Recently in Prep 4.1

Exploration Time

During exploration time children have been making sock puppets, modelling with clay, making puzzles,puppet play and listening to stories.

Unit of Inquiry

As part of our unit of inquiry How We Express Ourselves, children have been dramatising some familiar stories, namely We’re  Going On a Bear Hunt, Goldilocks And The Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs.

Children had the opportunity to visit Year 9 students who put up a performance for them by playing a few musical instruments and singing. The children thoroughly  enjoyed it. Just a reminder that if there is anything you can contribute to this unit, you are more than welcome to do so and It would be much appreciated. It can be doing a puppet show, singing, playing an instrument, teaching/playing a song which goes with a certain movement/ dance etc.

Children also enjoyed a game where they had to pretend to do something or be a certain animal and others would guess what he/she was doing or pretending to be. The children displayed their creativity and imagination through this engagement. They were also shown a short video clip on the projector screen, where some performers  were acting out a story without using words. The children did a great job telling the story in words.

Morning meetings

During morning meetings we have been playing a math game where children pair up and take turns in saying the number of manipulatives that the partner is holding. The children were given 5 objects and every time they would bring a different number of objects from behind their backs and the friend had to say the number of items without counting. They were also asked to say the number of objects hidden. It was also okay to count if the children needed to. This exercise promotes the development number sense and the children had fun doing it.

During morning meetings we also talked about different ways that people can express themselves.

Writing Names

Some children have been interested in writing their names and their friends’ names so we started a signing in book where they can write their names or the first letters of their names, as they come in the mornings. This is mainly for those children that are interested and ready. Others usually would also get interested when they see that some children are doing it, and also through encouragement from the teachers.

Independence Day

Today the school had an Independence assembly and there were various performers from school and from the community. These performances also tied up very well with our unit How We Express Ourselves.

Have a great weekend!


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