New Unit Of Inquiry- How We Express Ourselves


We started on a new unit of Inquiry;

 Transdisciplinary Theme

How we express ourselves :  An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic

  •   Central idea

People express their ideas and feelings when they create and respond to art.

Key concepts: form, perspective, reflection

Approaches To Learning: Communication skills and Thinking skills.

Related concepts: interpretation, imagination

I would like to invite parents to come and share their expressive talents for example; dancing, singing ,playing an instrument, puppet show, drawing and painting techniques as well as  anything artistic. Any artistic expression  you would like to share can be in any language. You can also send art artifacts that your chid likes, and can share with the class. Thank you so much in advance

Dress up day

The student council has  organised for a dress up day to take place on Wednesday, November 1. “Students are welcome to dressup in a fun costume that they would like to share with others.Costumes can be home made, bought, or whatever, but please remember that the theme is about having fun so the costumes should be respectful and positively focused.”

Class Parent

A big thank you to Omara’s mom who has taken the responsibility of Prep 4.1 class parent. It is much appreciated! Lets all work together and support her in this role.

Class Luncheon 

We will have a class luncheon in the second week of November, where all parents are requested to bring something to share with Prep 4.1 children and parents. This is an opportunity for parents and prep 4.1 children to meet and get to know each other.


-Please remember to pack a hat and water bottle for your child everyday.

-Pack library book on Thursday

-Swimming gear -Monday

-P.E gear Tuesday

Thank you and have a great weekend!



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