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Unit of Inquiry

As part of our unit of Inquiry Who We Are, we are having ongoing conversations that help children to understand the central idea of the unit, which is, Knowing how we are similar to and different from others helps shape our understanding of self

The following are some of the physical characteristics that they mentioned as common/ the same, for all the children; We all have;

“hair”- Antonia


“feet”- Ishit

“faces”- Mustafa

“ears”- Matilda

“eyes”- Thay

“toes”- Diya


“mouth”- Ahmad

“We all play.”-Matilda

The question about differences had the following responses;

“We have different colors on our faces.”Kenzo.

“We don’t all have long hair.”Matilda.

“Some have small teeth and others have big teeth.” Thay

“Some have long arms and others have short arms.” Ariana

Through discussions children also noticed the similarities and differences in food preferences. The preferences varied, for example, ¬†chicken, fish, hotdogs, sandwiches, porridge, chicken nuggets, pasta, etc. Children were given the opportunity to draw some of their favorite food and some of the food that they didn’t like. It was interesting to note how some children were surprised when they discovered that their best food is not quite liked by some children. Some would even try to convince others to like the food that they thought was very “yummy” but it didn’t work:)

Math and language within the unit

-counting children who had preferences for certain foods and comparing numbers using mathematical language such as, more and less.

-songs and rhymes

Exploration Time

Shape and color

Sorting feathers according to color and making A/B patterns

construction play

Counting along a floor number line while stepping on the numbers.

Dice game- accumulating toys through matching number of dots and quantity of toys to be picked

Please send library books to school on Thursdays

Please remember to pack a water bottle and hat for your child everyday.


Mondays- Swimming

Tuesdays- P.E

Thursdays -Library

Mondays and Fridays – Art

Have a wonderful weekend!









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