Dear families,

The children have been working hard to create an audiobook about living and non-living things. The children were involved in every stage of the process including drawing, recording themselves, selecting the background and positioning of their work and typing their names. The children were able to see children were able to see the competed product, unfortunately there are some issues with the audio when tried to share it with all of you.

This is our summative assessment. I will have tech support fix it and I will resend it at the beginning of next school year for you to keep.


May 22-26

This week we have been busy working on our class book on living things. This will be a digital book, hopefully it will be complete by next week.

Show and Tell: The children enjoyed presenting their objects from home. At this point, most of the presenters were confident and able to communicate clearly.

Please remember your child will be presenting a nature object this week. The object can be something that have found within nature such as a rock, flower, insect, or plant. Alternatively, you can send in a photo of your child enjoying nature or with a living thing. Please remember to let your child be responsible to choose the object.

Pajama fashion show! The children were so excited to come to school in their pajamas. The children enjoyed showing off their outfits and describing their pajamas to their peers as stood on the stage.

May 15-19

ELC Aquatic Celebration: The children did a wonderful job demonstrating the skills they have acquired throughout the school year. They were very proud of themselves and their accomplishments!

Living/Non-Living Things:The children continued exploring the characteristics of living and non-living things. The children worked together to create to one pamphlet of living things and another of non-living things. During one morning meeting the children engaged in sorting living and non-living things. Each child had to describe their rationale for categorizing their object to the group, they did great!

Buddies: We visited our buddies this week. Year 3 taught prep 3 a few basic coding skills.

Have a wonderful weekend!

May 8-12

We extended our inquiry into the digestive system and the children’s interest in scat by exploring how birds play a role in plantation. We engaged in research through books, video, and bird watching to help us understand how seeds are dispersed by birds. For more information, ask your child to explain the process. The children created bird feeders in the hopes that they would be positively impacting our environment. After creating the feeders the children were asked to reflect on the their knowledge of the characteristics and needs of birds to support them placing their feeders in good locations. The next day, some of the children decided to check the feeders and were excited to see some seeds had disappeared.

The children have spent the week exploring the characteristics of living vs. non-living things. They are becoming aware that all living things breathe, move, grow, and need a food source.

Ms. Jasmine, the primary psychologist visited our classroom. Ms. Jasmine will be running a special social and emotional learning program for the next four weeks to support the children’s development in this area.

Have a great weekend.

Exploring Digestion

It started with scat.

It was a busy week as prep 3 started exploring the digestive system. Last week the children were lucky enough to have a rabbit and dog visit us as part of our inquiry into living things. During our reflection/discussion meeting the children were encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences with living things. To my surprise, the conversation became about the “pooping” process of living things. The children had lots of questions such as “Why do cats go in the litter box? And Why do you have to pick up the dog poop in a bag?” Another child shared her memory of when her horse had to take a break mid-ride to relieve itself. Although it was not the investigation I would choose the children were interested, since it is a valid scientific investigation we began our research. As a provocation the children were able to observe from a rabbit, chicken, and lizard (the samples were glued shut it a Ziploc bag). The children discussed size, shape, and color differences. They also learned the scientific name, scat.

Every ending has a beginning.

At the next meeting the children were asked, “Why do the bodies of living things create waste aka poop?” Most of the children said, “I don’t know” and after a bit more pondering someone thought it was because “they eat food”. We began our research into the what happens to food when it enters the body through videos, manipulatives, and books.

To help us become aware of the role of saliva the in digestion we did the cracker experiment. The children were given two crackers. The children were asked to chew the first cracker and describe the texture, some answers included “crunchy, salty, hard, and yummy”. For the second cracker the children were asked to hold it in their mouths and hum Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. After the song was complete the children were allowed to chew the cracker. The children concluded that the cracker was “soft, wet and still yummy.” Saliva is one of our vocabulary words this week and the children are encouraged to use it when discussing digestion.

Stomach model.]
The children created a simple model of the stomach with toilet paper roll (as the esophagus) and zip-lock bag (as the stomach). The green liquid in the bag represented the stomach acid. The children took turns feeding bread into the stomach bread. Next, the children observed how the bread began to break down in the stomach.


Congratulations to prep 3.2 for being amazing risk takers as they opened up the physical education assembly. It took great courage to be the first presenters to the entire primary section. I couldn’t help but note the great deal of confidence the children demonstrated. As we reflected on the experience the children stated it was, “fun” and that they felt “happy and proud” of themselves. A few children stated that they felt “nervous, scared, and tired.”

Well done prep 3’s!