Our Week of Learning- Nov 20-24

Dear Parents,

Another busy week has come and gone! Some weeks, we there are so many inquiries that take place during one week, that it is difficult to share everything with you. This has been one of those weeks!

One of the many things we discussed this week was painting, which the children decided was one form of art and one way that we can express our creativity. We discussed how people paint and what types of tools can be used to paint. Most of the children said, brushes, fingers, or hands. Then Adrien shared his idea that we can paint with “EVERYTHING!” And that got us to wondering if there are people who paint with unusual tools or techniques. So, we watched a video of a woman who paints using roller blades. They children were fascinated watching her paint and then got into a debate over what was being created in her painting. If you would like to see this video and others that are similar, you can watch them here. After watching this video, we had the crazy idea to paint with our feet. Some children were really into it and others weren’t so keen. You can come and see the finished painting hanging in the classroom.

After Ms. Luciana came last week and showed us how she weaves mats using a type of grass, we thought we would use our creativity and try our hand at weaving. It was slow going at first, learning the technique, and again, some children enjoyed the experience more than others.

Also based on Adrien’s idea that we can paint with “Everything!” we had the idea to use natural objects such as leaves, flowers, sticks, and rocks as tools with which to paint. The children were a bit hesitant at first, but once they started observing the patterns and shapes made by these unusual painting “tools” most of them seemed to enjoy the process of creating.

Enjoy the children’s creativity below and have a great weekend!


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