Welcome Back!

Ms. Zinha and I are thrilled to welcome back the old prep 3.2 group! We look forward to a fantastic school year. The children seemed to have a relaxing transition back to school as they caught up with friends and enjoyed their new classroom.

This week, the children worked on their friendship tree and had a discussion about the ways they could contribute as a productive member of the classroom. During another meeting the children brainstormed a few ideas to add to our classroom essential agreement (similar to rules) each child was encouraged to share one thing they would like to see happen in order to help them learn, feel safe, feel and feel happy. The children came up with wonderful ideas such as “be nice, share, don’t hit/push, don’t break someone’s legos, listen to Ms. Che’te”. The children did a wonderful job coming up with expectations, I hope they remember to follow them ­čÖé

The children were eager be responsible in the classroom and we started classroom job rotations. After writing their names on cards┬áthe children’s names were added to the board. We currently have jobs as a botanist, mathematician, classroom monitor, table washer, line leader, and caboose. We will add more jobs as they become necessary. If possible allow children to have a “job” at home to encourage responsibility, and sense of accomplishment.

Kindly be reminded that children can only bring water to school for snack and lunch. Also, please do not send chocolate.

Thank you! Have a lovely weekend.


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