How am I Special?

This week we began our first unit and began unpacking our central idea: knowing how we are similar to and different from others helps shape our understanding of self . One of our guiding questions this week is “What makes me special?” The children were encouraged to reflect and share on a few differences they have noticed as they worked with their peers. The children made observations such as “our colors (skin tones), some are boys and some are girls,  and different languages.” During one story time the children were read “Shades of People” by Shelley Rotner to support the benefits of diversity and encourage the children to look beyond obvious differences. After being traced, the children began working on their body portraits. As part of the project each child had to combine various colors of paints to find their special skin shade. Most children were very determined to continue mixing paints until they created a shade that resembled themselves. We will continue focusing on both similarities and differences next week.

We began our weekly observational drawing. This week, we focused on a plant. During the drawing the children are encouraged to slow down and take time to observe the object, pay attention to detail, describe what they notice and attempt to replicate the shapes, patterns, and colors in their work. It is also a great way to get the children to draw.

If you have not sent a family photo please remember to do so.

Blankets will be sent home each Friday to be washed. Please do not forget to return them on Monday.

Lastly, it was wonderful connecting with the families on Friday, I learned a lot. It’s going to be a good school year.


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