Drama in Prep 4.2

Dear Parents,

Hope you all had a lovely week. I can’t believe it’s almost time for the holiday break!

First, just a reminder that next week on Wednesday, Dec 13 we will have a end of term party beginning at 2:10 after the children wake up. Please check with Heidi if you have any questions. Thank you Heidi for always helping us keep organized!


Last week, during a large group morning meeting, the children were presented with a photo of the painting, The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.

Immediately several children said that they had seen and talked about (some even painted it) in Art class with Ms. Solange. So, the teacher decided not to proceed with the See, Think, and Wonder routine and was about to take it down to move on to something different when the children started telling us about what they observed in the painting anyway. 

The Children observed:

  • The moon (luna)
  • The moon is the same color as the sun
  • A ball
  • Stars- a ball star
  • White (swirls) is the wind
  • Sky
  • Castle
  • Little villages
  • Little town

Then, Ginevra had an idea and shared it with us. She said that the little “pink” building (church with steeple) is a castle where a princess lives and the large black “tower” in the front of the painting, is the witch’s castle. The teacher asked the children more questions about the witch and the princess, and before long many of the children shared their ideas and added to the story based on the Starry Night painting. Afterward, instead of painting the Starry Night, the children were asked to use their imagination and creativity to paint the story. Many children connected with the idea and created some beautiful paintings to go along with the story. Next, we had the idea to extend their learning and help guide them towards using the story to perform a drama. It took quite some time, as not everyone wanted to participate, but the story finally came together, we gathered some costumes, split the class into two groups and then they took turns acting out the story. 

Here is the transcript of their story (I estimate about 90% of the story came from the children with a few small ideas from me to help mesh the story together:

The Princess Melody and the witch Maleficent were out near the bakery store. They had a birthday party. They were walking to the Princess Melody’s house and the witch cast a spell on the Princess. She said “abracadabra” and the Princess fell asleep. The witch took the Princess to her castle. Everyone in town came to the witch’s castle to a party. The Prince came and gave the Princess a kiss to wake her up. The Princess gave a dress to the witch because there were no dresses in the witch’s castle. After the birthday party, the witch gave Princess Melody a hug. After that, a monster came but it wasn’t a real monster, it was the prince dressed up as a monster. Then a real monster came. The Prince and the King fought the monster and then the witch casts a spell on the monster and turned him into a mouse. The King, riding on his horse says, “Everyone can go home now.”

The End.

Here are the videos of the children acting out the story, with a lot of help, of course. 🙂

Group 1: (The before lunch awake, more energetic group)

Group 2: (The after rest time sleepy, less enthusiastic group- lesson learned! )

The children seemed to really enjoy seeing their project from start to finish. I think we will watch the videos together on Monday and reflect on our learning.

Have  a great weekend!

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