I would like to thank you all for being such great partners in the children’s learning throughout the year. I wish you all wonderful and restful holidays. The children are very excited to be going to the “big school, with big kids!” I wish them all the best for the next academic year and all all the years to come!


Kind Regards,

Ms. Memory

This week


This week children have been measuring their seedlings using unifix blocks. They also made illustrations through drawings to show how they were measuring. The height of the seedlings was varied, for example 5 blocks tall, 7 blocks tall, 8 blocks tall. The children also compared the height of their plants using mathematical language such as short and shorter.

We had a visit by year 1 children as part of our transition preparation. The year 1 children were happy to respond to the questions that Prep 4 children had. The children also went to the Portuguese classes where they were divided into two groups, native speakers and beginners. We also had the opportunity to play with year 1 at the Year 1 playground, and the Prep 4 children were very excited. The children went to have PE in the multi purpose room, which is the space they will use for PE next year.

Have a wonderful weekend!



In order to help children transition more smoothly into year 1, we started our transition visits and children have been excited to visit the music class and one of the Year 1 classes. When we visited Year 1, children had prepared questions for Year 1 children in advance. They wanted to know if year 1 had books, play-dough, lego, paper, pencils and crayons. The year 1 children were happy to answer all the questions and they were also able to tell them some of the things that would change when they move to year 1, for example that they will have less time to play and that they will be taking a book home everyday to read.

Next week we are planning for more visits to the big school.


Please see below some of the changes that will take place when children move to Year 1 in the next academic year.

Snack – Parents don’t need to send a bag with fruits at the beginning of the week. If parents pay for school lunch Year 1 students will have a snack provided by the school, but if parents don’t pay for school lunch the student would have to bring their own HEALTHY snack. In Year 1 we keep promoting healthy eating (no chocolate, crisps, etc).

 Lunch independently (Year 1 students have lunch in the school dining hall 2/cafeteria. Once again, if parents don’t pay for school lunch they need to make sure that their child’s lunch is dropped to school maximum by 12:15. Outside the cafeteria they will find a shelf labelled with YEAR 1.

 Homeroom teachers don’t walk with children to their specials (Year 1 students have Portuguese, Music, PE, Art, Swimming and Library every week, the TA’s walk with the students to those classes, but it is the child’s responsibility to take care of their water bottles and hats. Homeroom teachers are at collaborative meetings during that time.

    Single subject teachers will address/ take care of any situation (If anything happens during those lessons, parents should contact the respective teacher).

   Dressing up independently (Students are expected to dress/undress independently in the swimming area bathrooms)

 Lunch time (Year 1 have their lunch from 12:35 to 12:55)

Have a lovely weekend!



This Week

It was great to see many parents at the swimming gala. The children displayed their growing confidence in water and were excited to demonstrate some of their skills in front of a big audience.

Our buddy class came this week and they played running games and ball games in the soccer field. We also has a visitor from a  glass recycling company who came to explain to Prep 4 children how they recycle glass at their company.

We have been discussing about transitions to year 1 with the children. Next week we will start visiting Year 1 classes and single subject classes so that children can familiarise themselves with the ‘big school’. We will also have the opportunity to play in the year 1 playground and visit the school cafeteria.

We continue with our unit on living things. Children learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and they learned about what butterflies feed on. This was one of the children’s inquiries that we investigated as a class.

Have a wonderful weekend!


This week


Unit of inquiry

We continue having discussions about living things and observing seedlings. Children are also enjoying role play shopping in our ‘nature shop’, where flowers, rocks, sticks, seeds, shells etc are on sale. The children had to come up with prices for the items and write them down before sticking the price tags to the items. The children are using real coins 1 kwanza coins to buy, and there is a lot of counting and language use during their play. Please send back any items that you think might have been bought in the “shop” because our supplies are running low despite the fact that we agreed to put back the items at the end of the day.

We also had discussions about uses of plants and we watched a children’s video related to the topic. After watching the video, the children had to say the uses of plants that they were not aware of. It was interesting that  most of them remembered that chocolate and popcorn comes from plants although there were many other uses mentioned in the video.

Children also used a variety of seeds for sorting, counting and making pictures.

Exploration time

During exploration time, children have been engaged in construction play, watering the garden, using the large floor number line to count and match number with quantity, observational drawings and play-dough activities.


Please pack a water bottle, hat and spare clothes for your child everyday.

Enjoy your weekend!


This week


Unit of Inquiry

This week we have been taking nature walks and engaging in observational drawings. The children were thrilled to discover the different plants and other living things in our environment. There were particularly intrigued by a very tall tree whose trunk was full of sharp thorns and another plant whose roots were visible above the ground level. During the walk some children noticed a tree stump and expressed their disappointment, ” Who cut this tree?” “We should not be cutting down trees like this right? ” ” We have to plant more trees.”  It could be that the children were making connections with what they learned during the week of earth day. During the nature walks vocabulary such as roots,leaves, stem, trunk and brunches was discussed.

Children have also been excited to water their seedlings which they planted last week, and making observational drawings of their seedlings.

Children cut out different pictures that they drew and sorted them into living and non- living things. There was a debate about whether people were living things or not. The argument was that people are not animals and neither are they plants, so they cannot be living things. It took some discussion and review of characteristics of living things, and later all children agreed that humans are living things.


We had buddy time this week and we went over to our buddy class. Children read stories and they also explored materials in Year 4.


Please pack a hat and water bottle for your child everyday.

Thank you

A big thank you to all the parents for contributing towards the school fair for our class. Your continued support is much appreciated. A special thanks to our class parent Wajiha, ( Talal’s mom) for coordinating this. I hope you enjoy the fair on Saturday.

Have a wonderful weekend!



This week

As part of our unit on Living things, we have been discussing about characteristics of living things and what they need in order to grow and stay healthy. We have also been planting seeds and making observational drawings of plants. One of the children from another class brought a rabbit to school and we all had a chance to see him in his cage and have discussions about the “visitor.”

The children were excited to take part in the PYP assembly where they displayed confidence, cooperation and enthusiasm throughout the activity.

Exploration time

During exploration time children have been engaged in observational drawings, construction play, play-dough activities, number puzzles, alphabet puzzles, living things puzzles, and exploring at the light table with x-ray pictures of different animals.


Please always pack a hat and a water bottle for your child. I would like to suggest that for those who find it hard to remember, please keep one hat at school that will be sent home on Fridays for washing, you can put your child’s name inside then the word school. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!





This week

Making Learning visible

A big thank you to all parents who were able to come this week for the ELC Making Learning Visible Exhibit. It was great seeing parents go through various documentation that was on display. We hope you enjoyed the evening and and also gained  more insight about how children learn through play at ELC.

Earth Day

This week we celebrated Earth day, and we had various learning engagements to enhance children’s understanding of the need to save our planet. We watched videos, read stories and sang songs related to mother earth. We also had a teacher from secondary who came dressed up as Michael Recycle and he talked to children about Reducing Re-using and Recycling. The children were very excited to see him and were able to share their ideas about the subject. The children also planted a palm tree with help from Augustino, one of the school gardeners. They took turns digging, putting the soil back and watering the plant.

Unit of Inquiry

How The world works: The children’s drawings from last week revealed children’s interests about living things. We will focus on living things and non living things. More details will follow about the unit.



New Unit-How The World Works

This term, we started on a new unit- How The World Works. We started by a pre-assessment through discussions and drawings to find out some of the things that children know about the world. The teacher held a round cushion globe/world map, and  had a few prompts as shown below;

Teacher: “What is this in my hands?”

Kimora : “A planet.”

Talal, Karl, Maurinho, Mattisse : “It’s the planet earth.”

David: “It’s the earth.”

Yassir: “ I think it looks like a ball.”

Gregory: “It is the space where we are.”

Shael: “Where is the planet we are? I don’t know which country we are.” (She stood up and asked to be shown the exact location of Angola on the globe)

Deymian: “We are in Angola.”

Yassir: “If you go with a rocket ship you will see that the planet spins itself. “

Talal: “The rocket ship lands on the ground and you jump higher in the moon.”

Neema: “This country is called Angola. I know about the moon, sun and space”

What do you know about the world/ planet planet earth?

Shael: “There are animals on earth.”

Deymian: “There are people driving cars, there are seeds and trees.”

Oratile: “People say hello to each other, and when it is too sunny we play in the shade.

Talal: “Some people live in Sky Scrapers”

Maurinho: “In the world we can go from one place to another “

David: “I left Angola and I spinned around the world and the world spinned around too”

Farhan: “You can make buildings in the world and we see animals and people”

Karl; “The world only spins around and it doesn’t go anywhere.”

Farhan; “We can go everywhere with an aeroplane.”

Oratile: “We can use a ship.”

Shael: “We can also use helicopters in the world.”

Deymian: “We can use cars or boats.”

Mali: “We can also use a submarine.”

The teacher rolled out paper on the floor and asked children to draw anything they wanted about the world. Children drew pictures of plants, animals, buildings, cars aeroplanes, rocket ships, people and rainbows.

We are celebrating Earth Day on the 21st of April. Children are asked to wear something in celebration of earth day, for example natural dyed T-Shirts, activism T shirts, dress like an animal, dress like a plant, recycled clothing etc. Earth Day assembly is in the big gym on the 21st April, at 14:10. Parents are also invited.