Who made the mask?

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

For the past couple of weeks students have been determined to find out who made the mask that had mysteriously appeared in our classroom. The students have been debating as to whether the mask was made of glass or not and they also revealed that they new the mask was a “real mask” because it had “hair and a face” (Tenoch); “ears, nose and a mouth” (Aydan); “you put it on your face” (Bella Lhamo). Responses that have clear connections to what was explored and learned during the Who We Are unit.

The students decided the trace the following plan to find the answer to their question:

Step 1: Ask Mr. Antonio

Step 2: Ask Mr. Paulo (“If Mr. Antonio says it wasn’t him we ask Mr. Paulo” – Tomás)

Step 3: Ask Ms. Nina (“We can ask Nina! – Tenoch)

After learning that neither Mr. Antonio nor Mr. Paulo had created the mask we decided it was time to invite Nina (Tenoch’s nanny) to our classroom. Nina happily came to talk to the children this week and confirmed that she hadn’t made the mask but that she thought an artist must have made it. This new revelation opened up the door to new and exciting discoveries within our unit of How We Express Ourselves!

Students have started to list things that they think artists do such as, “paint” and “make things”. This week there were plenty of opportunities for the children to create things, including their own masks! Next week we will be continue to dive into our recent inquiries of:

What is an artist?

What is art?

What materials can we use to create art? 

Nina (Tenoch’s nanny)

Animal masks!?

Molly took ACTION by bringing her own mask to school to share with her peers.

Francesco, Tomás and Devansh creating their masks

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