Float or Sink?

This week we wrapped up our map and country of origin exploration. The children taught each other greetings in various languages and we researched questions the children asked about different countries. It was perfect given International Day is tomorrow.

Many children were interested in the amount of water they observed on the map and some wondered if boats “go across the whole water” to get from point a to point b. After researching different types of boats the children were challenged to create a boat that could float from legos. The task was not as easy as they thought. The children  revised their boats multiple time as they worked to create buoyancy, it was an excellent exercise in problem solving skills. Later in the week the children collected items from the classroom and predicted if it would sink or float, we tested the objects to observe the results. Lastly the children reflected on if the items floated or sunk and why.

This week our buddies visited us and brought stories to read.

Have a good weekend.



We are exploring the different origins as a way to help us understand our similarities and differences. We have been doing lots of work with our world map and the children are inquiring into the concept of distances, climates, and sizes of various countries.

If you have any artifacts, photos, or are able to prepare a traditional small snack from your home country please do send them in.

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Family Study

This week we began our family study. The children reflected on how they spend time with their families and we discussed how each person’s family is unique. Through our inquiry a few children noted that their families, or their parents have come from different places. The children began finding their origins on a map, we will continue to investigate this strand next week.


As the children shared their family portraits they worked on presentation and communication skills. The audience proved to be good listeners who are beginning to formulate well-thought-out questions for the presenter.  To support us is comparing the similarities and differences of each family we started working on our bar graph depicting the number of people in each family.

*Please remember this is a long weekend. School will reopen for students on Wednesday.

**** If anyone has a picture or artifact from your home country please let me know. It would be very helpful to our investigation.

Continued Explorations into Ourselves.

We are continuing to explore the ways in which we are similar to and different from others. This week we realized that we are all the same age, however we are different sizes. We spent the week measuring each other and comparing our heights.

We also took our fingerprints and compared it to others. We observed that all of the common patterns of fingerprints were represented in our classroom. Upon closer look we realized that fingerprints are unique and make us special.

We had our first visit from our buddy class (Year 3). The children were very excited to have them visit. We look forward to a great year working with them.


How am I Special?

This week we began our first unit and began unpacking our central idea: knowing how we are similar to and different from others helps shape our understanding of self . One of our guiding questions this week is “What makes me special?” The children were encouraged to reflect and share on a few differences they have noticed as they worked with their peers. The children made observations such as “our colors (skin tones), some are boys and some are girls,  and different languages.” During one story time the children were read “Shades of People” by Shelley Rotner to support the benefits of diversity and encourage the children to look beyond obvious differences. After being traced, the children began working on their body portraits. As part of the project each child had to combine various colors of paints to find their special skin shade. Most children were very determined to continue mixing paints until they created a shade that resembled themselves. We will continue focusing on both similarities and differences next week.

We began our weekly observational drawing. This week, we focused on a plant. During the drawing the children are encouraged to slow down and take time to observe the object, pay attention to detail, describe what they notice and attempt to replicate the shapes, patterns, and colors in their work. It is also a great way to get the children to draw.

If you have not sent a family photo please remember to do so.

Blankets will be sent home each Friday to be washed. Please do not forget to return them on Monday.

Lastly, it was wonderful connecting with the families on Friday, I learned a lot. It’s going to be a good school year.


Week 2

The children enjoyed a lovely second week of transition. This week we continued learning a few new routines and setting up the environment prior to starting out new unit of inquiry next week.

Kindly be reminded that there is no school for students on September 1st. Mrs. Zinnia and I look forward to connecting with you at the meetings.

If you have not done so, please email an updated family photo as it will be used in our first unit.

Kindly be reminded of the updated pick-up and drop off guidelines,  there will no longer be a sign-out sheet. If your child will be picked up by someone new or another caregiver please do let me know.

Lastly, please send a small blanket and pillow for our quiet time. Quiet time lasts for 30 minutes everyday after lunch.

Kind regards,

Ms. Che’te

Welcome Back!

Ms. Zinha and I are thrilled to welcome back the old prep 3.2 group! We look forward to a fantastic school year. The children seemed to have a relaxing transition back to school as they caught up with friends and enjoyed their new classroom.

This week, the children worked on their friendship tree and had a discussion about the ways they could contribute as a productive member of the classroom. During another meeting the children brainstormed a few ideas to add to our classroom essential agreement (similar to rules) each child was encouraged to share one thing they would like to see happen in order to help them learn, feel safe, feel and feel happy. The children came up with wonderful ideas such as “be nice, share, don’t hit/push, don’t break someone’s legos, listen to Ms. Che’te”. The children did a wonderful job coming up with expectations, I hope they remember to follow them 🙂

The children were eager be responsible in the classroom and we started classroom job rotations. After writing their names on cards the children’s names were added to the board. We currently have jobs as a botanist, mathematician, classroom monitor, table washer, line leader, and caboose. We will add more jobs as they become necessary. If possible allow children to have a “job” at home to encourage responsibility, and sense of accomplishment.

Kindly be reminded that children can only bring water to school for snack and lunch. Also, please do not send chocolate.

Thank you! Have a lovely weekend.