Author Visit and Book Fair at LIS Library on 10 November 2017

Irá realizar-se uma Feira do Livro na Biblioteca da LIS na sexta-feira, dia 10 de Novembro de 2017, das 9:00 às 16:00. Haverá uma grande variedade de livros e jogos de língua portuguesa e bilíngüe disponíveis para todos os gostos e habilidades de leitura.

Esta é uma óptima oportunidade para os alunos escolher entre livros de vários autores de crianças, jovens e adultos, nomeadamente de livros angolanos. Os preços dos livros começam a partir de 500 AKZ.

Três autores e um ilustrador de Angola também irão participarar na Feira do Livro. Estes irão trabalhar com diferentes turmas ao longo do dia e estarão disponíveis para assinar livros. Clique AQUI para obter informações sobre os livros dos autores e como encomendá-los.

A Feira do Livro é uma óptima oportunidade para os alunos aumentarem a colecção de livros, mas também é uma oportunidade para construir a colecção da LIS Library. Uma percentagem do total de todas as compras feitas durante a Feira do Livro irá reverter para a Biblioteca da LIS em novos itens para a Biblioteca.

Todos os membros da comunidade da LIS são bem-vindos a participar nesta Feira do Livro e fazer compras. Um grande agradecimento antecipado aos estudantes e aos pais pelo apoio neste maravilhoso evento.

A Book Fair will be held in the LIS Library on Friday 10 November 2017 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  There will be a range of Portuguese language and bilingual books and games available to suit all tastes and reading abilities.  This is a great opportunity for students to choose from various books from leading children’s and young adult authors. Prices start at only AKZ 500.

Three local Angolan authors and one illustrator will also attend the Book Fair. They will be working with different classes during the day and will be available to sign books. Click HERE for information on their books and how to order them.

Not only is the Book Fair is a great opportunity for students to add to their book collection, but it’s also an opportunity to build the LIS Library collection.  A percentage of the total of all purchases made during the Book Fair will be given to the LIS Library to spend on new items for the Library.

All members of the LIS community are welcome to attend this Book Fair to make their purchases.  A big thank you in advance to students and parents for their support of this wonderful event.

Update on Family Reading Night

Update on Family Reading Night

A big thank you to all those who have signed up to attend Family Reading Night on Wednesday 4th October, 6:30pm to 7:30om. Spaces for this event were limited and the sign-up sheet is now closed.

Please note, if you signed up to attend Family Reading Night, then you should have received an email confirming your attendance. Please look for the confirmation email as you will be asked for your name at the door so we can check you into the event. We’ll also be collecting your donation of a packet of new coloured pencils, markers and/or writing paper for the children from Casa das Crianças.

If you have any questions or did not receive the confirmation email, then please email

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up in their PJs!

Ms Bronny and Ms Anton

Atualização sobre a Noite de Leitura Para Famílias

Gostaríamos de agradecer as famílias que inscreveram-se para a Noite de Leitura Para Famílias na quarta feira dia 04 de outubro das 18:30 até 19:30. A participação neste evento é limitada e as inscrições já estão fechadas.

Por favor notar se você se inscreveu para participar na Noite de Leitura Para Famílias deveria ter recebido um email de confirmação da sua inscrição. Por favor procurar o email de confirmação porque será pedido o seu nome na noite do evento. Na noite do evento também estaremos a recolher o seu donativo de um pacote novo de lapis de core, marcadores ou papel para as crianças da Casa das Crianças.

Se tiver qualquer dúvida ou não recebeu o email de confirmação por favor envie um email para

Estaremos a espera de ver todos de pijama!

Ms Bronny and Ms Anton

Welcome to the LIS Library

Welcome! We hope you’ll visit us in the LIS Library. We’re looking forward to another fabulous year.

It’s been lovely to see lots of familiar faces and to welcome new students. We love hearing about the books that everyone has read over the holidays. The holidays are an opportunity to find out the titles of new books that everyone is talking about. We always love ideas for great reads so if you have a title that we should consider adding to the library, then please complete the Suggestion for the Collection form.

We have a lovely team of regular volunteers who help us make the library special. Our volunteers help us in a number of ways including creating incredible displays and organising the collection. If you’d like to volunteer, then please sign up HERE. We’ll be in touch.

We’d like everyone to become frequent library visitors. Children are encouraged to change their books as soon as they have finished reading them. They don’t have to wait until their allotted library time. Parents are encouraged to come in too! If you want your child to be a good reader, then you should show them you read. Have conversations about what you are all reading. Read a book together. Read for leisure.

Thank you for teaching your child about taking care of the library books. Water is the most common way that books are damaged. Please remind your child to keep the books in a safe, dry place. Also, when transporting library books to and from school, make sure that they are kept well away from water bottles, wet swimwear and lunch boxes.

Once Primary children begin borrowing, books, parents will receive periodic emails listing the items checked out to your child and when they are due back. Please note that the due date follows the month/date/year format.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Library. Please drop in to say hello to me (Ms Anton), Mr Tito and Mr Manuel and also meet our new team members Mr Dembo, Ms Jacinta and Ms Yana.

Library update – It’s a brand new school year!

Lib 2It’s been lovely to see students (of all ages) visiting the LIS Library. I’m new this year but I already feel welcome. I’ve been greeted with lots of friendly smiles and some interesting conversations. It’s wonderful to to see so many students excited to talk about books they have read.

Lib 1We want everyone to visit the library regularly. Students are encouraged to change their books as soon as they have finished reading them. They don’t have to wait until their allotted library time. Parents are encouraged to come in too! If you want your child to be a good reader, then you should show them you read. Have conversations about what you are all reading. Read a book together. Read for leisure.

Please take good care of the library books. Keep them in a safe, dry place. When transporting library books to and from school, make sure that they are kept well away from water bottles, wet swimwear and lunch boxes.

Please note that overdue notices will be sent home soon so we would appreciate the prompt return of any library books that didn’t make their way back to the library before the summer.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Library. Stop in and say hello! 

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” ― Albert Einstein

Bring Back Books!

Dear Parents,

Recently at our Parent Coffee Morning in the library we mentioned an initiative that we would like our parents and students to join in over the coming summer vacation. This initiative, that we are calling
‘Bring Back Books’, is designed to help us build the collection of international children’s books,
in a wide range of languages in our LIS Primary Library. We hope this will enable us to add to the diversity of our ‘mother-tongue’ book collection and give students a sense of pride by donating a children’s book that represents their home language, culture or country. These books will then be available for all students to look at and borrow throughout the school year.

The ‘Bring Back Books’ initiative will as operate as follows:

Whilst LIS families are away on summer vacation, the LIS students visit a bookshop (in their home or holiday location) and purchase a suitable, quality book (or books) to bring back as a donation to the library collection. The books will reflect the child’s own culture, country and may be in any language.
When the children return from vacation, these books will be brought into the library where they will be covered, processed and added to the school collection with a special certificate stuck inside the cover of the book acknowledging the student’s donation.
Our library staff will make a special display of our donated books which will be shared with our school community before the books are shelved ready for borrowing by the students.

To give you some ideas about what makes a good children’s book here are a few notes from
this Australian website:

What is a good children’s book?

Good children’s books, no matter how simple or complex, have a sense of joy. They can make us laugh
and cry. Regardless of how young, readers need strong characters who they can relate to and care about.

Good books also teach kids things subtly while still telling a great story.

For example, in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, kids learn about numbers, fruit and days of the week, but it’s hardly noticed because they have fallen in love with the illustrations and their newly discovered ability to predict what is going to happen next.

Good stories allow kids to explore other worlds and other lives but they are still familiar enough that they see themselves in the characters.

Important things to remember when choosing a good book for children:

The best way to choose a good book is through your child.
Good books teach kids things subtly while still telling a great story.
Good books are authentic, credible and captivating.
Resist the desire to choose only books you read as a kid.
Don’t worry if the words appear hard; this exposes kids to more complex language in context.

We hope that as many returning students as possible will get involved in this exciting
‘Bring Back Books’ initiative and help build our library collection into one which includes many children’s books, in many languages, from all around the world.

Thank you to in advance for your involvement.

Kind regards,

The Primary Leadership Team

Caros Pais,

Durante a nossa última Reunião de Pais/Café da Manhã na biblioteca, falámos sobre uma iniciativa na qual gostávamos que todos os pais e alunos participassem durante as férias de verão que se aproximam. A proposta, a que chamamos ‘Bring Back Books’ [Trazer Livros de Volta], foi pensada para nos ajudar a criar uma colecção internacional de livros infantis, em várias línguas, para enriquecer a nossa Biblioteca da Primária da LIS. Esperamos que esta iniciativa contribua para a diversidade na colecção de livros em língua materna da biblioteca e, ao mesmo tempo, que provoque nos alunos um sentimento de orgulho por trazer um livro que representa a sua língua original, a sua cultura ou o seu país. Os livros ficarão disponíveis para toda a gente consultar e levar emprestado ao longo do ano escolar.

A iniciativa ‘Bring Back Books’ funciona da seguinte forma:

Enquanto as famílias da LIS estão em férias, fora de Angola, os alunos visitam uma livraria (no seu país ou no local onde estiverem) e compram um livro (ou mais) de qualidade e de tema apropriado para trazer como donativo para a colecção da biblioteca. Os livros devem reflectir a cultura ou o país da criança, e podem ser escritos em qualquer língua.
Quando as crianças regressarem de férias, trazem esses livros para a biblioteca, onde cada um deles será encapado, processado e adicionado à colecção da escola com um certificado especial inserido na capa, em reconhecimento do aluno que fez o donativo.
O pessoal da biblioteca fará depois uma montra especial com os livros recebidos para que todos possam apreciar, antes de serem colocados nas estantes, prontos a ser requisitados pelos alunos.

Para que tenham uma ideia sobre o que constitui um bom livro para crianças, deixamos aqui algumas notas, extraídas deste website australiano:

O que é um bom livro infantil?

Os bons livros infantis, sejam eles simples ou complexos, são aqueles que transmitem uma sensação de alegria. Podem fazer-nos rir e chorar. Mesmo na mais tenra idade, os leitores precisam de personagens com quem se possam identificar e de quem possam gostar.

Os bons livros têm o poder de subtilmente ensinar coisas novas ao mesmo tempo que contam uma boa história.

Por exemplo, no caso da Lagartinha Muito Comilona, as crianças aprendem os números, as frutas e os dias da semana, mas quase nem reparam porque estão tão encantadas pelas ilustrações e pela recém-descoberta capacidade de adivinhar o que se vai passar a seguir.

As boas histórias deixam que as crianças explorem outros mundos e outras vidas, mas mantêm sempre um nível de familiaridade que permite que elas se revejam nas personagens.

Pontos importantes a ter em mente ao escolher um bom livro infantil:
A melhor maneira de escolher um bom livro é através do seu filho.
Bons livros ensinam às crianças coisas novas de forma subtil, enquanto contam uma boa história.
Bons livros são autênticos, credíveis e apaixonastes.
Resistam à tentação de escolher apenas os livros que leram quando eram crianças.
Não se preocupem se o vocabulário parece difícil; as crianças beneficiam da exposição a linguagem complexa em contexto.
Esperamos que o maior número de alunos possível, entre aqueles que vão regressar à LIS depois das férias, se possa dedicar a esta iniciativa emocionante de ‘Bring Back Books’ para ajudar a reunir na colecção da biblioteca muitos livros infantis, em muitas línguas diferentes, vindos de todos os lados do mundo.

Desde já, muito obrigado pela vossa participação.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,
A Equipa de Liderança da Primária

New Books in the Primary Library

new book

Students and teachers are ecstatic to get their hands on over four hundred brand new books that have just arrived to the LIS Primary Library!


Everyone is invited to browse the new collection. The books will be available to be checked out once all students have had a chance to look at them.


The LIS Primary Library would like to thank Mr. Tito, our library assistant and Mrs. Natalie James, our parent volunteer. They have generously dedicated time to make sure the new books were ready and on display for students to browse.


The LIS Primary Library is seeking parent volunteers to help cover new books. We would greatly appreciate any amount of time that you could volunteer.

Please stop by the library to arrange a time or e-mail Rhena Bowie ( or Thomas Shields (

Happy Reading!