New Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing The Planet

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had wonderful and restful holidays. The children we very excited to share their holidays with their teachers and peers.
We have begun a new Transdisciplinary  Theme: Sharing the Planet. Please see below;
Central idea:  Living things have certain requirements in order to grow and stay healthy.
Lines of Inquiry: The lines of inquiry will be co-constructed between child and practitioner based on learner’s interests, curiosities, and wonderings.
Key concepts: form, responsibility
Related concepts: survival, living/non-living things
ATL (Approaches to Learning): Research skills and Thinking Skills
Learner profile attributes: Knowledgeable and Inquirers
Attitudes: respect, curiosity, appreciation
So far we have been finding out what children already know about the theme and we will take it from there. Below are some of the discussions
What is a living thing?
A phone, a house, a monster, a super hero, a dog, a giraffe, a bear
Question: What do we find on planet earth?
Responses: schools, houses, water, giraffes, crocodiles, people, plants,flowers, phones, hippos, elephants, cats, dogs.
What is to share?
Responses: To share toys. Giving some of your play dough to someone. Not throwing toys

Happy Holidays!

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all, happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. Thank you for your continued support and being great partners for the education of our future leaders and professionals.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Memory and Ms. Isabel

Recently in Prep 4.1

Shared Lunch

A big thank you to all the parents who made our shared lunch a success. It was a great atmosphere; parents, teachers and children conversing and eating amazing food as a community. By the way, children were asking when the next one will be, which shows that they thoroughly enjoyed your presence, and the great food of course.

Mystery Readers

Thank you so much to all the parents who have come in and read to the children. The children are very excited about it and please keep coming. It is also okay for a parent to volunteer a specific day every week, 8:10 am seems to be working fine and the stories have been lasting for 5 to 10 minutes.  The stories had a lot of visuals/ pictures which helps all the children to follow the story regardless of what language the story is in.

Unit of Inquiry

We watched a video clip on the Jackson Pollock painting and the children used that particular painting technique to cooperatively work on a painting as a group. It was messy and fun for the children, they might tell you about it if you ask them. Children have also been playing guitars and the keyboard as another way of expressing themselves. Some children also worked together to make drawings on a large piece of paper rolled out on the floor.

Exploration Time

Children were engaged in activities that promote one-to-one correspondence and matching numerals to quantity. At the water table they used a balancing scale to compare weight and they used mathematical terms such as more, less, heavy and light.  They were also engaged in role play, puzzles, painting and construction play.

Have a wonderful weekend!



This Week

Unit of Inquiry

The children were excited to learn some African dances form Ms. Jasmine, the primary school counsellor, who came to ECL this week. Some children created stories using lego and through painting.

We also had discussions about feelings, such as happy, sad, scared, excited while children looked at visuals. Children listened to music and they communicated how it made them feel.

Exploration Time

Children were engaged in construction, play-dough, card games, painting, and picture reading.


This week we visited our buddy class and children had fun playing with play-dough and some manipulatives used by older children.

Shared lunch

We would like to have a shared lunch on Friday 1st December at 12:15, and would like to request that parents bring something to share with the class on this day. It is also an opportunity for parents to meet and also to meet other children in Prep 4.1.


Please remember to pack a hat and water bottle for your child every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

This Week

Unit of Inquiry- How We Express Ourselves

This week the children have been expressing themselves through dance, painting, making pictures using wiki sticks (thick string coated in wax) and making books. They were able to share some of their paintings, stories and wiki stick creations with their peers during group times.

We also had guests from AIWE Project who came in ELC to share their weaving skills with the children. It was a wonderful experience for the children who took turns feel the texture of the materials and do some ‘weaving’.

Exploration Time

During exploration time children were engaged in construction with magnetic toys, shapes, lego, number and alphabet puzzles, water play and role play

Reading stories

I am looking for parents who might be interested in coming in to read stories to children. Please see the image below and send me an email if you would be interested. The story can be in any language. Thank you so much in advance.





Please remember to pack a hat and water bottle for your child everyday.

Please pack food that your child enjoys eating and in reasonable quantities as some children complain about the amount of food ( too much) before they start eating.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Recently in Prep 4.1

Exploration Time

During exploration time children have been making sock puppets, modelling with clay, making puzzles,puppet play and listening to stories.

Unit of Inquiry

As part of our unit of inquiry How We Express Ourselves, children have been dramatising some familiar stories, namely We’re  Going On a Bear Hunt, Goldilocks And The Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs.

Children had the opportunity to visit Year 9 students who put up a performance for them by playing a few musical instruments and singing. The children thoroughly  enjoyed it. Just a reminder that if there is anything you can contribute to this unit, you are more than welcome to do so and It would be much appreciated. It can be doing a puppet show, singing, playing an instrument, teaching/playing a song which goes with a certain movement/ dance etc.

Children also enjoyed a game where they had to pretend to do something or be a certain animal and others would guess what he/she was doing or pretending to be. The children displayed their creativity and imagination through this engagement. They were also shown a short video clip on the projector screen, where some performers  were acting out a story without using words. The children did a great job telling the story in words.

Morning meetings

During morning meetings we have been playing a math game where children pair up and take turns in saying the number of manipulatives that the partner is holding. The children were given 5 objects and every time they would bring a different number of objects from behind their backs and the friend had to say the number of items without counting. They were also asked to say the number of objects hidden. It was also okay to count if the children needed to. This exercise promotes the development number sense and the children had fun doing it.

During morning meetings we also talked about different ways that people can express themselves.

Writing Names

Some children have been interested in writing their names and their friends’ names so we started a signing in book where they can write their names or the first letters of their names, as they come in the mornings. This is mainly for those children that are interested and ready. Others usually would also get interested when they see that some children are doing it, and also through encouragement from the teachers.

Independence Day

Today the school had an Independence assembly and there were various performers from school and from the community. These performances also tied up very well with our unit How We Express Ourselves.

Have a great weekend!


New Unit Of Inquiry- How We Express Ourselves


We started on a new unit of Inquiry;

 Transdisciplinary Theme

How we express ourselves :  An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic

  •   Central idea

People express their ideas and feelings when they create and respond to art.

Key concepts: form, perspective, reflection

Approaches To Learning: Communication skills and Thinking skills.

Related concepts: interpretation, imagination

I would like to invite parents to come and share their expressive talents for example; dancing, singing ,playing an instrument, puppet show, drawing and painting techniques as well as  anything artistic. Any artistic expression  you would like to share can be in any language. You can also send art artifacts that your chid likes, and can share with the class. Thank you so much in advance

Dress up day

The student council has  organised for a dress up day to take place on Wednesday, November 1. “Students are welcome to dressup in a fun costume that they would like to share with others.Costumes can be home made, bought, or whatever, but please remember that the theme is about having fun so the costumes should be respectful and positively focused.”

Class Parent

A big thank you to Omara’s mom who has taken the responsibility of Prep 4.1 class parent. It is much appreciated! Lets all work together and support her in this role.

Class Luncheon 

We will have a class luncheon in the second week of November, where all parents are requested to bring something to share with Prep 4.1 children and parents. This is an opportunity for parents and prep 4.1 children to meet and get to know each other.


-Please remember to pack a hat and water bottle for your child everyday.

-Pack library book on Thursday

-Swimming gear -Monday

-P.E gear Tuesday

Thank you and have a great weekend!



Enjoy the break!

This week we looked at the world map and children put their pictures next to their countries. We also checked records on veracross if the children were not sure of where they are from, however, some children were adamant that their pictures be put next to specific countries regardless of what veracross was saying

Throughout the year we will continue to have discussions about the  Learner Profile attributes. So far we have been talking about ” Communicator “and “Caring”. Children have been communicatimng examples of how they display these attributes for example,  sharing ideas, listening and using kind words. Teachers have also been taking pictures that highlight these attributes during play and shared them with the children


Have a wonderful break!


This Week


Some children have been writing their names and  making drawings on white boards.  They also modelled letters using play-dough. Some children were also engaged in number games, puzzles, patterning with pin-boards, water play, dress- ups, construction play and card games.

To help promote their communication skills, children have been sharing their paintings, talking about the different colours that they used as well as pointing out the different parts of the body, on their paintings. We have also been reading stories about families and also stories of their choice.

This week we visited our buddies in the big school and had the opportunity to play with them in their playground.

Please could you save and bring the following materials to school for our creative engagements;

-empty cereal boxes and other small boxes of food stuff/ or non food stuff . For milk containers please wash them before bringing to school. Thank you.

-tissue rolls

-egg cartons and any other recycled materials that could be used by children.

I will let you know as soon as we have enough of the above. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend!