Matt Glover Visit

It was an exciting week as Matt Glover, an author and educational expert shared his knowledge about children’s writing with our whole community. Teachers explored writers workshop techniques and approaches with Matt and then observed him taking lessons about writing. The students enjoyed his inspiring ways of making writing a stimulating process. Our assistants had an afternoon with him where he unpacked supporting writing strategies. At the Thursday coffee morning for parents which was extremely well attended with approx. 70 people, Matt gave a presentation that examined the stages of writing and about honoring these stages.
It was a wonderful week and an enormous stimulus for teachers to further develop both their skills and understanding of Writers Workshops and we look forward to his return next year.

End of Academic Year

On behalf of all the Primary School we would like to wish all our departing families well and hope their next adventure is exciting. Enjoy and keep smiling.

Thank you to all our community for the continued support we received throughout the year. We have a special school and would like to acknowledge the part you all play in making it a place of thriving learning and opportunities.

The school remains open throughout the holiday period except for the week of  June 18-22
Have a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in August.

Primary Leadership Team
Chris, Rose, Alison and Aisia

Primary Busking Day Supports Angola Rescue-MUSA

On Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, the Primary student council organised a Busking day event which had children from Year 3 to Year 6 showcase their talents along the LIS pathways. The kids planned practised and performed to the other kids and teachers and it was such a great day. We raised Kz 94,478 and thanked everyone for their generous contributions. The student reps decided to support an organisation called Angola Rescue-MUSA (Mães Unidas e Solidárias em Angola) who cook three meals a day plus a snack for the sick children at the David Bernadino Pedriata Hospital (Maria Pia) in Mainga area. We used the money to buy a snack for each of the 400 children. On Sunday 3rd June, these were delivered to the hospital and each child received a banana and a small packet of milk.

In addition to this, the students in Year 4 were inquiring into food security and after a great presentation from the MUSA guest speakers, Ms Suse and Mr. Pedro, we took action to do chores in exchange for dried foods and money. We collected 10 boxes of a variety of food and Kz21,522. So the Year 4 gave this money to the student council and together Kz116, 000 was collected and we bought 456 bananas and 456 milk for the sick children.

Thank you to everyone for putting smiles on the children’s faces.

Sofia Qi-President for the Primary Student Council
Ainsley Swiger-Vice President for Primary Student Council
Antonio Gouvea-Year 4 representative and Primary Student Council Treasurer


All our leaving students were able to participate in a transition workshop last week, with Ms Jasmine the counsellor at primary.  During the workshop, students could talk about their mixed feelings about leaving and also have time to remember the good things that they are going to take with them: memories, friendships and mostly the positive relationships they’ve built at school.

Years 1- 3  created a “dream-catcher” with collage where they could stick the images that catch their feelings and memories about Angola, and also the good things they will find in their new place.  Some keywords were attached to it like: remember, friends, good-bye, new beginning…

It was a wonderful sharing moment among students.

Year 4 to 6 decorated a paper bag with collage. It was a fun activity where they could stick the images that match their feelings and memories about Angola, along with the good things they will find in their new place.  Many of them wrote warm memories about Angola to put inside their bag as well including words about their friendships, activities or learning experiences they had at school.

Again it was very positive sharing experience for students.

LIS PYP Exhibition Festival 2018

The Exhibition is the culminating event for the Primary Years Programme. Students draw on their learning from all of their primary years to engage in collaborative inquiries into issues or topics of importance to them. Students then present and share their learning with the school community in a range of ways that highlight their own strengths or interests.

This year the overarching central idea for the Exhibition was ‘Passion, purpose and curiosity inspire us to lead and take action’. Accordingly, over the past eight weeks of the Exhibition unit of inquiry, Year 6 students have inquired into a passion or curiosity and have identified a purpose in their actions.

The staging of the Exhibition this year was held on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st May. Presented in a ‘gallery’ style, the audience had the opportunity to wander around, view artefacts, art installations, and videos, and have in-depth discussions with students. There were also a series of exhibits that demonstrated the learning process, including a timeline, reflection board, collaboration wall and a collaborative art piece.

On the evening of Thursday 31st May, Year 6 students shared their learning with their parents, staff and board members, during the ‘official’ staging event. This wonderful demonstration and celebration of learning showcased conceptual artefacts including models and artwork, writing pieces, and videos. Students spoke with confidence and pride as they shared their learning journey. The evening ended with energetic and inspiring performances including dance and singing.

Africa Day

Africa Day, 25 May, was a wonderful celebration which included a Theatre group visiting our school to share storytelling. Pim Pan Pum is a local group of artists who wove their magic with two African tales. This, in amongst the amazing colours that splashed into our day from many teachers and students who wore African clothing was all part of great celebration.

ELC Mini Sports Day

On Thursday, May 17th, a special event took place on the field in which prep 3 and prep 4 students worked as a team, enjoyed the fun activities and games throughout different adventure challenge stations.

Here is what a few of the participants thought
“I liked running to wear and take-off the vest” (Ginevra and Albara – prep 4.2).
“I enjoyed throwing the ball into the basket hoop and collect beanbags” (Leticia, Angel and Janessa – prep 4.2).
“I enjoyed the yoga pose station” (Jamenson – prep 3.2).

And here are a few reflections from parents
Well done! thanks for making it so special for the kids.
You guys continually impress me with your teamwork.
Thanks for a fun action-packed morning.

Silent Auction Update

The celebrated Silent Auction raised funds of 814,000KWZ which will be divided between the Kambamba School Project and the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project.
We would like to thank the community for their support and the wonderful student artists who created the fabulous pieces of artwork.