What is and idea?

Dear Parents,

This week we continued exploring our central idea: ‘People express their feelings and ideas when they create and respond to art’.

We began by discussing what feelings might sound or look like. We introducing classical music and asking them to associate the sound with a feeling. For example, children though that the initial sounds in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony sound angry or scary while Tchaikovsky’s Chinese Dance sounded happy and silly. Later we introduced videos and images of the weather and natural elements and asked children to associate them with their feelings.

We also talked about ideas. Watch the slideshow to learn about what children had to say about it.


We are reading the book We Are Going on a Bear Hunt, which we are using to learn about sequence of events, choral reading and position words: over, under and through. We also had the visit of two volunteer readers this week. Here are some images:

Have a good weekend!

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca

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