Rain, Rain, Rain!

The Carpet Mystery?  

The children came in Monday morning and noticed that our morning meeting carpet was missing and asked what happened. In hindsight, I should have not told them straight away, but I told them it got wet and it was put outside to dry. The children wanted to know how it got wet, (and again I should have had them think about it first) and I told them when it rained.

Later that morning, it rained really hard and water started coming into the room again. I went out into the rain and noticed that the gutter outside was broken and not working properly and tried to fix it. Some of the children were peeking out watching.

Later, when the children came to sit on the floor for morning meeting, they had difficulty finding their places to sit and again asked about the carpet. I reminded them that it was wet and I finally got an “aha moment” and asked them to think about why/how the water came into the classroom in the first place.

They had lots of theories!

Ginevra: “The door not closed.”

Adrien: “The door is a little bit broken.”

Filipa– “Something outside is broken.” (she was peeking out watching me earlier)

Hadley– “Because the rain was super-fast!”

Rohan– “The tank was spreading water outside.” (I think he was referring to our water table)

Rafael: “The water splashed on the carpet.”

Janessa– “The rain!”

Victoria– “Water (took a jar and turned it over to indicate “spill”) on the floor.”

Adrien: Made a connection to the “water spout” and said that it was like the song Itsy Bitsy Spider going up. (he was peeking out watching me earlier)

Ginevra and Filipa are explaining that the water spout is broken and that’s why the water came into the classroom.

Lately, the children have been interested in being “scientists”. So, we’ve taken advantage of that interest and have been asking them to use their thinking skills to make observations, solve problems and make discoveries. Through everyday experiences like this the “wet carpet mystery”, we can help children to use their creativity to construct their own opinions, make connections, compare their ideas with the ideas of others and reflect on their own learning. We just need to look for the opportunities that present themselves.

The rain also provided even more learning experiences for the children outside. Enjoy the photos below:

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