Student Led Conferences

This is one of the highlights of the Primary Years Programme calendar. Our students fully embrace the opportunity to share their learning with their families with passion and enthusiasm. Below are some photos and quotes that clearly show the success of this exciting process for the learners, their families and our teachers. Thank you for your support.

Year 6
“We are proud of his development in general and that he is able to make his thinking visible.”  – Parent
“I noticed that my child can confidently explain the learning and learning process”. – Parent
“I used to think that school was about math and reading. Now I think that school is a very interesting and fun place to actually explore your full potential.” – Parent
“I wonder if he can continue in the IB program in the future. I would like it too!” – Parent

Year 5
“I liked sharing my knowledge with my parents and show what I’m proud of. I was organized and followed my plan.” – Student
“They learnt that I am a great inquirer and that I can read and write well and maturely. I told my dad about my skills and my values as a learner.” – Student 
I was a good communicator because I explained in English and Spanish. – Student 

Year 4
” I really enjoyed the conference and the way you explained to me all your work. I especially liked to learn all the math techniques you have been learning, they are new for me! You did a great job” – Parent
“She is interested, happy and confident when sharing her learning.  She sees everything in a very positive way.” – Parent
“I really enjoyed it when I showed my work to my mom and she also enjoyed it. My favorite part was when I went to music with my mom.” – Student 

Year 3
“I am very proud of you for attempting big challenges.  You are a very special person and I love you to the moon and back.” – Parent
“Today it was wonderful to come to your class and have you share so many things that you are learning.  I loved how excited you were at every station.  You are also a very good teacher as you explained strategies, gave instructions and helped us to manage time.  Thank you very much for sharing at your SLC!” – Parent

Year 2
“She has learned many things about where she comes from and how it has helped form who she is.” – Parent
“Such a great idea to have her lead the conference, I wish other schools did this.” – Parent
“We liked that the student takes the lead and we could so clearly see his progress” – Parent

Year 1
“I will give my daughter more autonomy. I noticed and saw that other parents give more autonomy to their children.” – Parent
“I loved seeing how this school offers my daughter the chance to be creative.’ .” – Parent

Thank you and congratulations! I was most impressed with the tone of the day – a tone of celebration, recognition, and growth.

LIS Celebrates Global Day of Play – Learning Through Play

Yesterday we shared with families an exciting upcoming event –  The Global Day of Play (GDoP) which will be celebrated in the LIS Primary Section on Wednesday, February 7. As mentioned in our email, the purpose of this day is to promote play as an important way we as humans, all learn through play, particularly in the areas of well-being and social development.

At LIS we highly value the development of both academic and social skills, along with a range of other competencies that prepare students for success in adulthood. Research is indicating that children have increasingly less opportunities for self-regulated play. On the GDoP, we hope to promote play and provide and an opportunity for students to further develop self regulation, an understanding of boundaries, opportunities for safe risk taking, collaboration and creativity; as well as exploring new ways  to interact with others in a playful setting.

The large proportion of time, many children now spend in front of screens, and the lack of physical activity and self- initiated play, is increasingly becoming a highlighted area of concern. As mentioned in our email, through GDoP, we are promoting physical play, that does not use screens, as we want to encourage more active opportunities for play between children with the hope that this to become a part of every child’s daily life.

There is now growing research that indicates the significance and importance of enabling childrens’ play opportunities which helps them become balanced and successful adults.  We encourage you to watch the following TEDex and TED talks which share some insightful information about the importance of play, and the ongoing and essential benefits it provides for both adults and children.


Ontem, compartilhamos com as famílias um evento emocionante – The Global Day of Play (GDoP) que será celebrado na Seção Primária LIS na quarta-feira, 7 de fevereiro. Como mencionado em nosso e-mail, o objetivo deste dia é promover o jogo como um maneira importante como seres humanos, todos aprendemos através do jogo, particularmente nas áreas de bem-estar e desenvolvimento social.

Na LIS, valorizamos o desenvolvimento das habilidades acadêmicas e sociais, juntamente com uma série de outras competências que preparam os alunos para o sucesso na idade adulta. A pesquisa está indicando que as crianças têm cada vez menos oportunidades para o jogo auto-regulado. No GDoP, esperamos promover o jogo e proporcionar uma oportunidade para que os alunos desenvolvam a auto-regulação, compreensão das fronteiras, oportunidades para a tomada segura de riscos, colaboração e criatividade; bem como explorar novas formas de interagir com os outros em uma configuração divertida.
A grande proporção de tempo, muitas crianças agora passam na frente das telas e a falta de atividade física e jogo auto-iniciado, está cada vez mais se tornando uma área de preocupação destacada. Como mencionado em nosso e-mail, através do GDoP, estamos promovendo o jogo físico, que não usa telas, pois queremos encorajar oportunidades mais ativas para o jogo entre crianças, com a esperança de que isso se torne parte da vida diária de cada criança.
Atualmente, há pesquisas em crescimento que indicam o significado e a importância de possibilitar as oportunidades de brincar das crianças, o que os ajuda a se tornarem adultos equilibrados e bem-sucedidos. Encorajamos você a assistir as seguintes conversas TEDex e TED que compartilham algumas informações detalhadas sobre a importância do jogo e os benefícios atuais e essenciais que ele oferece para adultos e crianças.

The decline of play – Peter Gray


A manifesto for play, for Bulgaria and beyond – Steve Keil


Play is more than fun – Stuart Brown

You can learn more about the benefits play by visiting the official GSPD website:

FOLSCO- Friends of Luanda’s Street Children Donations

Dear Parents,

While we are fortunate enough to end the year with our loved ones, indulging in nice food, and exchanging gifts, there are children who never get a chance to experience any of this. Children who are parentless, homeless, and vulnerable living on the streets of Luanda.

FOLSCO- Friends of Luanda’s Street Children, is a charity community with the aim to help vulnerable homeless children and orphans in Luanda. Their mission is to raise awareness about street children, connect shelters to companies for funds and financially support the existing shelters through collection of donations and fundraising events. If you would like to find more information about FOLSCO here is the website, .

Last year, LIS students from Yr1 and Yr2 helped FOLSCO to prepare 200 parcels to give out to the homeless street children during their End of the Year Party. We would like to repeat this charitable event this year but expand the fundraiser to include year 3-6 as well. Hopefully we will be able to reach out further and include Shelters and Orphanages who have opened their doors to these children.

We are kindly asking parents and families to donate toothpastes, toothbrushes, soap bars, crayons (pack of 10), and drawing pads and bring them to school from Nov 27- Dec 8. If you are able to also bring plastic or paper ‘gift bags’ that would be very appreciated. Your child’s homeroom teacher will collect the items in the classroom.

The students will be helping to make parcels with the above donated items during the week Dec 11-15. They will use their own initiatives to decorate the parcels and perhaps make cards as well.

We appreciate your contributions and so will these well deserving children.

Kind Regards,
Primary Team


Caros Pais,

Embora tenhamos a sorte de terminar o ano com os nossos entes queridos, com comida agradável e trocando presentes, há crianças que nunca têm a chance de experimentar nada disso. Crianças que vivem sem pais, desabrigadas e vulneráveis nas ruas de Luanda.

FOLSCO – Friends of Luanda’s Street Children, é uma comunidade de caridade com o objetivo de ajudar crianças e órfãos vulneráveis em Luanda. A sua missão é sensibilizar sobre as crianças da rua, conectar abrigos às empresas para obter fundos e apoiar financeiramente os abrigos existentes através da coleta de doações e eventos de angariação de fundos. Se você gostaria de encontrar mais informações sobre o FOLSCO aqui está o site,

No ano passado, os alunos do LIS de Yr1 e Yr2 ajudaram a FOLSCO a preparar 200 parcelas para distribuir as crianças da rua sem residência durante a festa de fim de ano. Gostaríamos de repetir este evento benéfico neste ano, mas expandir a arrecadação de fundos para incluir o ano 3-6 também. Esperemos que possamos chegar mais longe e incluir abrigos e orfanatos que abriram suas portas a essas crianças.

Pedimos aos pais e famílias que dêem pasta de dentes, escovas de dentes, barras de sabão, lápis de cera (pacote de 10) e cadernos e os levem à escola a partir de 27 de novembro a 8 de dezembro. Se você também pode trazer sacos para presentes, de plástico ou papel, seria muito apreciada. O professor da sala de aula da criança coletará os itens na sala de aula.

Os alunos estarão ajudando a fazer parcelas com os itens doados acima durante a semana de 11 a 15 de dezembro. Eles usarão suas próprias iniciativas para decorar as parcelas e talvez também façam cartões.

Agradecemos suas contribuições e certamente as crianças que vão beneficiar também.

Equipe primária


Primary Student Representative Council Dress-up Day

Our Primary Student Representative Council has asked if we could have some ‘Dress-up Days’ during this academic year. Our Primary Leadership Team is happy to accommodate this. As many of our students will already have some costumes organised for Halloween, we will be holding the first of these days this Wednesday, November 1. Sonin boys in costume

Students are welcome to dress-up in a fun costume that they would like to share with others.Costumes can be home made, bought, or whatever, but please remember that the theme is about having fun so the costumes should be respectful and positively focused.

We look forward to enjoying this fun day on Monday.

*** Please note that this is not a Halloween Celebration.


O nosso Conselho de Alunos da Primária perguntou se poderão ter alguns ‘Dress-up Days’ durante este ano lectivo. A equipa de liderança da primária ficou feliz por poder concordar com esta ideia. Como muitos dos nossos alunos já terão alguns trajes já organizados para o Dia das Bruxas, estaremos realizando o primeiro desses dias nesta quarta feira dia 01 de novembro. Sonin boys in costume

Os alunos são convidados a vestirem-se em um traje divertido que eles gostariam de compartilhar com os outros. Trajes podem ser feitos em casa, comprados, ou o que quiserem, mas lembrem-se que o tema é divertido e que os trajes devem ser respeitosos e de espirito positivo.

Estamos ansiosos para desfrutar deste dia de diversão na segunda-feira.

*** Por favor notar que este não é um celebração do Dia das Bruxas.

Year 1-3 Athletics Day Time Change

Dear Parents,

Apologies for yet another change.

Please note another change to the scheduling for the Years 1-3 Athletics Day on October 24.

To avoid the hot weather, the  Athletics Day we will now be scheduled to start at 8:15am and will be finished by 9:45am.

Thank you for adjusting your diaries/calendars accordingly.

Kind regards,

The Primary Team


Caros pais,

Desculpas por mais uma mudança.

Por favor, note outra alteração na programação do Dia de Atletismo dos Anos 1-3 em 24 de outubro.

Para evitar o clima quente, o Dia do Atletismo agora será programado para começar às 8h15 e será concluído às 9h45.

Obrigado por ajustar seus diários / calendários de acordo.


A Equipa Primária

Important Notice Regarding Date Changes for Events

We would like to inform you of some changes to the LIS Primary Calendar for our next round of Conferences and our Years 1-3 Athletics Day. Both of these events are scheduled for October in the first week following the mid-semester break.

Please note the NEW dates that come with these changes:


  • Athletics Day – Years 1-3 – Tuesday October 24 – 10:15am -12:30pm


  • Primary Parent Teacher (Prep 3, 4 and Year 1) and Three-way Conferences (Years 1-6) – the afternoon  of October 26 and morning of October 27.


Both events have now been updated on the Veracross Calendar and on the Athletics Day date has been changed on the Primary Blog.

We will be advising of further details in due course. Thank you for making the appropriate changes to your calendars and diaries.



Gostaríamos de informá-lo sobre algumas mudanças no Calendário da primária da LIS para a próxima rodada de conferências e dias de atletismo para os anos 1-3. Ambos os eventos estão agendados para outubro na primeira semana após o intervalo de meio-semestre.


Observe as NOVAS datas que acompanham essas mudanças:


  • Dia do Atletismo– Anos 1-3 – Terça-feira 24 de outubro – 10:15 am -12: 30pm


  • Reunião de Pais com Professores da Primária(Preparação 3, 4 e Ano 1) e Conferências de três vias (Anos 1-6) – a tarde de 26 de outubro e a manhã de 27 de outubro.


Ambos os eventos foram atualizados no Calendário Veracross e na data do Dia do Atletismo foi alterada no Blog Primário.

Aconselhamos mais detalhes no devido tempo. Obrigado por fazer as mudanças apropriadas em seus calendários e diários.


‘Primary PE & Aquatics Events Schedule’ for 2017-2018


Dear Parents,

We would like to advise you about our annual ‘Primary PE & Aquatics Events Schedule’ for 2017-2018.

During these events, we hope to see as many parents as possible, coming along to celebrate their child’s learning and enjoy watching your child apply the skills they have worked on during their PE & Aquatics Units.

As usual the focus will be on the students participation, being part of a team and building the LIS spirit.

Please take a look on the following dates and add them to your calendars:



Estimados pais,

Gostaríamos de informar-vos sobre o nosso “Calendário de eventos de PE e aquáticos da primária” para 2017-2018.

Durante estes eventos, esperamos ver o maior número de pais possível para celebrar a aprendizagem do seu filho e ver o seu filho a demostrar as habilidades que eles têm trabalhado durante suas unidades de PE e aquáticas.

Como de costume, o foco será sobre a participação dos alunos, fazendo parte de uma equipe e participar no espírito da LISA.

Por favor, dê uma olhada nas seguintes datas e adicione-as aos seus calendários:


Event Name Year Levels Gives you Times Venue
Athletics Day Yrs 4, 5 & 6 September 21 10: 15-12: 30 LIS Field
Olympics Day Years 1-11 October 3 To Be Advised LIS Field
Athletics Day Yrs 1,2 & 3 October 24 10: 15-12: 30 LIS Field
Primary PE Assembly Cancelled
Aquatics Expo ELC April 23 10: 20-12: 15 LIS Pool
Aquatics Expo Yrs 1,2 & 3 April 24 10: 20-12: 15 LIS Pool
Aquatics Expo Yrs 4, 5 & 6 April 25 10: 20-12: 15 LIS Pool
ELC Mini Sports Day Prep 3 & Prep 4 May 17 8: 15-9: 45 LIS Field


Dear Parents,

We would like to advise you of our schedule of Primary and Whole School Coffee Morning and some important events for the 2017-18 academic year.

Of particular interest, is our first Coffee Morning that will be held this coming Wednesday, August 30th in the ELC Great Room (8:15- 9:30am). The title of this Coffee Morning is ‘Learning Through Play in the ELC’.

We look forward to welcoming you at this event and the others listed below throughout the year.

Kind regards,

The Primary Leadership Team


Queridos pais,

Gostaríamos de informar-vos sobre a nossa agenda da reunião manhã de café da primaria e de toda a escola e alguns eventos importantes para o ano lectivo de 2017-18.

De particular interesse, é a nossa primeira manhã de café que será realizada nesta quarta-feira, 30 de agosto, na Sala Grande do ELC (8:15- 9:30am). O título deste manhã de café é ‘Aprender através da brincadeira’.

Estamos ansiosos por receber-vos neste evento e os outros listados abaixo ao longo do ano.


A Equipe de Liderança Primária


Month/Day Primary Whole School
August 2017 Learning through Play in ELC

Wednesday 30th August

ELC Great Room

8:15- 9:30am

ELC parents

September 2017 What is the PYP? (English)

Including some classroom visits

Room 6A

Wednesday 13th September

8:15- 9:30am

(including Veracross update)


What is the PYP? (Portuguese)

Including some classroom visits

Room 6A

Wednesday 27th September

8:15- 9:30am

(including Veracross update)

October 2017 Supporting Your Yr 1 & 2 Child’s

Reading & Writing Development

Room 6A

Wednesday 11th October

8:15 – 9:30am

Language Learning and Language Policy Launch

Wednesday 4th October

Room 6A



November 2017 Supporting your child using Mathematics Strategies Yrs 1-6

Room 6A

Wednesday 15th November

8:15 – 9:30am


The Importance of

Mother Language (Bilingual)

Thursday 30th November

Room 6A


Child Protection for Parents

Room 6A

Wednesday November 8


December 2017 —– —–
January 2018 ‘Whole School New Parent Welcome’

Coffee Morning

Monday 8th January

Room 6A

8:30 – 9:15am

The ‘IB Learner Profile’

ELC Great Room

Cross Programme PYP, MYP &DP

Wednesday 24th January

8:15 – 9:30am

February 2018 Primary Update Coffee Morning

ELC Great Room

Wednesday 21st February

8:15 – 9:30am

Digital Citizenship Coffee Morning

Year 5 and upwards

Friday 2 February

March 2018 Coffee Morning ‘Action in the PYP – Choose, Act, Reflect’

Room 6A

Thursday 15th March

8:15 – 9:30am

April 2018 Primary Update Coffee Morning

(including Transitions)

Room 6A

Wednesday 25th April

8:15 – 9:30am

May 2018 Parent ‘Thank You’

Coffee Morning

ELC Great Room

Thursday 24th May

8:15 – 9:30am


Year 6 PYP Exhibition

Community Invitation Event

Wednesday 30th May

9:30 – 11:30am


Year 6 PYP Exhibition

Family Invitation Event

Thursday 31st May


Transition for Families

Friday 18 May

Time and venue to be advised

June 2018 Year 6 Completion Assembly

Wednesday 6th June

2:00 – 3:00pm