Music and Messy, Sticky, Gooey Clay

Dear Parents,

This week, we continued to inquire into music and the many creative ways that people make music, as well as using clay as a medium to make art. First, we watched a few videos found on Youtube of the group Stomp! as well as other videos of people making music using unconventional materials such as dust bins, marbles, wheels, and car parts. The children particularly loved the following video. It is AMAZING! Watch it with your child and witness their joy!

Look at those faces! 

The children were given two challenges this week. The first, to make their own musical instrument using recyclable materials (junk) and to make something creative with clay. Most of the children have been very excited to accept the challenges. After watching a few videos of artists working with clay and looking at a few artifacts made from clay that the teacher brought from home, the children were inspired to get messy, sticky, and  gooey (some of the words the children used to describe the feeling of the clay in their hands).

On Friday, we also had a special visitor, Marina Verne, the project founder of Aiwe by Verne Project.  She  accompanied five Angolan basket weavers from Mussulo who came into the classroom and shared their creative skills with the children. Ms. Luciana worked with the children in our classroom. 

This is a message from Mariana:  All Aiwé products are produced in Angola with national products and 100% Angolan labor. Under the brand are two lines: Aiwé Home and Aiwé Wear. The first, which originated everything else, aims to help develop the village of Tapo no Mussulo in a sustainable way. We believe that one of the most effective ways to increase the quality of life is through work, and currently this community lives from the work of the male population in the salinas that surround it. Aiwé decided to give empowerment to the ladies of this community who so skillfully work sisal (Mateba in dialect). This task is passed down from mothers to daughters and the material goes through some processes. 

Enjoy the photos below of the children getting creative as well as enjoying the creativity of others!




2 thoughts on “Music and Messy, Sticky, Gooey Clay

  • November 18, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Felix LOVES that video of the musical instrument. He talked us through the whole thing!

    • November 18, 2017 at 11:19 am

      I know! He sat absolutely mesmerised during the entire video. If he doesn’t grow up to invent some amazing, technological, life-changing machine, I’ll be shocked! He loves mechanics and their processes.


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