Learning This Week

Dear Parents,

It’s been a busy week of learning here in Prep 4.2. The children created a restaurant in the home corner, presented “who they are” to their classmates, had discussions with their friends about their similarities and differences, worked collaboratively with their classmates, used their imagination and creativity, were risk-takers, and were super busy at the writing center!

Take a look below!

I hope everyone has a happy and restful break!


Mindfulness Practice with Ms. Catarina

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday afternoons, Ms. Catarina has been coming into our class to support the development of student’s social and emotional skills through mindfulness. On the next session, which will take place after school resumes from the October (23rd of October), students will create ‘Calming Glitter Jars’. To enable all students to participate in this activity we would like to ask parents to send a glass jar or any used plastic bottles (clear in colour) to school. Thank you to those who have already sent in their jars. 

Learning in the Prep 4.2 Classroom

Dear Parents,

We have a lot of catching up to do! The children were very busy while I was away and I feel like I missed out on so much learning and excitement.

As part of our Who We Are unit, the children have been participating in several learning engagements geared towards helping them gain an understanding of the Central idea: Knowing how we are similar to and different from others helps shape our understanding of self. Initially, we had discussions to gauge the children’s prior knowledge of the meaning of similar and different. Next, we played games, read books and participated in other activities such as family photo presentations, making “Big Bodies”, and face puzzles to help them gain a better understanding of the concepts. This week, we have been discovering Who We Are through the children’s individual presentations (will share this with you later). They have been sharing all about themselves; their likes and dislikes, what country they are from, if they are a brother or sister, their abilities, and more. They will also create a book all about themselves with all this information. 

Below is a slide show of some of the learning engagements in which the children participated in while I was absent. And, I love the group photos of the children on Peace Day! A big THANK YOU to Ms. Gheeta, Ms. N’Lydass, and Ms. Aisia for overseeing the class in my absence.



Buddies and Peace Day

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday morning, we met with our Buddy class for the first time. Our Buddy class this year is Ms. Whetu’s 4.3 class. To get ready for Peace Day, coming up on 22 September, the buddies came over to the ELC and we discussed what Peace looks like and what it means to us. We watched a video about Peace and we made our own Peace signs. Ms. Whetu put together a beautiful presentation of the visit and I would like to share it with you. Thank you Ms. Whetu!

I wish you peace!


Our Week of Learning

Hello Parents,

Our first, full-scheduled week was FANTASTIC! The children adapted well and seemed to enjoy staying all day. We had a few say, “When are we going home” and a few exclaim with a sigh, “I’m tired” but overall, the children managed very well.

This week, begun discussing some unit (Who we are) related things, but we were mostly focused on learning the schedule, making transitions, meeting new friends, and cooperation skills.

Next week, will begin to discuss the similarities and differences in our families. If you have not done so, please send or email me a family photo. Your child will have the opportunity to present and discuss their family photo next week.

Please enjoy some photos of the learning that took place this week.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


We’ve been playing cooperation and listening skills games too!


Discovery and Exploration in Prep 4.2

Dear Parents,

I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about learning and discovering through play here in the ELC. Well, this week was no exception! Just take a look at some of the things we’ve observed, explored and discovered while we’ve been playing.

You just never know what you might learn while you are playing!



Important Information for Next Week

Dear Parents,

Can you believe we’ve had 2 weeks of school already! It’s going by fast.

I sent this information in an email, but just in case you missed it, I thought I would also include it in a blog post.

  • Full Day: Next week, we will begin our full days here in Prep 4, dismissing at 3 pm. If your child is going to ride the bus home in the afternoons, please email me the bus information (child’s name, compound, bus name and number)
  • Pillow and Blanket: Also, next week, the children will begin having a rest time in the afternoon. Please provide them a small blanket (airline blanket size is perfect) and pillow or stuffed toy for sleeping. Please note, the blanket and pillow or stuffed toy MUST be small enough to fit in their cubby. We do not have space to store large blankets or pillows. We will send blankets and pillows home each Friday for washing.
  • Family photo: As soon as possible, please send me a family photo. This can be one that you already have printed out, or you may email me one. It does not have to be a professional photo. Any family photo that you have on your phone, camera, laptop, or iPad will do. If you email it to me, I will print it out for you.




  • Extra Clothing/Donations: Please make sure your child has two (2) full sets of extra clothing here at school. One set can be kept in your child’s backpack and one set in their cubby at all times. Also, if you have any clean clothing that you would like to donate to the ELC, it would be greatly appreciated. On occasion, a child may have a bathroom accident or get excessively dirty or wet from play and they do not have any extra clothing. In this instance, having some extra clothing to borrow from the ELC is very helpful. We are happy to accept, underwear, pants, shorts, shirts, and dresses.
  • Update Contact information: Please email myself along with Sheila in the Admissions office (sburnay@lisluanda.com) if you need to update your contact information. It is helpful to have both parent’s names, phone numbers and email addresses in our Veracross system so that we have lots of options in an emergency situation.
  • Class Blog: I have subscribed all parents to our class blog. If you would prefer me to use a different email address to subscribe you to the blog, please let me know. Class blogs are our main way of sharing with you the learning that is taking place in our classroom.
  • Parent Connection Meeting: Thank you very much to those families who have already completed booking their time for the ‘Parent Teacher Connection Meeting’ on Friday, 1 September. For those of you who have yet to choose a time, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible as it is an expectation that parents attend this meeting.  Please click on this link to book your appointment time.

If you have any questions concerning any of this information, please email me.

Have a great weekend!


First Week of School

Dear Parents,

It’s been a GREAT first week of school! Everyone seems happy to be here and settled already, which makes me very happy too.

These first two weeks, we will be focusing on “settling in”. This involves learning routines, schedules, and getting to know one another, as well as all their teachers, through conversations, learning engagements, and during free-play. We are also discussing and developing our classroom Essential Agreements. These are positive actions that all the children decide and agree upon that help make our classroom fun and safe for everyone. Establishing routines, learning schedules, and developing Essential Agreements are, first and foremost, the most important “activities” we can do in the first few weeks of school. These first steps ensure that the children are able to manage transitions, feel comfortable and safe in their daily environment, and begin to develop positive relationships with their teachers and classmates.

I just wanted to share with you some photos of our first week of learning here in Prep 4.2.



Welcome to Prep 4.2

Dear Parents,

And another year begins! Welcome to the 4.2 class of 2017-18!

My name is Ms. Kristina (Tina) Perkins. My Teaching Assistant is Ms. N’Lydass N’Vemba.

Many of you are returning parents/students, but several of you are new to LIS. We want to help you feel welcome and supported. If you have any questions or concerns, or need advice on living in Luanda in general, please do not hesitate to email me. 🙂  This is my 4th year teaching here at LIS. I am originally from the US, but I have also lived in Kuwait and China. Luanda has become my new home away from home.

Parents, Here you will find a copy of the Welcome Letter that provides lots of information about what your child needs for school and what we need from you.

Also, click on our Daily Schedule to find which days our 4.2 class has their single subject classes.

Additionally, here is a link to the presentation that was given on our Back to School Night on August 9th.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me or set up a time before school to chat.

I look forward to a great year of learning through play!