Hello Prep 4!

Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for the lovely book of Angola and the delicious wine! Books and wine… two of my favourite things. ūüôā ¬†And, thank you Jennifer and Emily for arranging the End of Year Celebration. And a HUGE thank you to Jennifer for finishing out the year as the Prep 3.1 class mom. THANK YOU!!!

I apologise that the slideshow did not work properly on Monday. Mr. Oscar Sala helped me to figure out the problem and now it is working perfectly. I will include it in your child’s Google folder of documentation. Please let me know if you are not able to access your child’s documentation folder. Because it is on Google Drive, it does help to have a Google account, but it is not necessary. But, I will also include the slide show¬†below along with some photos from our End of Year Celebration on Monday.

A special farewell to Whitley and Siona who will not be joining the Prep 4 class next year as they are leaving with their families. You will all be sorely missed!

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe holiday. I look forward to seeing you all next year!

Much love,



The Prep 3.1 AWESOME Book About Spiders

Dear Parents,

I can hardly believe that the school year is almost over! Where did the time go?

This last unit, How the world works, provided us with a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world around us. An unexpected, student-led inquiry into spiders and webs led us on a wonderful journey of learning.¬†After having many discussions about spiders, watching videos about spiders, observing spiders in the outdoor environment, and role-playing spiders and insects on a giant web in the classroom, we decided we needed to write a book about all the things we had learned about spiders. We used an app on the iPad called Book Creator to create our book about spiders. First, the children were asked to think about what they wanted people to know about spiders and then draw it to the best of their ability. Then, they were asked to explain their thinking and were videoed discussing their knowledge of spiders. They also took the photo of their own drawing, typed their names into the program, and decided on the design and layout of their page in the book. The children were so proud of their hard work as we watched the ‚Äúmovie‚ÄĚ of the completed book together (was so busy watching their smiling faces and listening to their laughter that I forgot to take pictures.)¬†

Please enjoy the Prep 3.1 AWESOME Book About Spiders.

Pyjama Day- May 26, 2017

Hello Parents,

Friday the 26th was Pyjama Day here in the Primary School. The children were SOOO excited. While special events like this might seem just a fun day (and it was fun), this was actually a learning engagement that provided an opportunity to¬†help the children grow and develop vital social skills, communication skills, and to help build their confidence. The children had many discussions amongst themselves about their pyjamas, finding the similarities and differences in the many characters represented, fabrics, and even patterns. We even provided an opportunity for the children to practice their “presenting” skills by organising a Pyjama Fashion Show! (This was Ms. Che’te’s brilliant idea!) ¬†As the children strutted down the “runway”, some were eager, some were shy, but even the shy ones seemed to gain some confidence as they became risk-takers, allowing themselves to try something they may have never had the confidence to try¬†before.¬†

Please enjoy the fashion show below. 

Nature Show and Tell

Hello Parents,

Because we have been inquiring into the natural environment, the children were encouraged to bring an actual object or photo of a natural object they found or that lives in nature outside at their home. 

The Central idea of our “How the world works”¬†unit is: Through the exploration of our environment, we learn about the world around us.¬†So, we thought, what better way to help the children become more aware of the environment around them than¬†to ask them to go out and look around to see what they could find outside!¬†

Show and Tell gives the children the opportunity to learn or develop presentation skills, active listening skills, communication skills and helps to build their confidence. The children did a great job presenting their chosen object! They have all changed so much this year! Their communication skills, thinking skills, the ability to make connections, and their curiosity has blossomed beautifully.

Please enjoy the photos from our Nature Show and Tell this week:


ELC Aquatic Celebration 2017

Hello Parents!

The children were so very excited to participate in the Aquatics Event on Tuesday. They talked about it all that morning! I compiled some photos into a slideshow to highlight this special celebration. The children did an exceptional job demonstrating all the wonderful swimming skills they have learned this year. Mr. António is so patient and a big hero with our little ones and it shows!



Learning this Week- May 8 – 12

Dear Parents,

One day last week, the children began to use a large skein of string that was on our recycled materials table to wrap around EVERYTHING¬†in the room. At first we were¬†hesitant to allow this inquiry to continue, thinking of the time and effort it was going to take to unravel the string. However, it was decided that it would be good to let them continue in order to see where their exploration might lead¬†them. Of course, as 3-4 year old are inclined to do, they got a bit carried away so some intervention was necessary to keep someone from getting hurt. However, after a while,¬†all this string wrapped around the room suddenly became a giant spider web. The children took turns being insects¬†“stuck in the web” and some pretended to be¬†the spider chasing the insects. Some children said they were Spiderman and pretended to shoot spiderwebs out of their wrists. I discussed this exploration with another teacher and it was decided to use this child-initiated learning¬†as a lead into a further inquiry into spiders which fit into our How the world works unit perfectly. The Central idea of this unit- through the exploration of our environment, we learn about the world around us– and one of the Lines of inquiry- Living/nonliving things in our environment– helped guide us in this inquiry.

We began by finding out what the children already knew about spiders. As is usual, I was amazed at their insights. Then we discussed what the children think spiders eat and where they live and we did a bit of investigation by watching some videos of spiders making spider webs and catching insects. Now almost every morning when¬†the children are outside, they are “spider hunters”.

Please enjoy the photos of our inquiry on spiders below.

Have a great weekend!




Prep 3 Luncheon and Farewell

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for such a wonderful Luncheon today! The food was heavenly, the conversation plentiful, and the children were so happy to share this special time with you.

Rabeea, you and your lovely family will be missed. I’m so glad we got to share this last Luncheon with you and Bazigh! We wish you and your family all the best in your new adventure! Thankfully we have Facebook. ūüôā

I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would have liked, but please enjoy the slideshow below as well as some photos snapped of Bazigh’s last day here with his friends.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and thanks again for today!

Farewell photos:


Learning this Week- April 24 – 28

Hello Parents,

WOW! This was a super busy week for our students- lots of learning taking place in the classroom and outside the classroom as well. We have been inquiring into our environment and learning about the more about the world around us!

We turned our kitchen/role-play area into an airplane/airport, made paper airplanes, inquired into ramps, had a visit from a bunny, a dog, and a preying mantis, had a discussion on living and non-living things, discussed the needs of a pet, and participated in the P.E. Assembly where we danced the Chicken Dance! Whew!!

Please enjoy the photos and video of our week of learning below:

P.E. Assembly

Hello Parents,

What: PYP P.E. Assembly

When: Friday, 28th April, 8:45 AM 

Where: The big gym 

This Friday, the Prep 3 students will participate in the PYP P.E. Assembly. I’m sure some of you have been observing your¬†child moving¬†about like a chicken. ūüôā

Parents are welcome to come and watch the activity that the children have been practicing with Mr. Antonio. The Assembly will take place in the big gym and will begin promptly at 8:45. However, it would probably be best to come a bit early to get a good seat.

This is a normal school day. After the Assembly, our day will continue as usual with dismissal at 12 PM.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Prep 3 Luncheon- YAY!!!

Hello Parents,

It’s that time again…the Prep 3 Luncheon. As many of you may already know, Bazigh and his family are leaving Angola and Bazigh’s last day is May 5th. So, we wanted to have¬†a “send off” luncheon before they leave.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Rabeea for volunteering to be¬†our class mom this year! You and your amazing¬†family will be greatly missed! Whitley’s mom, Jennifer, will take over the role of class mom for the remainder of the year. Thank you Jennifer!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the luncheon! See invitation below for details.

Have a great week!