How We Express Ourselves

Dear Parents, 

It was great talking with you about your child’s development ins school during the parent-teacher conferences. You have asked us to include more links to the songs that and the stories that we are learning in school in our blog. Please find the link to the songs: My Body Makes Music and Knick Knack Paddy Wack.

This week, have started a new unit of inquiry: How We Express Ourselves. As part of our new unit, we would like to invite families to come in and share any art performance, experiences, or talents with the children. We will investigate dance, visual art, music, and drama. However, we want to emphasize the idea that any creative process can be a form of art. Art does not have to be limited to the areas noted above. We would be love to have families come in and demonstrate the many different ways to be creative. 

We have introduced children to the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist that who found inspiration in nature. We have set up a provocation table with loose parts from nature to invite children to create their own artwork and they are beginning to explore it. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca

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