Developing our Understanding of Self (continued)

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

This week students continued to develop their understanding of self by identifying themselves in relation to others. The girls in our class noticed that they all shared the same eye colour and the boys pointed out that their noses had different shapes. The topic of skin colour also became part of our class discussions after Tenoch mentioned that João had a ‘chocolate’ coloured nose. This new discovery will lead to further inquiries about student’s physical characteristics as we carry on developing an awareness of how we are similar and different from others.

Some students also had the opportunity to present to their classmates their family portraits, and describe what they enjoyed doing with their family members. If you haven’t yet sent a photograph of your family, kindly do so to ensure your child gets the opportunity to make and share these personal connections with their peers.

Furthermore, developing pre-writing skills in early years is fundamental to the development of literacy. Some of the students have begun to give meaning to the marks they made as they drew pictures of things they liked, such as flowers and balls. To ensure that we continue to engage students in writing, every week we will aim to have an area in our classroom where students can experiment with as well as use different media to express themselves through mark-making.

From myself and Ms. Joana,

We hope you enjoy the long weekend!

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