Me and my amazing body!

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

As part of our inquiry into Who We are last week during free inquiry time Mia put forward a thought-provoking question:

“Why do children bleed when they hurt themselves?”

Consequently in order to help promote understanding of this question, teachers set out a provocation to instigate further discussion. On Monday morning when the students arrived in the classroom they were surprised to find a human skeleton and see-through pictures of different body systems to tinker with using the overhead projector. And to help them dig deeper into it we used the see, think, wonder thinking routine and this assisted students to explore and discover what they knew about their bodies. Throughout the week students hypothesized about possible reasons as to why people bleed, naturally leading students into learning more about the science aspect of who they are. This is a clear example of how inquiry-based learning affords students the opportunity to learn in a transdisciplinary way.

As our week unfolded and students’ comprehension of the characteristics of the human body grew, the students who had initially drawn an observational drawing of the skeleton started to want to add more details to their pictures, such as blood, hearts and skin. Some students wondered why Mr. Skeleton had no skin since ‘adults and children’ have it. So in our attempt to nurture students curiosity on this topic and promote agency in their learning, next week the students will be surprised by a complete revamp to our role-play area which teachers have turned into a doctor’s surgery. We cannot wait to report back on this!

From myself and Ms. Joana,

We wish you a fun-filled weekend!

What is this? Let me take a closer look!

Is it real?

Isabel and Molly drawing Mr. Skeleton

Isabel suggested boys and girls also have bones

Bella Lhamo wondered if the beetle she found also had bones whilst Aydan claimed that it hurts when we bleed!

Molly adding skin to her skeleton drawing and Djasmin carrying an observational drawing of the skeleton

Isabel added hearts to her skeleton drawing and rainbow colours to represent blood

The class talking about the things that can be found under our skin

Bella Lhamo used playdough to explain caterpillars also have bodies

Our new learning space

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