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