Thank you!

A big thank you to the parents who were able to join us for the class luncheon on Thursday. The children appreciating having your company and showing you what it’s like to learn in our classroom.

We look forward to another gathering next term.


Important Messages

  • Mr. Antonio has asked me to remind parents to ensure their child comes to school wearing sports clothes on P.E days (Thursdays). Appropriate clothing and footwear is essential for students to perform the tasks required during this specialist lesson. Your cooperation is appreciated.


  • Kindly note that the Prep 3 team has reviewed the use of our cubby spaces and spare clothes should no longer be placed in the cubbies found in our entrance area. Please keep any spare sets of clothes in your child’s backpack and don’t forget to send an extra bag (plastic or cloth) where soiled clothes can be kept.

Thank you.

Marvelous Mother Nature

The prep 3.1 students have been planting seeds in our garden since the beginning of the school year. However some students had begun to question the reason why none of the seeds they had planted were sprouting. In conversation with the students we tried to find possible causes for this matter and the children came up to the conclusion that once seeds are planted they need: “sun and lots of water!”, but they realised that they hadn’t been “taking good care of them”. So for the past two weeks many of our students have made it their daily goal to water our flowerbeds, and voilá, this week the children couldn’t contain their excitement when they noticed that the watermelon and sunflower seeds they had planted were finally growing.

We cannot wait to witness the different stages of our seeds life cycle!

International Peace Day

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

We ended this short school week on high, as our school community celebrated Peace Day with fun-filled activities!

See the photos below.

Ms. Madalena trying to hula-hoop!

Peace is dancing – Ms. Zinha

Bella Lhamo showing teachers her hula-hooping skills!

The Prep 3 students and teachers moving their bodies in a peaceful manner

Prep 3 students using their ‘gentle hands’ to rub calming lotion on their peers

Ms. Georgina & Ms. Catarina using puppets to tell a story about kindness and making peace

The Prep 3 students singing a Peace song


Our year 2 buddies came to visit us this week and the focus of our conversation was Peace. Our buddies helped the Prep 3 students to reflect on what Peace feels, looks and tastes like! This learning exchange allowed students to demonstrate the Learner Profile attributes of being: Communicators and Caring, and the attitudes of cooperation and respect, as they discussed and listened attentively to what everyone had to say.

Next week Friday our whole school community will celebrate Peace Day. Parents are welcomed to send their child to school dressed in a way that represents Peace.

Garden explorations

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

Nature explorations are always popular amongst children in the early years. Throughout this week the students had many opportunities to explore our classroom garden and experience nature first-hand. In addition to taking a closer look at the bugs that inhabit that space, students have also started to plant flower seeds. The aim is that children begin to nurture their love for living things as this is an important step for the development of some of our Learner Profile Attributes such as being caring and inquirers.


Learning Overview

Dear Parents,

In the ELC, we spend the first couple of weeks facilitating smooth transitions into school life by focusing on building relationships and bonding with the children. Although we have not yet begun to explore our first unit of inquiry, we would like to share with you an overview of learning for our first UOI, for your future reference.

Kind regards,

The ELC Team