How have we expressed ourselves?

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

For the past 7 weeks we have been inquiring into the many ways we can express our feelings and ideas. The children have been demonstrating their understanding through conversations, creations, responses to events and experiences and through action, which happens as part of students learning processes (i.e. critical thinking and problem-solving).

At the beginning of the unit of inquiry one of the ways we used to assess students prior-knowledge was to ask them: how do you express yourself/ideas? At that point in time very few children were aware of this concept but following a succession of learning provocations such as: The mask; ballet shoes; basket weaving; and workshops led by Ms. Betsy and Ms. Jasmine, students assimilated the knowledge and built on the skills that were necessary to reach a comprehensive level of understanding about how we can Express Ourselves. Read below the recent comments made by the students.

We can express ourselves…

by walking (Djasmin)

swinging my arms (Isabel)

dancing (Isabella)

when we play football and paint (Tomás)

by running outside (Aydan)

when you sing (Joao)

playing with playdough (Devansh)



Djasmin and Aydan singing a song they created for the beetles

The girls sharing their song during our music & movement session

During outdoor play Djasmin and Aydan created a song entitled ‘We like beetles’. They then used technology to support their objective as a response to Ms. Betsy’s (Music Teacher) visit.

Check out the recording.

From myself and Ms. Joana,

We wish you a fabulous weekend!







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