Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

This week the learning provocations set out in our classroom spaces were all a result of the dialogue that has occurred recently during our inquiries into Who We Are.

After reading ‘The color of us’ story book by Karen Katz, the students immediately begun to make connections as demonstrated by the following comments:

‘We all have hands’ – Molly

‘But we have different colors!’ – Tenoch.

‘I am the colour peachy’ – Aydan

To further promote the understanding of the related concept of identity, students were encouraged to examine the colour of their skin and an eye colour survey was also carried to help us find out which was the most common eye colour amongst the students.

Next week students will continue to examine the characteristics of their own families and reflect on the things that they like and dislike. If you get the chance, have a conversation with your child about this topic. Let’s all work in partnership to get students excited about Who they Are!

From myself and Ms. Joana,

Have a restful weekend

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