New Year, New Unit- Sharing the Planet

Hello Parents,

Welcome to 2018! Can you believe we are halfway through the school year already!

We have begun a new unit: Sharing the Planet

Central idea Living things have certain requirements in order to grow and stay healthy.

Lines of Inquiry: The lines of inquiry will be co-constructed between child and practitioner based on learner’s interests, curiosities, and wonderings.

Key concepts: form, responsibility

Related concepts: survival, living/non-living things

ATL (Approaches to Learning): Research skills and Thinking Skills

Learner profile attributes: Knowledgeable and Inquirers

Attitudes: respect, curiosity, appreciation

This is one of my favourite units that we teach. The process of researching living things and thinking about  responsibilities we have as human beings to take care of our planet provides a wonderful foundation to build upon as the children grow and mature.

This week we just began by looking at the name of our unit- Sharing the planet- and asking the children what sharing means and what planet means and who/what shares the planet together. So far, the photo below shows what we have discussed thus far:

I love the question asked by Victoria- “How does the planet share?” and Rohan’s additional reply- “It has no hands!”

This question alone has opened the door to all sorts of further inquiry!

I wish you all a restful weekend!