The Importance of Play

Hello Parents,

The ELC teachers have been a part of an IB PYP Online Course over the last few weeks titled Literacy, mathematics and symbolic learning in the early years. Though we already knew most of what we were studying throughout the course, it was a wonderful refresher for us. One of the most important take aways for me was just how really valuable, even necessary, play is for our young learners.

Learning through play is not just something we say, it’s what we do! It’s how all of us have learned and become the people who we are today. I really like that in the video below, Stuart Brown makes reference back to the animal kingdom, sharing that we’ve always thought that animals learn to hunt through play. And yes, essentially they do learn to fight, defend their territory, and essentially live through play!  (We should take play so seriously!)  However, he also points to research that clearly shows that animals would learn how to hunt and defend their territory even without play because it is innate. Therefore, he concludes that play is actually a separate, but deep biological entity that is essential for both humans and animals to find fulfilment and not just something to do in our spare time. He also said that trust is established through play, and that says it all!


Here are some photos of our play this week:


I hope everyone has a lovely break! See you in 2018!


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