Music and Movement

Dearest Parents,

This week we have been inquiring into music as one way the we express ourself. In one of our initial morning meeting discussions about ways in which we express ourselves, several of the children indicated that they enjoyed music, some of them specifically mentioning drums and piano. Because of their interest, we contacted some of the teachers in the Secondary school asking if their students might be interested in performing music or dance for our ELC learners. Ms. Rebecca, the Secondary Music teacher happily invited the ELC to observe one of her classes practice a few songs. The children LOVED it!

Here is a bit of video from that adventure:

Continuing with the children’s interests, we borrowed a keyboard from Ms. Rebecca as well and brought it into the classroom. I’ve taken so much video of the children playing it and expressing themselves creatively. I’ll share one below of Janessa, who was one of the children who first expressed her interest in playing the piano. She found it in the classroom first thing in the morning. Look at the excitement on her face! Pure joy! All the children have participated in playing the keyboard this week and most expressed their joy in discovering all the sounds they could make.

We also watched a video of the group Stomp who creates music using everyday items such as brooms, trash bins, and pipes. The children were intrigued. After watching the video, we gathered in a circle and using rhythm sticks, we made our own music on the floor.








Here is some of the video showing the children expressing their creativity with rhythm sticks.

On Friday, we enjoyed the Angolan Independence celebration day here at school. The children were so excited to watch the dancing, singing, and musical performances. It was an amazing celebration!

Even our own Ms. Aisia (Go ELC!) performed a beautiful duet with Angolan singer Mr. Toty. (Forgive the poor quality of the photo.)

Below is one of the performances that was awe inspiring!

Friday afternoon, we watched the video above of the Capoeira dancers and I asked the children to observe what the performers were using to make music. They noticed that they were using sticks to hit the floor! So we got our sticks back out to make music again. Now, on Thursday after the children left, our rug (that got wet during the rain) was brought back inside. So when we sat down on the rug to use the sticks, Janessa pointed out that she didn’t hear anything! She and Hadley thought about why and communicated that the carpet was preventing the sticks from making noise. So Rafael go creative and showed us that we could use one stick on the carpet and one stick on the floor.

It’s been a very creative and expressive week here in Prep 4.2!

Have a great weekend!


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