After using their imagination to come up with an idea they wanted to portray through a clay sculpture year 4.3 visited prep 4.3 to help add details and extend their thinking to the projects. We have been spending a great deal of time focusing on how using imagination can lead to being creative and unique in the expression of ideas and feelings.


After researching artists who create are through unconventional methods and reading “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” by Karen Beaumont the class decided they would use their feet to create a collaborative painting. Almost everyone loved it, as they reflected one student noted “We are kids! We can always be messy when we are creative!”

We are continuing to express ideas and stories through drama. The children made puppets and use the theatre to perform fairly tales and their original stories.

As the children continued to explore famous artists they created Mondrain

inspired abstract art.




This week we began exploring music and reviewing how art evokes or expresses different feelings.

Ms. Jasmine came in to share Angolan dance history. She led us through a creative movement session and taught us basic traditional dance steps.

Later in the week we listened to different genres of music and expressed  the way it made us feel through movement.  As a reflection we discussed how different music makes us feel what music makes us think about.

We have been working on learning rhythms and trying to play repetitive beats together.

Lastly we made shakers to support us in our music activities. The children chose one of four materials to place inside of their shakers, this week we will use them for creative movement exercises.

Please remember to return library books on Wednesdays. Last week many children were disappointed when they could not choose a new book.



Influential Artists

We have been exploring the art of Jackson Polluck and Wassily Kandinsky. After researching the different ways these artists expressed themselves the children created art in their respective styles. On Friday, Ms. Isabel, a local basket weaver came in to share the art of weaving. She explained the process of preparing the plants and taught the children how to weave.

How can we be creative?

This week we began exploring the idea of creativity and how it can be expressed through visual and dramatic art processes. The children began learning about the properties of clay as well as the importance of reflecting on their work over  a period of time. As a class the children decided to act out the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” The children decided the role(s) they would play and performed for the peers.


Please note that Wednesday, November 1st is dress-up day at school. Children are allowed to come dressed in any costume he or she pleases.

As part of our new unit we would like to invite families to come in and share any art performance, experiences, or talents with the children. We will investigate dance, visual art, music and drama. However, we want to emphasize the idea that any creative process can be a form of art. Art does not have to be limited to the areas noted above. We would love to have families come in and demonstrate the many different ways to be creative.

Here is a general overview of the unit.

Some families have requested contact information to arrange meetings outside of the school. I will send the entire contact list on Monday. If you would like to opt-out of having your contact information on this list please inform me prior to 15:00 on Monday, October 30th.


Many  children love story time in Prep 4.3. This week the children have demonstrated a greater interest  in creating and telling stories in our classroom writer’s area.  To support the children, we are spending more time focusing on the components of books and how writers use  stories to express their ideas and creativity. The children are becoming more aware of  the role of the author, titles, characters, sequence, illustrations and words in a story. The idea is that by understanding the parts of a book and story the children will have a set of concepts to include in their own work.

Float or Sink?

This week we wrapped up our map and country of origin exploration. The children taught each other greetings in various languages and we researched questions the children asked about different countries. It was perfect given International Day is tomorrow.

Many children were interested in the amount of water they observed on the map and some wondered if boats “go across the whole water” to get from point a to point b. After researching different types of boats the children were challenged to create a boat that could float from legos. The task was not as easy as they thought. The children  revised their boats multiple time as they worked to create buoyancy, it was an excellent exercise in problem solving skills. Later in the week the children collected items from the classroom and predicted if it would sink or float, we tested the objects to observe the results. Lastly the children reflected on if the items floated or sunk and why.

This week our buddies visited us and brought stories to read.

Have a good weekend.



We are exploring the different origins as a way to help us understand our similarities and differences. We have been doing lots of work with our world map and the children are inquiring into the concept of distances, climates, and sizes of various countries.

If you have any artifacts, photos, or are able to prepare a traditional small snack from your home country please do send them in.

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