Cooking- is it art?

Dear Parents,

We are continuing to explore art in its many varied forms. This week has been no exception. The children have painted, worked with clay, and on Thursday Daniella, Rafael’s mom, came to show us her amazing cake decorating skills.

During our many discussions on art and what the children think art is, a few children mentioned cooking as being creative. This was a pleasant surprise! A few of the other children agreed, but others said that they didn’t think cooking was like art. We then watched a video of cake decorating; some of the cakes were as beautiful as any painting masterpiece. The children thought the cakes were beautiful and creative.

On Thursday, we explored the food pyramid and discussed the importance of eating as healthy as possible; eating sugary things in moderation. After this, we began the process of making our own “healthier” (we added grated carrots) cupcakes, before Daniella (Rafael’s mom) came. Daniella is an amazing cook and baker and so we asked her to come and work with the children. She brought a small cake she had baked and demonstrated the process of how to use icing to decorate a cake. Then, the children got the chance to decorate their own cupcake. It was a messy and delicious learning experience! At the end, the children decided that decorating a cake was a bit like art because it takes an idea and creativity to make it.

A big THANK YOU to Daniella for your hard work and support of our learning!

Here is the recipe we used for the cupcakes (minus the white chocolate chips):

Please enjoy the slideshow below.

Have a great weekend!


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