Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Dear Parents,

Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have been observing children’s interest and we have noticed a few recurring interest and ideas shared by the children :

  • birthday celebrations;
  • dinosaurs, racing cars or pizza;
  • drawing and using writing materials
  • modeling play-dough; and 
  • play with different types of construction materials such as bricks, Duplos, and wooden blocks.

To bring together all of these interest we will organize a birthday celebration. Children will collectively plan the party by choosing a theme, baking a cake, making decorations and invitations for the Prep 3.1. 

The book we read this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children engaged with the story in a variety of way, some engaged in role play, others play with the puppets or drew pictures. 


Papa Bear sleeping on his bed.


“Someone has been eating my porridge!”

Mamma bear is feeding the baby bear.

The bear family.

Baby bear is crying.



















Drawing the three bears.


Three Bears and Goldilocks










Reminder:  Please send your child’s baby pictures after the holiday. We need them for our unit of inquiry. 

Other images of the week:

Please have a look at Gavin and Jameson’s exploration with building materials. 


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