This Week


Some children have been writing their names and  making drawings on white boards.  They also modelled letters using play-dough. Some children were also engaged in number games, puzzles, patterning with pin-boards, water play, dress- ups, construction play and card games.

To help promote their communication skills, children have been sharing their paintings, talking about the different colours that they used as well as pointing out the different parts of the body, on their paintings. We have also been reading stories about families and also stories of their choice.

This week we visited our buddies in the big school and had the opportunity to play with them in their playground.

Please could you save and bring the following materials to school for our creative engagements;

-empty cereal boxes and other small boxes of food stuff/ or non food stuff . For milk containers please wash them before bringing to school. Thank you.

-tissue rolls

-egg cartons and any other recycled materials that could be used by children.

I will let you know as soon as we have enough of the above. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend!





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