This week


Unit of Inquiry

As part of our unit of Inquiry Who We Are, we are having ongoing conversations that help children to understand the central idea of the unit, which is, Knowing how we are similar to and different from others helps shape our understanding of self

The following are some of the physical characteristics that they mentioned as common/ the same, for all the children; We all have;

“hair”- Antonia


“feet”- Ishit

“faces”- Mustafa

“ears”- Matilda

“eyes”- Thay

“toes”- Diya


“mouth”- Ahmad

“We all play.”-Matilda

The question about differences had the following responses;

“We have different colors on our faces.”Kenzo.

“We don’t all have long hair.”Matilda.

“Some have small teeth and others have big teeth.” Thay

“Some have long arms and others have short arms.” Ariana

Through discussions children also noticed the similarities and differences in food preferences. The preferences varied, for example,  chicken, fish, hotdogs, sandwiches, porridge, chicken nuggets, pasta, etc. Children were given the opportunity to draw some of their favorite food and some of the food that they didn’t like. It was interesting to note how some children were surprised when they discovered that their best food is not quite liked by some children. Some would even try to convince others to like the food that they thought was very “yummy” but it didn’t work:)

Math and language within the unit

-counting children who had preferences for certain foods and comparing numbers using mathematical language such as, more and less.

-songs and rhymes

Exploration Time

Shape and color

Sorting feathers according to color and making A/B patterns

construction play

Counting along a floor number line while stepping on the numbers.

Dice game- accumulating toys through matching number of dots and quantity of toys to be picked

Please send library books to school on Thursdays

Please remember to pack a water bottle and hat for your child everyday.


Mondays- Swimming

Tuesdays- P.E

Thursdays -Library

Mondays and Fridays – Art

Have a wonderful weekend!









Recently in Prep 4.1


Please click on the link below to see the powerpoint about our buddy time last week.

Playing with our buddies-2li5luv


As part of our Unit of Inquiry, children have been painting their traced out bodies. We also had discussions about similarities and differences regarding physical characteristics. The children mentioned that we all have eyes, hair, ears, legs etc. They also noted the differences in height, length of hair, skin colour etc. We will also talk about interests and food preferences and note any differences and similarities.

Prior to Peace Day on Friday 22 September, we had discussions about peace, listened to music about peace and also read books related to the topic. Children also coloured in peace symbols with their buddies. On Peace Day the children joined the whole school in a parade, saying a few words and phrases about peace.

This Week

Exploration time

During exploration time children have been engaged in painting, puzzles, matching shapes, construction play, water play, role play, play-dough  and drawing.

During morning meeting, we discussed about how to be a good friend, read stories about friendship and also shared family pictures. We also started a counting routine to determine the number of children that are present on each day.

Unit of Inquiry

As part of our unit of inquiry, Who We Are, we continue to share family pictures, read stories about families, communicate with use of illustrations/drawings about likes and dislikes and describing physical characteristics of themselves and their peers and making comparisons. We also started working on body tracings and children will paint/decorate them next week.


The children are enjoying going to the library and choosing books. Please keep the books at home and only send them to school on Thursdays. Children cannot borrow another book if they still have a book checked out.


Our buddy class, Year 4.1, came over to our class and children had fun getting to now each other and coloring in pictures about peace. Our school celebrates peace day every year and it is coming up soon. We will be having discussions about peace, reading books about peace and having discussions about what peace is.


Please remember to send a labelled hat and water bottle to school everyday.


A plastic plate has gone in a wrong bag by accident. Please can you send it to school if you saw it and wondered where it came from. Thank you.


If you have dress up clothes from older siblings that you do not need anymore, please send them to school, we will use them for our dress up area. Also if you have hats to donate to ELC that would be much appreciated, because some children forget their hats, and we could use the donated ones on such days. Thank you.


Enjoy jogathon today, Saturday, starting at 9am, and thank you so much to those who were able to donate shoes to the orphanage children, even though it was short notice by the student organisers! It is much appreciated!!

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!



This week

The children adjusted very well into the full day schedule. They prepare their nap areas before putting their lunches on the tables. They are also responsible for packing their lunch boxes, pillows and blankets  away.  Self- management skills are being fostered through this routine and children are also getting better at placing their belongings in appropriate places.

Children have been excited to share their family photos during morning meetings. Please could you email me your family photo if you have not done so already. Thank you.

Children have also been making books and sharing their stories with their friends during morning meetings. They are creating  spiderman stories, princess stories, monster stories and stories about themselves and their families.

We went to the library on Thursday, and the children borrowed books. Please arrange a separate library bag for your child to bring to school on Thursdays.


Please pack a labelled hat and water bottle for your child everyday.

Please label lunch bags and cutlery and all of your child’s belongings for easy identification.

Please send a little blanket and pillow for your child, and we will keep it at school in his/her cubby. I will send them home for washing on Fridays.

A big thank you everyone for attending the Parent- Teacher Connection meetings. It was great learning about your child from you as we consider you to be your child’s first teacher. I look forward to an enjoyable and  continued partnership with you in the education of our future leaders, engineers, doctors, scientists etc.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Full days starting next week!


  • Next week children will start having full days at school, (finishing at 3:00pm). The children will also begin having a rest time in the afternoon. Please provide them a small blanket and pillow or stuffed toy for sleeping. Please note, the blanket and pillow or stuffed toy MUST be small enough to fit in their cubby. We do not have space to store large blankets or pillows. We will send blankets and pillows home each Friday for washing.
  • Lunches can be dropped before 12:15 on the labelled metal shelving just before you get to the ELC gate,  ( this only applies to those of you who might prefer sending hot lunches)
  • As part of our first unit, ‘Who We Are’, children have been sharing, with the rest of the class, where they are from, what they like to play and some of their favourite food.
  • As soon as possible, please send me a family photo, ( This will facilitate discussions). It can be one that you already have printed out, or you may email me one. It does not have to be a professional photo. Any family photo that you have on your phone, camera, laptop, or iPad will do. If you email it to me, I will print it out for you.


  • Please make sure your child has two (2) full sets of extra clothing here at school. One set can be kept in your child’s backpack and one set in their cubby at all times. Also, if you have any clean clothing that you would like to donate to the ELC, it would be greatly appreciated. On occasion, a child may have a bathroom accident or get excessively dirty or wet from play and they do not have any extra clothing. In this instance, having some extra clothing to borrow from the ELC is very helpful. We are happy to accept, underwear, pants, shorts, shirts, and dresses.
  • Please email myself along with Sheila in the Admissions office ( if you need to update your contact information. It is helpful to have both parent’s names, phone numbers and email addresses in our Veracross system so that we have lots of options in an emergency situation.
  • I subscribed all parents to our class blog last week. Please let me know if you are having problems accessing the blog. Class blogs are our main way of sharing with you the learning that is taking place in our classroom.

Have a wonderful weekend!


First Week

We had a great start of the year. The children are settling in quite well and they have been engaged in water play, construction play, puzzles, drawing, riding bikes, sand play and painting. Children have also had the opportunity to visit the art room, swimming pool, ELC library and the sports field.

We have also been working on our class essential agreements and came up with the following;

  • We play nicely
  • We share toys
  • We listen to instructions and to each other
  • We raise our hands to speak during discussions
  • We all help to tidy up

You can reinforce these agreements at home, ( which I am sure most of you already do), by having children tidy up after eating and after playing with toys, sharing toys and taking turns when they play with siblings or friends, as well as ensuring that they listen to instructions/requests that you give them at home. In that way, children see some consistency within the two settings, home and school, which definitely makes transitions from home to school smoother.

I look forward to getting to know you and your children better in the coming few weeks. Thank you so much for returning the questionnaire that I sent at the  beginning of this week. It really is useful information that will help Ms. Isabel and me to get to know the children better. Much appreciated.


Please ensure that you send a labelled hat and labelled water bottle everyday. It is starting to get quite hot. Please could you also send spare clothes that stay at school in your child’s cubby and another set of clothes that stay in your child’s bag, thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Prep 4 at Luanda International School! I am Memory Mashangu, your child’s Prep 4.1 teacher this year. My teaching assistant is Ms. Isabel Massanga. We are located in building 3 (brown building).

                                        Daily Schedule

Whoever brings your child to school will remain outside on the playground with them until 7:45 am, at which time, the children may go to their respective classes. Please note that no playground supervision is offered in the morning. Also, please be aware that during the first two weeks of school, the Prep 4 classes will go half-day and will be dismissed at 12 pm. Beginning August 28th, the Prep 4 classes will begin a full day and dismissal will be at 3 pm. You will be emailed a copy of the daily schedule as well.

Must Bring Daily…

Each day your Prep 4 child should bring a backpack containing a labeled hat and a labeled reusable water bottle, labeled spare clothing, snack, lunch.

Please Note: We recommend you apply sunscreen and insect repellant before your child comes to school.


*Snack time is only 10-15 minutes *

Please provide a small, healthy snack daily.

Examples: Yogurt, nuts, cheese, fruit, vegetables,

Water for refills is readily available throughout the entire ELC. Water will be drank at both snack and lunch.

(Please, no crisps, cereal, cookies, chocolate, candy, or other sugary foods. These items will be sent home )


If you choose to provide a hot lunch, you may drop off your child’s lunch box between 11:30 – 12:00 on a shelf outside the Prep 3 (Orange) building. The shelves will be marked with either Prep 4.1, 4.2, or 4.3. Place your child’s lunch box on the appropriate shelf. Again, please make sure your child’s name is clearly labeled on their lunch box/bag.

Spare Clothing

Naturally, from time to time, your child may need a change of clothing. Please provide a full set of labeled clothing in a bag to be kept at school in your child’s cubby and also a full set in their backpack. If your child must be changed, we will use the set from their backpack first. Please do remember to immediately send replacement clothing when necessary. Please do inspect your child’s backpack daily. With the risk of repeating ourselves, please note that all your child’s belongings must be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Toys from Home

We strongly discourage children bringing toys from home into the classroom. Initially, if your child must bring a comfort toy, please explain to your child that it needs to stay in their school bag or, even better, in the car.

Single Subject Classes- Art, Swimming, and P.E.

Each week, your child will have a schedule of what we call “single subject classes” that are taught by other teachers. They are as follows for the Prep 4.1 class:

  • Art: Ms. Solange:

Monday (11:50 am) and Friday (10:10 am)

Nothing special is required for art class. However, please keep in mind that your child may get very messy, therefore, dress them appropriately.

  • Swimming: Mr. Antonio

Monday- 9:00 am

Time will be allocated for your child to change into their swimsuit before the lesson. Please ensure that your child has a labeled swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and flip-flops/crocs in a separate, waterproof bag on these days (swimming caps and goggles are optional). Swimming is an important life skill and we consider it a vital part of our curriculum. If your child is not able to swim for an extended period of time due to illness, please provide doctor’s note.

 PE: Mr. Antonio and Mr. Paulo

Tuesday 10:10 AM

On P.E. days, please dress your child in appropriate sports clothing, i.e. t-shirt, shorts and sports shoes. Please ensure that your child can put on and fasten his/her own shoes. Shoes that Velcro are ideal. Please, only send your child with lace-up shoes if he or she can tie them independently.

Staying Informed

From time to time, we will post important notices on the main access doors to the Prep 4 building or on the bulletin boards outside the classroom. Please read these in order to stay informed. Parents, you will also be subscribed to the Prep 4.1 class blog. Once your email address has been subscribed, you will receive an invitation to join. Follow the instructions given in the email from “edublogs”. We do our best to update the blogs each week and these updates are sent out each Friday evening. The class blog is our main form of communication with parents. Please check it often.

Important…Please make sure that your contact information (phone number and email address) is up to date. If you need to make changes, please email Sheila Burnay in the Enrollment Office at It is vital that we are able to contact you in an emergency situation.

And finally, we look forward to experiencing, along with your child, a year filled with exciting learning opportunities through inquiry, exploration, and play!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at or set up a time with me before or after school to chat. Or, you can email our ELC Coordinator, Aisia Casanova at

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Memory Mashangu

Prep 4.1 Teacher