Family Reading Night – April 18, 2018: Family Reading Night, Wednesday, April 18

A celebration of super readers – Family Reading Night, Wednesday 18 April

The Library was filled with super readers enjoying fantastic stories read to them by our super teachers. After listening to the different stories, the super children then borrowed books from the Primary Library.

Not only did we have a great time during Family Reading Night, but thanks to our generous super families, we collected quite a few donations for the children from Casa das Criancas.

Ms Bronny and Ms Anton

Ms Bronny and Ms Anton
Celebrar os super leitores: Noite de Leitura em Família, Quarta-feira, 18 de Abril
A Biblioteca encheu-se de super leitores encantados com as fantásticas histórias contadas pelos super professores da LIS. Depois de ouvirem várias histórias, as super crianças tiveram oportunidade de escolher livros da biblioteca da Primária para levar para casa.
A Noite de Leitura em Família foi não só super divertida, mas também, graças às nossas generosas super famílias, bastante proveitosa, pois recebemos muitos donativos que serão entregues à Casa das Crianças.
Ms Bronny e Ms Anton

Update on Family Reading Night

A big thank you to all those who have signed up to attend Family Reading Night on Wednesday 18th April, 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Spaces for this event were limited and the sign-up sheet is now closed.

Please note, if you signed up to attend Family Reading Night, then you should have received an email confirming your attendance. Please look for the confirmation email as you will be asked for your name at the door so we can check you into the event. We’ll also be collecting your donation of any of the following items for the children from Cass das Crianças: Portuguese language books for children or teens to read; stationery; toothbrushes & toothpaste; gently used clean clothing; gently used clean shoes; or baby formula & diapers.

If you have any questions or did not receive the confirmation email, then please email

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up in something super!

Ms Bronny and Ms Anton.


Atualização sobre a Noite de Leitura Para Famílias

Gostaríamos de agradecer às famílias que se inscreveram para a Noite de Leitura Para Famílias na quarta-feira dia 18 de abril das 18:30 às 19:30. A participação neste evento é limitada e as inscrições já estão fechadas.

Por favor, tome nota de que se já se inscreveu para participar na Noite de Leitura Para Famílias, deverá ter recebido um email de confirmação. Por favor, certifique-se de que tem o email de confirmação, pois o seu nome será pedido na noite do evento. Nessa mesma noite, também estaremos a recolher os seus donativos sob a forma de livros em Português para crianças ou adolescentes; artigos de papelaria; escovas e pastas de dentes; roupas usadas em bom estado; sapatos usados em bom estado; assim como leite para bebés e fraldas. Este donativos reverterão para as crianças da Casa das Crianças.  

Caso tenha alguma dúvida ou não tenha recebido o email de confirmação, por favor envie um email para

Estaremos à espera de ver todos vestidos com algo super!

Ms Bronny and Ms Anton

*Images from: Greene County Public Library. “Kids’ Summer Reading Program 2015.” Greene County Public Library, 15 May 2015, Accessed 14 Mar. 2018.

Student Led Conferences

This is one of the highlights of the Primary Years Programme calendar. Our students fully embrace the opportunity to share their learning with their families with passion and enthusiasm. Below are some photos and quotes that clearly show the success of this exciting process for the learners, their families and our teachers. Thank you for your support.

Year 6
“We are proud of his development in general and that he is able to make his thinking visible.”  – Parent
“I noticed that my child can confidently explain the learning and learning process”. – Parent
“I used to think that school was about math and reading. Now I think that school is a very interesting and fun place to actually explore your full potential.” – Parent
“I wonder if he can continue in the IB program in the future. I would like it too!” – Parent

Year 5
“I liked sharing my knowledge with my parents and show what I’m proud of. I was organized and followed my plan.” – Student
“They learnt that I am a great inquirer and that I can read and write well and maturely. I told my dad about my skills and my values as a learner.” – Student 
I was a good communicator because I explained in English and Spanish. – Student 

Year 4
” I really enjoyed the conference and the way you explained to me all your work. I especially liked to learn all the math techniques you have been learning, they are new for me! You did a great job” – Parent
“She is interested, happy and confident when sharing her learning.  She sees everything in a very positive way.” – Parent
“I really enjoyed it when I showed my work to my mom and she also enjoyed it. My favorite part was when I went to music with my mom.” – Student 

Year 3
“I am very proud of you for attempting big challenges.  You are a very special person and I love you to the moon and back.” – Parent
“Today it was wonderful to come to your class and have you share so many things that you are learning.  I loved how excited you were at every station.  You are also a very good teacher as you explained strategies, gave instructions and helped us to manage time.  Thank you very much for sharing at your SLC!” – Parent

Year 2
“She has learned many things about where she comes from and how it has helped form who she is.” – Parent
“Such a great idea to have her lead the conference, I wish other schools did this.” – Parent
“We liked that the student takes the lead and we could so clearly see his progress” – Parent

Year 1
“I will give my daughter more autonomy. I noticed and saw that other parents give more autonomy to their children.” – Parent
“I loved seeing how this school offers my daughter the chance to be creative.’ .” – Parent

Thank you and congratulations! I was most impressed with the tone of the day – a tone of celebration, recognition, and growth.

Love and Logic Parenting Course – April/May 2018




Dear Parents,

Would you like to learn how to:

• Avoid unwinnable power struggles and arguments with your children
• Stay calm when your children do incredibly upsetting things
• Set enforceable limits for your children
• Empower your children to take greater responsibility
• Help your children learn from mistakes rather than repeating them
• Raise children who are positive and contributing family members

We are very pleased to announce that Luanda International School will be hosting our fifth ‘Parenting the Love and Logic Way’ course over the coming weeks. These interesting and informative sessions will allow parents to learn techniques that will not only allow them to develop close and loving relationships with their children, but also help their children to grow into positive young people who are able to get along with others and accept responsibility for their actions.

Love and Logic is not a ‘set in concrete’ or ‘step by step’ method of parenting. Instead, the course teaches parents some ‘practical’ and ‘time-proven’ skills that parents can try with their children. These skills can easily adapt to your own parenting style and help develop and maintain positive relationships between children and their parents. The skills have been very successful for many years throughout the world and we hope that you will be able to gain from the benefits they bring to families.

A further benefit in knowing about ‘Love and Logic’ is that our own Primary Section teaching staff have also received Love and Logic training so there will be some real connection between what the parents learn and some of the strategies used in the classrooms. Research tells us that a consistent approach between the home and school is always beneficial to children, so we are very pleased to be giving our parents the opportunity to learn about these useful parenting skills.

The Love and Logic Course will run for 6 morning sessions. The will be presented by the Primary Leadership Team.

The course will include videos presented by the creators of Love and Logic, readings, activities and discussions on the coursework. Each session will run for just under two hours and will teach a new Love and Logic skill each time.

*** Please note that at this stage, we are only able to offer the course in English.

We encourage the participants to attend all 6 sessions of the course in order to gain maximum value. Snacks and coffee/tea will be provided before and during the sessions.

Here are the dates and times for sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday, April 10 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Session 2: Tuesday, April 17 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Session 3: Tuesday, April 24 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Session 4: Tuesday, May 8 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Session 5: Tuesday, May 15 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Session 6: Tuesday, May 22 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

All sessions will be held at LIS Primary Meeting Room (6A – Yellow Building).

*** Please note that we will need at least ten participants to run the course.

As part of the course, parents will receive and use a course handbook which can be kept for future reference by the participant at the end of the course.

As we will be offering just 30 spaces in this course, please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. To register your interest in attending the course please click on this link.

If you would like to get a head start or find out more about Love and Logic you can visit their website at

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Chris Boreham, Primary Principal at

Kind regards,




Caros Pais,

Gostariam de aprender a:

• Evitar discussões com os seus filhos ou lutas de poder de onde ninguém sai vencedor?
• Ficar calmo quando os seus filhos fazem coisas incrivelmente perturbadoras?
• Estabelecer limites exequíveis para os seus filhos?
• Dar aos seus filhos o poder de assumir mais responsabilidade?
• Ajudar os seus filhos a aprender com os erros que fazem em vez de os repetir?
• Educar crianças positivas e que contribuem para o bem estar da família?

É com muito prazer que anunciamos que a Escola Internacional de Luanda vai organizar o quinto curso de “Competências parentais no caminho do Amor e Lógica”, ao longo das próximas semanas. Estas sessões informativas e de grande interesse irão permitir aos pais aprender técnicas que não só desenvolvem a relação de proximidade e carinho com os seus filhos, mas também ensina a ajudar as crianças a tornarem-se jovens adultos capazes de se relacionar com todos, aceitando a responsabilidade pelas suas acções.

O Amor e Lógica não é um método que ensina a ser pai/mãe segundo princípios dogmáticos, nem se trata de um guia a seguir passo a passo. O que o curso ensina são algumas competências “práticas” e “comprovadas” que os pais podem experimentar com os seus filhos. Estas competências podem facilmente ser adaptadas ao seu próprio estilo educativo, e ajudam a desenvolver e manter uma relação positiva entre pais e filhos. São competências que já demonstraram ter sucesso em todo o mundo desde há muitos anos, e esperamos que também vocês possam colher os benefícios que elas trazem às famílias.

Uma outra vantagem de conhecer o Amor e Lógica é o facto de a nossa própria equipa docente da Secção Primária estar também envolvida no processo de treino com Amor e Lógica; assim, existe uma ligação real entre o que os pais aprendem e algumas estratégias que são empregues regularmente nas salas de aula. Os estudos demonstram que procedimentos praticados consistentemente em casa e na escola são sempre vantajosos para as crianças, portanto estamos muito satisfeitos por poder dar aos pais a oportunidade de aprender mais acerca destas competências parentais tão úteis.

O Curso de Amor e Lógica será executado por 6 sessões matutinas. A equipe de liderança primária será apresentada.

Ao longo do curso, iremos visionar alguns vídeos apresentados pelos criadores do Amor e Lógica, faremos leituras, actividades e discussões sobre os assuntos trabalhados. Cada sessão tem uma duração de aproximadamente 2 horas, e trabalha uma competência de Amor e Lógica de cada vez.

***Por favor note que nesta fase só podemos oferecer este curso em Inglês.

Aconselhamos os participantes a assistir às 6 sessões do curso, de forma a tirar o maior partido da experiência. Teremos chá/ café e snacks à disposição antes e durante todas as sessões.

Veja em seguida as datas e horários das sessões:

Sessão 1: terça-feira, 10 de abril 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Sessão 2: terça-feira, 17 de abril 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Sessão 3: terça-feira, 24 de abril 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Sessão 4: terça-feira 8 de maio 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Sessão 5: terça-feira, 15 de maio 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Sessão 6: terça-feira, 22 de maio 8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

As sessões realizam-se na Sala de Reuniões da Primária (6A- Predio Amarelo)

*** Por favor, note que precisamos de pelo menos dez participantes para executar o curso.

O curso inclui, como material de apoio, um manual prático que pode ser conservado e usado para futuras referências pelos participantes no final do curso.

Vamos abrir apenas 30 vagas para este curso, por isso inscreva-se por favor o mais depressa possível antes que a lotação fique esgotada. Para registrar seu interesse em participar do curso, clique neste link.

Se quiser adiantar-se no programa e saber mais sobre o Amor e Lógica, visite o website

Se tiver alguma dúvida ou questão, por favor contacte o Director da Primária, Mr Chris Boreham, através do email



Coping with Stress for Kids – workshop for Parents

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a visit from Gerald Maidens a qualified paediatric Occupational Therapist from South Africa on Monday 12 March.

Gerald will be running workshops throughout the day and we have included a workshop for parents.

Coping with Stress for Kids’ – stress and anxiety, helping our kids to cope with pressure and demands. This workshop will be at 8:15-9:45 am in Room 6A and we are requesting that interested families sign up in the Primary Office or email Teresa our Primary Secretary at .


I am Gerald Maidens, a qualified paediatric Occupational Therapist with 19 years clinical experience. I work at a couple of schools as an O.T. but my main job is as a Specialist Facilitator with Sensory Intelligence.

Sensory intelligence offers practical teacher and parent workshops for schools and educational organisations. We focus on the value of the senses towards achieving focus and learning for children.

Our workshops are facilitated by dedicated and passionate professionals with extensive knowledge of child development, learning and sensory processing. Rethink the way we learn is important to us – we believe the 21st-century learning environment needs easy, simple and effective tools to optimise classrooms and get the best out of learners. What we offer is of particular benefit to schools to assist with training teachers and developing growing and continual relationships with them will go a long way to ensuring more effective and lasting education to the children in their care.

This is an excellent opportunity for families and we are sure that the workshop will offer practical and thoughtful learning about how to support your children.

***Please note – this workshop is only able to be presented in English.

Updated Lost Property Procedures at LIS

Dear Parents,

Recently the school reviewed its Lost Property Procedures to make them more efficient and to make it easier for all to find lost items. We ask that you please make yourself familiar with our new Lost Property Procedures by clicking here.

Homeroom teachers will be sharing these guidelines with the students so that they understand them too. Unfortunately, many of the items collected around the school do not have names and are never claimed. Therefore, we would like to remind you of the importance of naming all items (especially water bottles, lunch boxes/bags, clothes, aquatics kit etc). The guidelines are also permanently available on the Primary Blog on the ‘Primary Section Information/Further Information’ link.

Kind regards,

Chris Boreham
Primary Principal


Caros Pais,

A LIS procedeu recentemente à revisão dos Procedimentos de Perdidos e Achados, para tornar mais fácil e eficiente o processo de reaver artigos pessoais perdidos na escola. Convidamos todos os pais a conhecer as novas medidas de Perdidos e Achados, que se encontram disponíveis para consulta aqui.

Os professores de Homeroom vão também falar sobre estas orientações com os alunos durante o período de aulas, para que fiquem todos esclarecidos.Infelizmente, muitos dos artigos que são encontrados na escola não têm etiqueta com identificação do proprietário, e não são reclamados. Por isso, queremos relembrar a todos a importância de identificar os pertences de cada aluno (sobretudo garrafas de água, lancheiras, marmitas, roupas, equipamentos de natação, etc.). As orientações de Perdidos e Achados podem igualmente ser consultadas em qualquer altura, através do Blog da Primária, clicando no link de ‘Primary Section Information/Further Information’.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,

Chris Boreham
Diretor Primária

Global Day of Play Teacher Reflections

Yesterday we celebrated in The Global Day of Play (GDoP) in the Primary Section of the school. As mentioned in our previous post and email, the purpose of this day is to promote play as an important way we as humans, all learn through play, particularly in the areas of well-being and social development.

At LIS we highly value the development of both academic and social skills, along with a range of other competencies that prepare students for success in adulthood. Research is indicating that children have increasingly fewer opportunities for self-regulated play. On the GDoP, we hope to promote play and provide and an opportunity for students to further develop self-regulation, an understanding of boundaries, opportunities for safe risk-taking, collaboration and creativity; as well as exploring new ways to interact with others in a playful setting.

Of course the students had a great day, but what did we learn? We asked our teachers to share some of their observations from the day and wanted share these with you. Please read on…

I observed two Year 2 students playing together in the music room. They collected a large variety of instruments (“Let’s get as many instruments as we can!” I heard them say.), and they started to make a band together. They organized their music very logically in that each instrument represented a country and that whenever one of the students hit the gong the students chose a different instrument to play. After they had recorded their song on one of the Ipads one of the students said “Let’s make a dance to accompany our music!!” and they did! It was great to see two students working in such harmony and creating without any prompting or feedback from a teacher. They were creating for the pure joy of creating. 

A transcript of an observed student discussion:

“Yea, you can play with us.”
“No problem. You can use my scooter.”
“Can I show you how to use it?”

When I was supervising the indoor play in Year 5, I was amazed by how students were making connections with their buddies from another class. So witnessing how well Year 5 students played with Year 1, made me think that when we give an opportunity like that to have a play day, students make their own choices to take care of others. That was a true inspiration to me and the evidence of how our students live the Learner Profile attributes.  It took some time for some students to find the way to socialize with others, which was a good learning experience for me to see which skills need to be developed.  

Many students from Years 1 and 2 explored the Upper Primary visual arts classroom. It was exciting and inspiring to see older students showing the younger students how to use art materials and teaching them new art skills. Many of the projects that students created were collaborative.

I observed a few Prep 4 students who rarely play together, collaborate to build a race track that one of the children bought into school. The children united under a common interest and communicated their ideas on how to accomplish the task. The children seemed to make use of the uninterrupted time as they worked on various aspects of the racetrack throughout the day.

Year 4 teachers noticed the ease and confidence with which students independently transitioned to different areas/games. Our students commented on how the best part of the day was when they played with their younger siblings and friends from other year levels in different spaces around the school.

In the library yesterday I observed 2 Year one boys reading together.  Neither has English as their home language OR each other’s language as their home language.  But they were cracking each other up reading the book together, enjoying the funny characters and making their own “story” happen.  It was so cool to see.  And not an adult around them.  They were there completely wrapped up in their story for 20 minutes.

In the ELC, the day did not look very different from our normal format. However, all of the children brought toys from home, which is not usual, and I noticed that there was not one incidence of arguing, snatching toys or mistreatment of the belongings of others. The children were very respectful of their
friends’ toys and I observed lots of sharing and communication regarding the toys and their function or where they were obtained. It was a lovely day with unexpected results!