International Peace Day

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

We ended this short school week on high, as our school community celebrated Peace Day with fun-filled activities!

See the photos below.

Ms. Madalena trying to hula-hoop!

Peace is dancing – Ms. Zinha

Bella Lhamo showing teachers her hula-hooping skills!

The Prep 3 students and teachers moving their bodies in a peaceful manner

Prep 3 students using their ‘gentle hands’ to rub calming lotion on their peers

Ms. Georgina & Ms. Catarina using puppets to tell a story about kindness and making peace

The Prep 3 students singing a Peace song

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

This week the learning provocations set out in our classroom spaces were all a result of the dialogue that has occurred recently during our inquiries into Who We Are.

After reading ‘The color of us’ story book by Karen Katz, the students immediately begun to make connections as demonstrated by the following comments:

‘We all have hands’ – Molly

‘But we have different colors!’ – Tenoch.

‘I am the colour peachy’ – Aydan

To further promote the understanding of the related concept of identity, students were encouraged to examine the colour of their skin and an eye colour survey was also carried to help us find out which was the most common eye colour amongst the students.

Next week students will continue to examine the characteristics of their own families and reflect on the things that they like and dislike. If you get the chance, have a conversation with your child about this topic. Let’s all work in partnership to get students excited about Who they Are!

From myself and Ms. Joana,

Have a restful weekend


Our year 2 buddies came to visit us this week and the focus of our conversation was Peace. Our buddies helped the Prep 3 students to reflect on what Peace feels, looks and tastes like! This learning exchange allowed students to demonstrate the Learner Profile attributes of being: Communicators and Caring, and the attitudes of cooperation and respect, as they discussed and listened attentively to what everyone had to say.

Next week Friday our whole school community will celebrate Peace Day. Parents are welcomed to send their child to school dressed in a way that represents Peace.

Developing our Understanding of Self (continued)

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

This week students continued to develop their understanding of self by identifying themselves in relation to others. The girls in our class noticed that they all shared the same eye colour and the boys pointed out that their noses had different shapes. The topic of skin colour also became part of our class discussions after Tenoch mentioned that João had a ‘chocolate’ coloured nose. This new discovery will lead to further inquiries about student’s physical characteristics as we carry on developing an awareness of how we are similar and different from others.

Some students also had the opportunity to present to their classmates their family portraits, and describe what they enjoyed doing with their family members. If you haven’t yet sent a photograph of your family, kindly do so to ensure your child gets the opportunity to make and share these personal connections with their peers.

Furthermore, developing pre-writing skills in early years is fundamental to the development of literacy. Some of the students have begun to give meaning to the marks they made as they drew pictures of things they liked, such as flowers and balls. To ensure that we continue to engage students in writing, every week we will aim to have an area in our classroom where students can experiment with as well as use different media to express themselves through mark-making.

From myself and Ms. Joana,

We hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Introducing our class parent!

I am happy to introduced our class parent for the year – Mrs. Ogg! She will be liaison between our parents, the PTA and the teachers, and she will also be in charge of organising our class events. Please join me in thanking her in advance for her time and contribution to our class community.

Mrs. Ogg and her daughter Molly

Developing our Understanding of Self

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

This week the direction of our inquiry into Who We Are begun to take shape. The students were encouraged to attentively examine their physical characteristics leading to a reflection on what students like about themselves. In addition, students also encountered several learning provocations that have contributed to development of their understanding of ‘self’.

Based on this week’s inquiries, next week we will begin to investigate the concept of friendships and family, so if you haven’t yet sent or emailed a family portrait, you are kindly reminded to do so by next week.

From myself and Ms. Joana,

Enjoy a restful weekend!

‘Building faces’

Tomás asked the teachers to take a photo of him smiling after realising that he had a sad expression on the photo that had been used for the ‘building faces’ provocation

What do boys and girls have in common?
Whose eyes are these?

We all have eyes but they certainly have different characteristics!

Garden explorations

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

Nature explorations are always popular amongst children in the early years. Throughout this week the students had many opportunities to explore our classroom garden and experience nature first-hand. In addition to taking a closer look at the bugs that inhabit that space, students have also started to plant flower seeds. The aim is that children begin to nurture their love for living things as this is an important step for the development of some of our Learner Profile Attributes such as being caring and inquirers.


We are Boys and Girls!

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

This week has zoomed by, but believe it when I say that so much learning has taken place in such short amount of time! We have continued to establish our class routines and our morning meetings have offered students and teachers the chance to come together and begin to unpack our Unit of Inquiry’s Central Idea of: ‘Knowing how we are similar to and different from others helps shape our understanding of self’. We used a story entitled ‘All Kinds of People’ to provoke student’s thinking into who they are and how they view themselves as individuals. Interestingly, students used the concept of gender to describe their reasoning. This has been a key initial revelation, that will be further explored as we carry on inquiring into Who We Are.

From myself and Ms. Joana,

Have a lovely weekend!

Who We Are

Dear Prep 3.1 parents,

To help us kick start our journey into our first unit of inquiry of Who We Are, I would like to request that  next week you send/bring to school a family portrait as well as baby photograph of your child. This will enable us to begin our inquiries of developing an understanding of who student are as individuals, in addition to looking into how we are similar and different from others.

Kindly be reminded that next week Friday the 1st of September will be a non-teaching day, as parents will be welcomed into our school for our Parent Teacher Connection meeting. You should have all received a sign-up email invitation by now, so please be sure to book your preferred time before the end of next week.

Myself and Ms. Joana look forward to welcoming you all to the conference.

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Best regards,

Ms. C Peterson


Learning Overview

Dear Parents,

In the ELC, we spend the first couple of weeks facilitating smooth transitions into school life by focusing on building relationships and bonding with the children. Although we have not yet begun to explore our first unit of inquiry, we would like to share with you an overview of learning for our first UOI, for your future reference.

Kind regards,

The ELC Team