Writing in Prep 3.2 and Peace Day Celebration

Dear Parents,

This week we would like to share with you some images that illustrate the development of writing skills in young children.

We also continue to work on our unit of inquiry. Children keep giving us ideas about what it means to be a human and talking about their families and events such as birthdays that reaffirm their image of self. 

Here are some responses to key questions to our unit.

Talking about families

Dylan shares his family photo during circle time.


                Lucas and Dylan draw pictures of their families.


                Gil made a picture of his dad.

Portrait of mom and dad by Sarah

Isabel and Kataleya are making cakes to celebrate their birthdays.



Children started to talk about the places they come from. Lucas shared: “I have two countries: Angola and Sao Paulo.” Jameson, Dylan and Gavin said that they come from Texas. (Gavin says that he comes from Texas A&M, to be more specific). This gave us the opportunity to introduce the globe and the flags from the different places that we come from, which tied perfectly with our peace day celebration. 


Next week, we will read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  With this book, we aim to help children learn about sequence of events,  days of the week and vocabulary related to food. Also, the use of descriptive words such as tiny. This is a great opportunity for English language learners (ELL) review key vocabulary words related to colors and numbers.

Class Parent

Please allow me to introduce Celia Anderson, Gavin’s mom, who has volunteered to function this year as our class parent.


Peace Day

Here is a glimpse of the activities we had to celebrate Peace Day.  

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