Float or Sink?

This week we wrapped up our map and country of origin exploration. The children taught each other greetings in various languages and we researched questions the children asked about different countries. It was perfect given International Day is tomorrow.

Many children were interested in the amount of water they observed on the map and some wondered if boats “go across the whole water” to get from point a to point b. After researching different types of boats the children were challenged to create a boat that could float from legos. The task was not as easy as they thought. The children ┬árevised their boats multiple time as they worked to create buoyancy, it was an excellent exercise in problem solving skills. Later in the week the children collected items from the classroom and predicted if it would sink or float, we tested the objects to observe the results. Lastly the children reflected on if the items floated or sunk and why.

This week our buddies visited us and brought stories to read.

Have a good weekend.


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