Welcome back

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the second half of the school year. Children settled back in school well and they were excited to share with their us stories about their holidays. You will soon receive an e-mail on behalf of the informing you about a switch to the Seesaw platform, through which we will keep a digital portfolio of each child and communicate with you.

In the meantime, here is some information about our new unit of inquiry: Sharing the Planet.

Central idea: Living things have certain requirements in order to grow and stay healthy. Key concepts: form, responsibility

Related concepts: survival, living/non-living things

ATL (Approaches to Learning): research skills and thinking skills

Learner profile attributes: knowledgeable and inquirers

Attitudes: respect, curiosity, and appreciation

During this unit, children will have the opportunity to research about living things and think about the responsibilities humans have to take care of the planet. We would like to invite families with pets to contact us so we can schedule a visit.

This week, we read the book We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs and we danced to the tune of Down in the Jungle.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca.

“This is an airplane. It is going to Angola.” Dylan



Visit to the Music room

Dear Parents,

We had a busy week in which children continued to explore how to make different colors, building different structures and practicing their fine motor skills.  We visited the Miss Betsy’s music room and children had the opportunity to listen and interact with many musical instruments.

Healthy Snacks 

Our class has been learning about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables to keep our bodies healthy and strong. We read the book Eating the Alphabet- Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert to provoke children’s ideas and conversations around the topic and they are collecting data about the kinds of fruits and vegetables they bring to school for snack.

This week the school sent you our healthy eating guidelines,  please familiarize yourself with them.

Click here to watch a video of more great learning in Prep 3.2.

Next week we will read the book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and we will focus on the use of descriptive words to talk about the characters in a book. In Math, children will continue exploring the 2D and 3D shapes and using charts to collect information.

On Wednesday, December 6th we will have a class party. Thanks for Gavin’s mom, Celia Anderson, for organizing it and everyone else for contributing. Parents are welcomed to join us at 9:30 AM.

We need your help

This is a time of the year generally associated with giving. We thank you for generous donations for FOLSCO. We are also asking your support to collect baby clothes for the children in the refugee camps.


Have a great weekend!

Miss Francesca and Miss Georgina

We Are Going on a Bear Hunt

Dear Parents,

We had another busy week in Prep 3.2. We read the books We are Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenburry, and Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor. The children responded to the We are going on a Bear Hunt by engaging in drawing and role play activities.



Thanks to Jing and Celia for volunteering to read stories to Prep 3.2. If you want to volunteer to be a reader please send us an email to arrange a time.

Next week we will read the book Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni and we will draw inspiration for our artwork from the artist Herve Tullet and his book Mix it up!

To prevent clothing from going missing we have now placed the spared clothes that were in the cubbies holes inside the children’s school bags. We remind you that is important that all belongings are labeled. Also, please remember that children need a hat to protect them from the sun when they pay outdoors.

Best wished,

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca

What is and idea?

Dear Parents,

This week we continued exploring our central idea: ‘People express their feelings and ideas when they create and respond to art’.

We began by discussing what feelings might sound or look like. We introducing classical music and asking them to associate the sound with a feeling. For example, children though that the initial sounds in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony sound angry or scary while Tchaikovsky’s Chinese Dance sounded happy and silly. Later we introduced videos and images of the weather and natural elements and asked children to associate them with their feelings.

We also talked about ideas. Watch the slideshow to learn about what children had to say about it.


We are reading the book We Are Going on a Bear Hunt, which we are using to learn about sequence of events, choral reading and position words: over, under and through. We also had the visit of two volunteer readers this week. Here are some images:

Have a good weekend!

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca

How We Express Ourselves

Dear Parents, 

It was great talking with you about your child’s development ins school during the parent-teacher conferences. You have asked us to include more links to the songs that and the stories that we are learning in school in our blog. Please find the link to the songs: My Body Makes Music and Knick Knack Paddy Wack.

This week, have started a new unit of inquiry: How We Express Ourselves. As part of our new unit, we would like to invite families to come in and share any art performance, experiences, or talents with the children. We will investigate dance, visual art, music, and drama. However, we want to emphasize the idea that any creative process can be a form of art. Art does not have to be limited to the areas noted above. We would be love to have families come in and demonstrate the many different ways to be creative. 

We have introduced children to the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist that who found inspiration in nature. We have set up a provocation table with loose parts from nature to invite children to create their own artwork and they are beginning to explore it. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Dear Parents,

Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have been observing children’s interest and we have noticed a few recurring interest and ideas shared by the children :

  • birthday celebrations;
  • dinosaurs, racing cars or pizza;
  • drawing and using writing materials
  • modeling play-dough; and 
  • play with different types of construction materials such as bricks, Duplos, and wooden blocks.

To bring together all of these interest we will organize a birthday celebration. Children will collectively plan the party by choosing a theme, baking a cake, making decorations and invitations for the Prep 3.1. 

The book we read this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children engaged with the story in a variety of way, some engaged in role play, others play with the puppets or drew pictures. 


Papa Bear sleeping on his bed.


“Someone has been eating my porridge!”

Mamma bear is feeding the baby bear.

The bear family.

Baby bear is crying.



















Drawing the three bears.


Three Bears and Goldilocks










Reminder:  Please send your child’s baby pictures after the holiday. We need them for our unit of inquiry. 

Other images of the week:

Please have a look at Gavin and Jameson’s exploration with building materials. 


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Dear Parents, 

We had a very busy week in Prep 3.2. There is so much wonderful learning going in on in our classroom that we put together a longer presentation to share it with you. 

We are still looking for volunteer readers to come to our class. Please contact us if you would like to participate. 

We would also like you to send us a couple of photos of your child as a baby and as a toddler for a unit of inquiry project we are working on. You can print them yourself and send them to school with your child or you can send them to giraheta@lisluanda.com.  

Next week, we will read the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we will continue to learn the nursery rhyme Pat-a-cake. 

Have a good weekend,

Miss Georgina and Miss Francesca

Writing in Prep 3.2 and Peace Day Celebration

Dear Parents,

This week we would like to share with you some images that illustrate the development of writing skills in young children.

We also continue to work on our unit of inquiry. Children keep giving us ideas about what it means to be a human and talking about their families and events such as birthdays that reaffirm their image of self. 

Here are some responses to key questions to our unit.

Talking about families

Dylan shares his family photo during circle time.


                Lucas and Dylan draw pictures of their families.


                Gil made a picture of his dad.

Portrait of mom and dad by Sarah

Isabel and Kataleya are making cakes to celebrate their birthdays.



Children started to talk about the places they come from. Lucas shared: “I have two countries: Angola and Sao Paulo.” Jameson, Dylan and Gavin said that they come from Texas. (Gavin says that he comes from Texas A&M, to be more specific). This gave us the opportunity to introduce the globe and the flags from the different places that we come from, which tied perfectly with our peace day celebration. 


Next week, we will read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  With this book, we aim to help children learn about sequence of events,  days of the week and vocabulary related to food. Also, the use of descriptive words such as tiny. This is a great opportunity for English language learners (ELL) review key vocabulary words related to colors and numbers.

Class Parent

Please allow me to introduce Celia Anderson, Gavin’s mom, who has volunteered to function this year as our class parent.


Peace Day

Here is a glimpse of the activities we had to celebrate Peace Day.