Dear Parents,

On Wednesday afternoons after rest time, Ms. Catarina from Prep 3 comes and stays with the children. During these times, she has been helping them gain an understanding of mindfulness through cooperative games, songs, discussions and videos. Below, is a message from Ms. Catarina from her time with the children this week.

During our mindfulness session this week we focused on kindness: What it means to us and how we can show it.

The students were given a challenge for the week — to spot acts of kindness, may this be at school, at home, or shown by themselves or others, towards family, friends and/or nature. Parents are encouraged to report acts of kindness observed by their child to the class teacher.
Kindness/Empathy is such a vital social skill for children to learn and they do so through experience and observation of the important people in their lives.

I love this quote from the Dali Lama:  Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.


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