This Week

Exploration time

During exploration time children have been engaged in painting, puzzles, matching shapes, construction play, water play, role play, play-dough  and drawing.

During morning meeting, we discussed about how to be a good friend, read stories about friendship and also shared family pictures. We also started a counting routine to determine the number of children that are present on each day.

Unit of Inquiry

As part of our unit of inquiry, Who We Are, we continue to share family pictures, read stories about families, communicate with use of illustrations/drawings about likes and dislikes and describing physical characteristics of themselves and their peers and making comparisons. We also started working on body tracings and children will paint/decorate them next week.


The children are enjoying going to the library and choosing books. Please keep the books at home and only send them to school on Thursdays. Children cannot borrow another book if they still have a book checked out.


Our buddy class, Year 4.1, came over to our class and children had fun getting to now each other and coloring in pictures about peace. Our school celebrates peace day every year and it is coming up soon. We will be having discussions about peace, reading books about peace and having discussions about what peace is.


Please remember to send a labelled hat and water bottle to school everyday.


A plastic plate has gone in a wrong bag by accident. Please can you send it to school if you saw it and wondered where it came from. Thank you.


If you have dress up clothes from older siblings that you do not need anymore, please send them to school, we will use them for our dress up area. Also if you have hats to donate to ELC that would be much appreciated, because some children forget their hats, and we could use the donated ones on such days. Thank you.


Enjoy jogathon today, Saturday, starting at 9am, and thank you so much to those who were able to donate shoes to the orphanage children, even though it was short notice by the student organisers! It is much appreciated!!

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!



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