Growing in awareness of self

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

As Trevor Mackenzie would agree “Great ideas start with a question”, so this week we investigated further what students are presently able to do and what they aren’t yet, without any particular focused area. During one of our morning meeting discussions we created a mind map to help us examine, compare and contrast students abilities and here is a summary:

Molly: I can ride a bike without training wheels.

Bella Lhamo: I sleep on my own!

Aydan: I can play by my own.

Djasmin: I can dance.

Tenoch: I can come to school by myself.

Mia: I can paint.

Divansh: Sing. Mummy.

Isabel: I can play with toys

Tomás: Eu sei jogar futebol! (I can play football!)

Sarah: Play with toys and my family.

João: I can eat biscuits and bread.

This discussion enabled students to enter into a dialogue about the different abilities each of them has, consequently leading to a higher understanding of self. Next week we will merge this line of inquiry with students newly developed curiosities about their bodies to inquire about how their bodies are similar and different as well as what they are capable of doing with it.


Who We Are

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

To help us kick start our journey into our first unit of inquiry of Who We Are, I would like to request that  next week you send/bring to school a family portrait as well as baby photograph of your child. This will enable us to begin our inquiries of developing an understanding of who student are as individuals, in addition to looking into how we are similar and different from others.

Kindly be reminded that next week Friday the 1st of September will be a non-teaching day, as parents will be welcomed into our school for our Parent Teacher Connection meeting. You should have all received a sign-up email invitation by now, so please be sure to book your preferred time before the end of next week.

Myself and Ms. Joana look forward to welcoming you all to the conference.

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Best regards,

Ms. C Peterson


Welcome! Bem-vindos! Benvenuto! Bienvenidos!

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

Welcome to our class blog! Here you’ll find regular updates of the learning experiences students will engage in and inquire into during their class time throughout the school year, so don’t forget to check our blog whenever you get the chance to.

Although for personal reasons I wasn’t able to be present during the 1st week of school, Ms. Lauren who has worked at our school as a PYP teachers for the past few years was very happy to take the lead and help the students settle into their new class/school environment. I’m excited to welcome students back next week Monday the 21st of August.

Warm regards,
Ms. Peterson